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Does ”WAHHABISM” believe in savior?
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Does ”WAHHABISM” believe in savior?


 Translated by: muhammad hassan heidary 



About “Wahhabism’s approach towards” Mahdism”, we draw your attention to this fact that 99% of “Wahhabism” and sunny, 50% to 60% of them[99%]  agree with Shiite about “Mahdism”, it means they believe that Prophet [PBUH] did give good tiding that “Imam Mahdi” [AS] will come and fill the world with justice , as it’s slip over from oppression.  

We don’t differ a lot with Sunny and even “ Wahhabism” in this regard. Of course we’ll talk about  “personal Mahdism” and its characteristics , later on . 

The notable point is, when “ Ibn Taymiyya” ,Wahhabi famous theoretician, faces many narratives in “Sehah setah” and even “ Sahih bukhari” and “ muslem” books , about “Imam Mahdi” , he says unequivocally :              

إن الأحاديث التي يحتج بها علي خروج المهدي أحاديث صحيحة، رواها أبو داود والترمذي وأحمد وغيرهم من حديث ابن مسعود وغيره 

These are narratives that we can reason them about “ Imam Mhdi’s [AS] rising. Narratives have been quoted by “ Abu dawud” “ Termezy “ and “ Ahmed”.

Minhaj al-Sunnah Al-nabavyeh, vol 4, p 211        

“ Ibn qeym”, “ Ibn taymiyya’s pupil and though- publisher  has discussed in this field   comprehensively and says that narratives related to “Mahdism” are reliable and true.

 More interesting than these is what mister “Ben baz” Saudi Arabia’s former senior mufti {some one who issues religious decree] says:         

أمر المهدي معلوم ، والأحاديث فيه مستفيضة، بل متواترة وقد حكي غير واحد من أهل العلم تواترها . وهي متواترة تواترا معنويا ، لكثرة طرقها ، واختلاف مخارجها ، وصحابتها ، ورواتها ، وألفاظها ، فهي - بحق - تدل علي أن هذا الشخص الموعود به أمره ثابت وخروجه حق. وقد رأينا أهل العلم أثبتوا أشياء كثيرة بأقل من ذلك . والحق أن جمهور أهل العلم ، بل هو الاتفاق : علي ثبوت أمر المهدي، وأنه حق ، وأنه سيخرج في آخر الزمان . وأما من شذّ من أهل العلم - في هذا الباب - فلا يلتفت إلي كلامه في ذلك .

The issue of “ Imam Mahdi ”[AS] is very clear , and narratives related to it are valid but successive and many of scholars have confirmed that they are successive and its frequency is “ Maenavi”(spiritual) because they’ve been narrated via many ways and differences between narrations words and narrators imply truly that he ‘ll come for sure.      

And we’ve seen that scholars have proven many issues by less narrations . And  many of scholars but scholars unanimously  believe that the issue of “Mahdism” has been proved  and what they said is true and he’ll come at last [ in the apocalypse] but a few scholars didn’t pay attention talking about him.                                                   

Journal of Al-jameh Al-eslamyeh, number 3, first year : 1388.

“ Naer Al-din al-bani” who is known as current “ Bukhari ” has said such expression as well.  

Journal of Islamic civilization , numbers 27 and 28, year 22, p. 642              

rabitat al-ealam al-islami which is in fact “ Wahhabism” cultural center, announced officially in may 1976        

فإنّ الاعتقاد بظهور المهدي يعتبر واجباً علي كل مسلم وهو جز من عقائد أهل السنة والجماعة ولا ينكر ذلك إلاّ كلّ جاهل أو مبتدع 

Believing in” Imam Mahdi’s [AS] appearance is essential for all Muslims. This belief is among Sunny beliefs and no one other than ignorant and heretic guys can’t deny this belief.    

Our differences with “ Wahhabism” are about the existence of “ Imam Mahdi” [AS], his birth and this fact that if he is from the generation of “ Imam Hasan Askari” [AS] or not and if he was born in 255 Hejira or not. And they’re against this belief of Shiite decisively .many of Sunny scholars have said in their books decisively that “Imam Mahdi “ was born in 255 Hejira or in 58 Hejira . his mother was “Narjes Khatun “ and his father was “ Imam Askary” . 120 Sunny scholars [ according to statistic] admit to “Imam Mahdi’s  [AS]birth”.             

THE views of Sunny famous scholars who admitted to “ Imam Mahdi’s birth in 225 Hejira.           

About “ Imam Mahdi’s[AS] birth We just  say the opinion of some of  Sunny famous scholars who call the shot then some of prominent figures .                                    

سر السلسلة العلوية Abu Nasr Sahl ibn Abdullah” one of fourth–century scholars says in his book “

That “ hazrat Mahdi “ was born as “ Imam Askary’s son.                        

Sar al-silsilat al-elawyhe p 39           

Then he says there is no problem in his genealogy but due to some political matters his brother “ Jafar” claimed the legacy of “ Imam Askary [AS]”.                                           

“ Fakhr razi” one of Sunny prominent figures, the owner of the book “ big interpretation”, died in 606 Hejira has said decisively:        

فله ابنان وبنتان . اما الإبنان فأحدهما صاحب الزمان والثاني موسي درجه في حيات أبيه 

“ Imam Askary” [AS] had two daughters and two sons . one of them “ Mahdi “ [AS] and another one “Musa” who died during his father’s life.       

Al-mubark al-Shajara fi al-entesab Al-talebyhe, page 78         

“Muhhamad Amin” who is among Sunny famous scholars in knowing Arab tribes, says:     

محمد المهدي وكان عمره عند وفات أبيه ، خمس سنين

“Imam Mahdi” [AS] had five years old when his father died.     

Knowing Arab tribes p 78    

 P, 130 and other elders such as:المجدي في انساب الطالبين“Amri” says in the book:

“p, 199 have such expression عمدة الطالب في أنساب آل أبي طالب “ Ibn anbeh” in his book:”

“Ibn Asir jazry” the owner of the book:” Saheb al-kamal fi al-tarikh” v 7, p 274, has restated that “ Imam Mahdi” was born in 225 Hejira, and was alive when his father died.                 

“Ibn khalkan” who is among scientific pillars of Sunny ,says:          

كانت ولادته يوم الجمعة منتصف شعبان سنة خمس وخمسين ومأتين

   He was born on Friday, half of Sha 'ban [ name of a month ] year: 225 Hejira              

wafiat al 'aeyani, v4, p176        

“ Zahabi” has talked about it in his numerous books. He says in the book” history of Islam”:

وأما ابنه محمد بن الحسن الذي يدعوه الرافضة القائم الخلف الحجة ، فولد سنة ثمان وخمسين وقيل سنة ستة وخمسين

History of Islam  p 251 to 260                                         

“”He’s the same expressions in his other book such as: v 13 , p 119 سير اعلام النبلاء

and the book:” “ V 5, p 37  العبر في خبر من غبر

“ Hazrat Mahdi “was born in 258 or 256 Hejira.                

“, says: “ zarkuli Wahhabi” who revived “Wahhabism” heritage in his book called: الأعلام  

ولد في سامرا ومات ابوه وله من العمر خمس سنين . و قيل في تاريخ مولده ليلة نصف شعبان سنة خمس و خمسين و مأتين

“Hazrat Mahdi” was born in” Samarra” when he had five years old he lost his father. It’s said that he was born on the day of half of Sha 'ban. Year: 225 Hejira.                                    

Al-aelam – Khei al-din Zarkuli - v 6, p 80                  

For more information refer to the website of research institute of “Imam Mahdi” [AS]. The part of “salam t.v “ mahdism discussion 1,2,3



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