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Why do we put our hand on our head while greeting to” Imam Mahdi ” [AS] ?
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Why do we put our hand on our head while greeting to” Imam Mahdi ” [AS] ?

Why do we put our hand on our head while greeting  to” Imam Mahdi ” [AS] ?


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Why do we put our hand on our head when we want to greet “ Imam Mahdi” [AS]? Is there any narrative  or particular order in this regard ?                 


There isn’t particular narrative from Shiite imam [AS] in this regard , unless the narrative that                      “Mamghany Allama” has quoted in the book oftanqih al-maqal” v,1 p,418 ,in the translation of “ De,bel quzaeii “ from the book of“mashkat al 'anwar”. Narrative is as fallow                          

لما قرأ دعبل قصيدته المعروفة التي أولها ( مدارس آيات ) علي الرضا عليه السلام وذكره عج الله تعالي فرجه وضع الرضا عليه السلام يده علي رأسه وتواضع قائما ودعا له بالفرج .

When “ De,bel” sang his famous ode  begin with [madares Al-ayat] for “Imam Reza” [AS] and “Imam Mahdi’s name was brought in that ode , “Imam Reza” stansed humbly, put his hand on the head and prayed for hastening of his appearance.                   

Late “ Muhaddith nuri” writes about standing and putting hand on the head:                 

هذا القيام والتعظيم خصوصا عند ذكر ذلك اللقب المخصوص سيرة تمام أبناء الشيعة في كل البلاد من العرب والعجم والترك والهند والديلم وغيرها ، بل وعند أبناء أهل السنة والجماعة أيضا

Al-Najm Al-saqeb, Page  605                        

This type of standing and bowing after citing the particular title of “Imam Mahdi” [AS] has been customary from long time ago, among all Shiite including, “Arab”, “ non-Arabs”, “ Turks”, “ Daylam” in all cities and countries, even among Sunni.        

Of course , there are some other narratives about standing ,while citing the name of “Imam Mahdi” but because question was about putting hand on the head, we just mentioned to this narrative.     


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