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51 Did Imam Hassan [AS] know that milk or water bowl is poisonous?
52 Is that true that Imam “Mahdi” [AS] will kill 999 persons out of each 1000?
53 Is there any consensus amongst Sunni scholars that commander of faithful [AS] is the first Muslim?
54 Why did Imam ”Hassan” [AS] compromise with “Muawiyah” and entrust caliphate to him?
55 Did “Muawiyah” order Imam “Hassan” [AS] to be poisoned?
56 Is there any “Quran” verse about Imam Hussein [AS]?
57 Why did prophet [PBUH] marry “Ayesha” and “Hafsah”?
58 Why did Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] go to open the door despite the presence of Ali [AS]?
59 Isn’t the martyrdom of Hadrat “Muhsen” [AS] in contradiction with what prophet [PBUH] said to Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] that “you’re the first one of my “Ahl al-Bayt” who will join me?”
60 Is Imam “Reza” [AS]’s narrative which says that Quran is the only way of guidance in contradictory with “Thaqalayn” Hadith?
61 Did Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] forgive “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr”?
62 Why was Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] buried at night?
63 Why did Prophet [PBUH] give “Fadak” to Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] not his other daughters!?
64 Were Sunni Imams the disciples of Imam “Sadiq” [AS]?
65 Did Imam “Sadiq” [AS] appoint “Ismail” as Imam?
66 Is this narrative “ ولدني ابوبكر مرتين» from Imam “Sadiq” [AS] valid?
67 Is there any narrative in Shiite resources about the “Imamate” of Imam “Sadeq” [AS]?
68 Is this narrative: “إمامان عادلان قاسطان” quoted by Imam “Sadeq” [AS] true about “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr”?
69 Is commander of faithful [AS] superior to the prophets [PBUTH]?
70 Did “Mu’awiyah” die non-Muslim? Is “Mu’awiyah” in a coffin in the “Hell”?
71 Did Ali [AS] believe that the caliphate of caliphs is legitimate?
72 Why is Ali [AS] called “the divider of hell and paradise?
73 Did imam Hasan [AS] use to divorce a lot?
74 Which resources contain this narrative “if Ali [AS] weren’t ,“Omar” would perish”?
75 Is “Mabit night” a virtue for commander of faithful [AS]?
76 Was commander of faithful [AS] aware of his martyrdom? If so, why did he go to the mosque?
77 Does ”WAHHABISM” believe in savior?
78 Why do we put our hand on our head while greeting  to” Imam Mahdi ” [AS] ?
79 How many times did fatima(AS) demand "FADAK"?
80 Was "Abubakr" the consultant of prophet muhammad?
81 Did “ABUBAKR” become muslim at beginning of  Prophecy mission or after public  invitation?
82 Did the prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and the Commander of Faithful [AS] wiped in wudu like Shiites?
83 What is the shiite scholars idea about hazrat fatima`s disasters during the history?
84 How have the personality and the performance of Abdullah Ben Zobeir been described in the Sunni sources?
85 What did happen in the world in the aftermath of Imam Hussein’s (AS) martyrdom on the Day of Ashura?
86 What do you say when you enter Jamkaran Mosque?
87 Are there any narrations which refer to distortion in al-Kafi?
88 Is it Possible to Defend Yazid’s Personality?
89 Has the verse ‘’ the man who possess the knowledge of the book’’ been revealed about Imam Ali (peace be upon him)?
90 Have the Verses of "Tabliq" (Announcement) and "Ikmal"  (Perfection) been  Revealed in Qadir Khom and Pertaning to Imamate of his Holiness Ali (Peace be Upon  Him)?
91 Is it an Offence  to Accuse the Holy  Prophet of Being Afraid?
92 Do Shiites believe that their opponents are bastards?
93 Are there any valid traditions for Imam Ali’s (AS) birth in Kaaba?
94 Who was the first person that cried for Imam Hussein?
95 How has the way that Umar Ben Al-Khatab became Muslim been described in the Sunni sources?
96 How old was Aeshe when she married the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants)?
97 Why did the prophet of the Islam (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) marry Aeshe and Hafse?
98 Why did Imam Hussein (peace be upon him)  stand against yazid although he knew he would be martyred?
99 Did Umar, Abu Bakr, Usman and … take part in the unsuccessful assassination of the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants)?
100 Was Aeshe jealous of other wives of the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants?

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