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1 Is it true that Imam Mahdi (AS) will kill 999 out of every 1000 people?
2 Did Goblins come to help Imam Husain? (Peace be upon him)
3 Why did Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) ended in peace with Mu`awiya
and gave him Imamate?
4 Why did messenger of Allah [PBUH] not punish “Khalid ibn Walid” for killing “Bani Juzaymah” tribe?
5 Is “Imamate and Policy” book written by “Ibn Qutaybah al-Dinawari”?
6 Who will wrap imam “Mahdi” [a.s] in a winding-sheet and perform his “Ghusl” after his death?
7 Does this hadith “My caliphs are twelve persons” indicate the existence of hadrat “Mahdi” [a.s]?
8 Why did commander of the faithful Ali [a.s] oppose Abu Sufyan’s rising against “Abu-Bakr”?
9 Was commander of the faithful Ali [a.s] martyred while worshiping in altar?
10 According to “Nahj al-Balagha” sermon 92,( ولَعَلِّي أَسْمَعُكُمْ وَأَطْوَعُكُمْ لِمَنْ وَلَّيْتُمُوهُ أَمْرَكُمْ

) does commander of the faithful believe that caliph is selected by people or almighty god?
11 Is “Abdullah” the name of imam Mahdi’s [a.s] father?
12 Has the birth of imam “Mahdi” [a.s] only been quoted via “Hakimah”? Do Shias accept this matter?
13 What are the similarities between imam “Mahdi” [a.s] and “Dhul-Qarnayn”?
14 Has disappearance of imam “Mahdi” [AS] been predicted in Shia authentic narratives?
15 Do Wahhabis believe in savior?
16 Is Hadrat “Mahdi” [AS] from the descendent of imam “Hassan Mujtaba” [AS]?
17 Is there any authentic narrative to prove that “Uthman ibn Sa’id” was the advocate and deputy of Imam “Mahdi” [A.S]?
18 Was this verse “بقية الله خير لكم ان كنتم مومنين” sent down about Imam Mahdi [A.S]?
19 Is that true that “Uthman” got married with two daughters of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]?
20 Was “Muawiyah” the writer of revelation?
21 Was this verse “« … قل لِلمخلفِين مِن الاعرابِ » revealed about the battles of “Abu-Bakr” against “companions of Reddah”?
22 Why did Shia Imams [A.S] go to the place of their martyrdom while they knew that when and how they’ll get martyred?
23 What’s the meaning of “Abu Turab” and why was this title given to commander of the faithful Ali [AS]?
24 Does this verse “إِذ يبايِعونك تحت الشجرة” prove the justice of all Sahaba?
25 Digging the grave of martyrs and sahaba was amongst the traditions of Muawiyah + book pictures
26 Why didn’t Sahaba oppose triple caliphs? {Including pictures of the book}
27 Will hadrat “Mahdi” [AS] bring new “Quran”, Sunnah and religion?
28 Has any spiritual reward been said for mourning and crying for “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] in Sunni narratives?
29 Was “Mut’ah” forbidden in “Khaybar”?
30 Does this narrative «إن الله يغضب لغضبك ويرضى لرضاك » imply that god is the obedient to Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS]?
31 Is there authentic narrative about the Imamate of Imam “Kazim” [AS]?
32 Is that true that “Umar bin Khattab” buried his daughters alive in the time of ignorance?
33 Is there any Sunni scholar who believes that “Imamate” is amongst the principles of religion?
34 Is that true that this narrative has been said Imam Sadiq [AS]?
35 Is this narrative «من سبّ عليا فقد سبني» written in Sunni resources with authentic document?
36 What is the meaning of perfecting religion on the day of “Ghadir”?
37 Was the verse “ومن عنده علم الكتاب” sent down about Imam “Ali” [AS]?
38 Did “Umar Ibn Khattab” wish to have the virtues of commander of the faithful [AS]?
39 Why was hadith “Ghadir” not relied on in “Saqifa” if Prophet’s meaning of this Hadith was the guardianship of commander of the faithful?
40 Why did Prophet [PBUH] not introduce "Ali" to people in "Mecca" or "Arafat"?
41 Did Imam “Ali” [AS] will that his son is the next caliph?
42 Did “Umar Ibn Khattab” insult Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS]?
43 Is there any verse in Quran letting us to resort to dead guys?
44 When was Shia sect founded?
45 Is there a narrative in the book “Al-Kafi” implying that Imam “Mahdi” wasn’t born?
46 Was the legacy of Imam “Hasan Askari” [AS] divided amongst his brother and mother?
47 Did “A’isha” launch the war to reform Muslim community? Why wasn’t she punished after the battle of “Jamal”?
48 Did prophet leave the world poisoned?
49 Did Hadrat “Ali” [AS]’s children put on black clothing due to his martyrdom?
50 What did happen in the universe after Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s martyrdom on the day of ‘Ashura?

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