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Reviewing the roots of explosion...(1)
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Reviewing the roots of explosion...(1)


Reviewing the roots of explosion and destruction of the grave of Islamic prophet Muhammad, divine prophets and figures {1}

Recently two explosions occurred in Saudi Arabia, one of them at entrance door of Al-Masjid an-Nabawi and inside the Holy shrine of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].this event was discussed on “Wahhabi” evil-Zionist networks and What interesting is that they put the blame on Shia!

This thought is the result of the misery, adversity and knavery of “WAHHABI” networks. And when we contact them they say: what you say makes us laughing! We say: you’re laughing at the death of innocent people!

We even condemn assassination in “Saudi Arabia” and believe that massacre and assassination are the logic of people who don’t have logic! Terrorists have announced that they were originally from “Pakistan”, and studied at “Saudi Arabia” universities and seminary schools, they didn’t study in “Iran” and “Bahrain”, but they were the disciples of “Saudi Arabia”

What happened in “MENA” caused the death of eight thousand pilgrims but these evil networks didn’t mention to this terrible event. Was that event “Iranians” fault? “Malik Salman” has lost his memory either and gambles at seems like that you want blame us again saying that we inspired  him gambling!!!

What about crimes and obscene acts in western countries or “Malik Abdullah’s drinking wine with “USA and Israel” presidents? Is that our fault too?

We have things related to “Malik Abdullah’s trip which aren’t advisable to be said otherwise people will find out that they know nothing of Islam and humanity.

They say: explosions occurred beside “Masjid al-Nabawi” hit prophet’s [PBUH] grave and rocked the bodies of Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] and “Baqi’” Imams [AS]!

It’s a shame for Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] and “Baqi’” cemetery Imams [AS] to be defended on Wahhabi evil-Zionist channel.

Someone called them and said: you’ve become pagan! They said why? He said: you’d say: prophet [PBUH] and Shia Imams are dead and have not communication with this world and now you say their bodies were rocked. Experts said: their bodies are intact.

They say Iran has created “Isis”, down with your thoughts! “Bandar ibn Tallal” [Al Saud official] himself said in his interview officially that we created “Isis” and gave them facilities either, but this brainless man says: “Iranians” have made “Isis”.

“Ibn Taymiyyah”; the founder and ground-preparer of explosion and destruction of divine figures’ grave:

“Ibn Taymiyyah” says in the book “Minhaj al-Sunnah al-Nabawiyah” V 2, P 437

فالمشاهد المبنیة علی قبور الأنبیاء والصالحین من العامة ومن أهل البیت کل‌ها من البدع المحدثة المحرمة فی دین الإسلام وإنما أمر الله أن یقصد لعبادته وحده لا شریک له المساجد لا المشاهد

Domes and shrines made for the graves of Prophets [PBUTH, righteous guys from Sunni and “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] are innovations made recently. It’s Haram in Islam religion and god must be worshiped in Mosques not shrines.

His disciple “Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya” says in the book “Zad al-Ma’d”  V 3, P 506

وهذا حکم المشاهد التی بنیت علی القبور آلتی اتخذت أوثانا وطواغیت تعبد من دون الله «وکثیر منها بمنزلة اللات والعزی ومناة الثالثة الأخری أو أعظم شرکا عندها

Shrines made for the graves of prophets [PBUH] and Shia Imams are like Idols and in all these shrines non-god is worshiped. Many of these shrines are like “Lat” and “Oza” idols mentioned in “Quran”.

“Muhammad Nasir al-Albani” who’s been so mean, says:

«ومما یؤسف له أن هذا البناء قد بنی علیه منذ قرون إن لم یکن قد أزیل تلک القبة الخضراء العالیة”  وأحیط القبر الشریف بالنوافذ النحاسیة والزخارف والسجف وغیر ذلک مما لا یرضاه صاحب القبر نفسه صلی الله علیه و سلم

Among things that we must feel sorry about is the green domes above the prophet’s [PBUH] grave which has been made long time ago. Its beautiful shrine made of iron with small holes on it and adorning it, all are amongst works that the owner of the grave prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is not pleased of them.

The “Fatwa” of destroying the graves of prophet and divine figures  by “Saudi Arabia” permanent committee

«هناک من یحتجون ببناء القبة الخضراء علی القبر الشریف بالحرم النبوی علی جواز بناء القباب علی باقی القبور، کالصالحین وغیرهم، فهل یصح هذا الاحتجاج أم ماذا «لا یصح الاحتجاج ببناء الناس قبة علی قبر النبی صلی الله علیه وسلم علی جواز بناء قباب علی قبور الأموات، صالحین أو غیرهملأن بناء أولئک الناس القبة علی قبره صلی الله علیه وسلم حرام یأثم فاعله

After seeing green dome on prophet’s grave, some want to make on the grave of righteous persons a dome like prophets. Is that permissible or not?

It’s not permissible that people make dome relying on the green dome on prophet’s [PBUH] grave

Those who made dome on prophet’s [PBUH] grave did Haram act and are sinner.

Prophet’s [PBUH] praise of repairing and making dome and shrine for “Ahl al-Bayt’s [AS] grave.

There‘s a valid narrative in the book “Tahzib al-Ahkam”  written by Sheikh “Tusi”:

عَلِی أَنَّ النَّبِی قَالَ لَهُ وَ اللَّهِ لَتُقْتَلَنَّ بِأَرْضِ الْعِرَاقِ وَ تُدْفَنُ بِهَا. «قُلْتُ یا رَسُولَ اللَّهِ مَا لِمَنْ زَارَ قُبُورَنَا وَ عَمَرَهَا وَ تَعَاهَدَهَافَقَالَ لِی یا أَبَا الْحَسَنِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ جَعَلَ قَبْرَک وَ قَبْرَ وُلْدِک بِقَاعاً مِنْ بِقَاعِ الْجَنَّةِ وَ عَرْصَةً مِنْ عرصات‌ها وَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ جَعَلَ قُلُوبَ نُجَبَاءَ مِنْ خَلْقِهِ وَ صَفْوَتِهِ مِنْ عِبَادِهِ تَحِنُّ إِلَیکم وَ لَکنَّ حُثَالَةً مِنَ النَّاسِ یعَیرُونَ زُوَّارَ قُبُورِکمْ بِزِیارَتِکمْ کمَا تُعَیرُ الزَّانِیةُ بِزِنَاهَا

Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said to commander of faithful [AS]: swear to god you’ll get martyred in “Iraq” and will be buried there. “Ali” [AS] said: O messenger of Allah! What’s the reward of the One who pilgrims our grave and repair or construct our shrines? Prophet [PBUH] said: O “Ali” [AS] god’s put your grave and your children’s graves as garden of paradise gardens and the heart of gentlefolk of god’s creatures and his selected creatures flies towards you. But some of mean and scoundrel people will dispraise your pilgrims as they dispraise someone who commits adultery.

There’s narrative from “Albani” or “Birak” who says: those who construct these shrines their sine is more than those who commit adultery!

1400 years ago, Prophet [PBUH] predicted and said:

أُولَئِک شِرَارُ أُمَّتِی لَا نَالَتْهُمْ شَفَاعَتِی وَ لَا یرِدُونَ حَوْضِی

They the most evil amongst my nation, I won’t intercede them and won’t come to at the “KAUTHAR” pool. [in the paradise].

Tahzib al-Ahkam, “Tusi” V 6, P 22

Details of this program


Greeting to you, dear followers of “Velayat” global network, the viewers of the live broadcast program “Habl al-Matin”, may God accept your worship in month of “Ramadan”. Congratulate on the occasion of the appearance of “Eid al-Fitr” [Eid al-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting]. Tonight we’re at our Master’s serve, Ayatollah “HUSEINI QAZVINI”. Hello Master, congratulation.

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

Greeting to and all dear viewers, I congratulate this great “Eid” as well. May god hasten the appearance of Imam “Mahdi” [AS] and put us amongst his particular companions and I ask god to grant people’s prayers and needs respecting to Muhammad [PBUH] and his “Ahl al-Bayt”, and remove our thought concerns.


May god grant all these prayers, recently, two explosions occurred in “Saudi Arabia” that we condemn them. This event was discussed about on “Wahhabi” networks and finally they blamed Shias! They said Shias have done it and showed clip from you master, you had said: events happening in Middle east will catch up with those who are doing so and it’ll happen, they will fall and annihilated soon.

They have connected these explosions to what you say and say: it was done by you and Shias!

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”

This thought is the result of the misery, adversity and knavery of “WAHHABI” networks. And when we contact them they say: what you say makes us laughing! We say: you’re laughing at the death of innocent people!

It’s necessary to say several points, because eighth day of month of “Shawwal” the anniversary of the destruction of Shia Imams graves in “Baqi’” cemetery is within next a few days.

Bad luck often brings good luck.

These guys shed crocodile tear for some people who were killed beside “Masjid al-Nabawi” and “Baqi’” cemetery but don’t care about those who died in ”Ta’if” [city in Mecca] and 250 people who were killed in “Baghdad”, it shows that they know nothing of humanity.

If they’re really human must condemn any terrorist attack in any place even if explosion occurs in USA, as we do condemn explosions in “Paris” and “Baghdad” and “America”. We even denounce terrorist attacks in “Saudi Arabia”.

If there is mind in their head, they’d say: all people are respectable. As for explosion near “Masjid al-Nabawi”, terrorist have announced that they were originally from “Pakistan” and studied in “Saudi Arabia”. We’ve said several times, terrorist attacks that you do in “Syria” and “Iraq” will catch up with you. Arabic countries are in panic; they gave military facilities to terrorists in “Syria” and “Iraq”, they were trained and now the security of the world in danger.

They say: the great management of “Saudi Arabia” government didn’t let more than four guys to die!! What kind of way of mentation is that? They think low casualties is due to their good management.

If they’re really great in such works, so why couldn’t you stop them before explosion occurs. The highest art of “Saudi Arabia” authorities is to bomber “Yamani” oppressed people by modern western jets rather tracing these terrorists who were inside “Saudi Arabia” before doing these terrorists attacks. If they can’t do such works within “Iran”, it’s because our intelligence service is so powerful vise versa “Saudi Arabia” intelligence service.


Master, two nights ago, a documentary was broadcast on Iranian T.V that all “Isis” actions were under their control till finally they caught all “Isis” affiliates and stopped neutralized explosions.

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

The fact is that these guys are really incompetent, especially after “Malik Abdullah”, some mean incompetent guys who can just kill took the power. In “Mena” event, about 8000 people died but nothing was told about it on “Wahhabi” evil networks.

They say: explosions next to “Masjid al-Nabawi” rocked the grave of prophet [PBUH] and Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS]. It’s a shame for prophet [PBUH] and “Fatimah” [AS] to be defended on a “Wahhabi” devil network. Someone called them and said: you’d say: prophet [PBUH] and Shia Imams [AS] are dead and have no connection with this world and hear our voice and now you say explosion rocked their body. Experts said: their bodies are intact!

 That’s very interesting, that guy made a new discovery and would say: their bodies are intact! Are they in communication with this world or not? Any way Prophet [PBUH] and Shia Imams [AS] in “Baqi’” must be aware of explosion till their bodies are rocked.

If their bodies are in the grave without ghost well they’re no different from the wall; body without ghost is worthless and shaking a body without ghost in the grave shows that that guy who said such sentence is brainless at all! If the body of prophet [PBUH] and Shia Imams in “Baqi’” cemetery heard the sound of explosion, well they definitely hear the sound of someone who resorts them! A body that heard the sound of explosion and rocked has certainly realized it otherwise shaking body is meaningless.

They say: “Iran” has created “Isis”! down with your thoughts! “Bandar bin Sultan” who’s one of  “Saudi Arabia” authorities said in his interview that we created “Isis” and gave them facilities. I ask my friends to translate his interview and broadcast it to be decried more.

They mentioned that M.R “QAZVINI” has said: god willing, “Saudi Arabia” government will fall in the soon future and Muslims will take “Mecca” and “Medina”, so they [Iranians] knew that explosion will occur in “Saudi Arabia”!

If Iranians wanted to annihilate “Al Saud”, they wouldn’t explode bomb in “Medina” they’d go to “Riyadh” directly and destroy “Saudi Arabia” presidential palace the center of corruption.

The founder of exploding Shia Imams [AS] and destruction of graves of divine figures is devil “Ibn Taymiyyah” and as “Hesni Damascene” has said: there’s consensus amongst Islamic nation on his blasphemy.

Devil “Ibn Taymiyyah” says in the book “Minhaj al-sunnah al-nabawiyyah” V 2, P 437:

«فالمشاهد المبنیة علی قبور الأنبیاء والصالحین من العامة ومن أهل البیت کل‌ها من البدع المحدثة المحرمة فی دین الإسلام وإنما أمر الله أن یقصد لعبادته وحده لا شریک له المساجد لا المشاهد»

Domes and shrines made on the graves of prophets [PBUTH] and “Ahl al-Bayt” and Sunni righteous guys, all of them are innovations made recently which are Haram in Islam religion and god almighty must be in “Mosques” not shrines.

His disciple says in obscenely manner of talking:

«وهذا حکم المشاهد التی بنیت علی القبور آلتی اتخذت أوثانا وطواغیت تعبد من دون الله»

Shrines built on the graves of prophet [PBUH] and Shia Imams [AS] are like idols and in all these shrines non-god is worshiped.

He says decisively that all these shrines are idols! He believes that Islamic Prophet’s [PBUH] grave and as well as graves of all prophets [PBUH] and Shia imams [AS] and even the grave of “Bukhari” which is a shrine now and shrines of Imam “Shafi’I”, “Malik” and “Abu Hanifah” [Sunni Imams] are idols.

Then he says:

«والأحجار آلتی تقصد للتعظیم والتبرک والنذر والتقبیل»«لا یجوز إبقاء شیء منها علی وجه الأرض»«مع القدرة علی إزالته»«وکثیر منها بمنزلة اللات والعزی ومناة الثالثة الأخری أو أعظم شرکا عندها»

These shrines that people bow before them or kiss them, There shouldn’t be any shrine on the earth, if someone is powerful enough shouldn’t let even one of them to be on the earth, many of these shrines are like “uzza” and “Lat” and “the third Manat” idols that have been mentioned in “Quran”, or it’s even biggest polytheism.

Zad al ma’ad” V 3, P 506

As you see not only they say that tha shrines of Shia Imams [AS] must be destroyed but they say that the shrines of all Sunni elders even their four Imams who have shrine except “Malik” who doesn’t have shrine. The grave of “Shafi’i” has shrine as well as “Abu Hanifah” in “Baghdad” and “Bukhari”, all of them have shrine. According to what he said all these guys are idols and their shrines must be eradicated.

The founders of this thought that provoke “Isis” terrorists to attack destroying holy shrines, are devil “Ibn Taymiyyah” and his mean disciple “Ibn Qim”.


Master, it’s the same thought that makes such events to happen; amongst clips that we broadcast including the clip related to burning “Jordanian pilot”; when they want to burn him, at first they said an issue from “Ibn Taymiyyah” then they burned him.

“ALBANI” calls him the contemporary “BUKHARI”,

“Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

“ALBANI” has a book called “Tahzir al-Sajid” v 1, p 68, it means Muslims should beware bowing before graves. This guy was so mean and evil has targeted prophet’s [PBUH] green dome:

«ومما یؤسف له أن هذا البناء قد بنی علیه منذ قرون إن لم یکن قد أزیل تلک القبة الخضراء العالیة»«وأحیط القبر الشریف بالنوافذ النحاسیة والزخارف والسجف وغیر ذلک مما لا یرضاه صاحب القبر نفسه صلی الله علیه و سلم»

Amongst things that we should regret is the green dome built on prophet’s [PBUH] grave long time ago. And its shrine which is made of iron beautifully and decorating it, all of them are works that prophet [PBUH] isn’t pleased of them.

If prophet [PBUH] isn’t pleased, so why “Malik Abdullah” and other “Saudi Arabia” authorities go to his shrine and say prayer beside his grave. So your leader is the first infidel and is the first guy who

believes in such superstition.

Then he says:

«فعجبت حینئذ کیف ضلت هذه الظاهرة الوثنیة قائمة فی عهد دولة التوحید»

I’m surprised that the innovation of idolatry still exists at the age of thesis government.

This devil person calls Prophet’s [PBUH] holy shrine, place of idolatry; when a student who just graduated of “Wahhabi” stables hears such things, decides to do these terrorists attack.

They [Wahhabis] say: prophet’s [PBUH] dome and shrine made of iron are the signs of idolatry, is there any insulting worse than it?! What does a Sunni adolescent do after reading these issues?! Of course, Sunnis are different that devil “Wahhabis”.

Then he says:

«فالواجب الرجوع بالمسجد النبوی إلی عهده السابق»«وذلک بالفصل بینه وبین القبر النبوی بحائط یمتد من الشمال إلی الجنوب بحیث أن الداخل إلی المسجد»

We have to make “Masji al-Nabawi” like the past, “Saudi” government which on based on thesis should separate grave from the “Masjid al-Nabawi” till someone can’t see the grave  they should make a wall between them till no one can go at the grave.

These are examples of “fatwas” which are against religious sanctities.


Thank you Master, there’s a permanent committee in “Saudi Arabia” that gives especial “Fatwa”. Has any “Fatwa” been issued by this committee about destroying prophets’ graves especially Islamic prophet’s [PBUH] grave?!

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

“FATWAS” permanent committee, is a big committee lead by “great Mufti”, back then it was led by “bin Baz” and now “Al Sheikh” is the leader of committee. It has four members as well that any question is asked of “Wahhabism”, these guys will answer. “Ahmad DARWISH” has written in the book “Fatwas of permanent committeev 9, p 177

They were asked:

«هناک من یحتجون ببناء القبة الخضراء علی القبر الشریف بالحرم النبوی علی جواز بناء القباب علی باقی القبور، کالصالحین وغیرهم، فهل یصح هذا الاحتجاج أم ماذا»

Some want to make dome for the graves of righteous persons like the dome built for prophet Muhammad’s [PBUH] grave. Is that permissible?!


«لا یصح الاحتجاج ببناء الناس قبة علی قبر النبی صلی الله علیه وسلم علی جواز بناء قباب علی قبور الأموات، صالحین أو غیرهم»«لأن بناء أولئک الناس القبة علی قبره صلی الله علیه وسلم حرام یأثم فاعله»

It’s no permissible that they build dome on grave relying on prophet’s [PBUH] green dome. Those who made dome on prophet’s [PBUH] grave did Haram act and committed sin.

Then he says a narrative from “Abi Hayyaj” that we’ll talk about it in detailed in the next session:

« عن أبي الْهَيَّاجِ الأسدي قال قال لي عَلِىٌّ أَبْعَثُكَ على ما بعثني عليه رسول اللَّهِ أَنْ لاَ تَدَعَ تِمْثَالاً إِلاَّ طَمَسْتَهُ وَلاَ قَبْراً مُشْرِفاً إِلاَّ سَوَّيْتَهُ وَ لَا کلْباً إِلَّا قَتَلْتَهُ »

“Abu al-Hayyaj al-Asadi” says: “Ali ibn Talib” said: when we were in “Mecca”, prophet [PBUH] sent me to “Medina” to even all graves and sculptures and to kill all dogs in “Medina”.

Fatwas of permanent committee” v 1, p 77

Doesn’t matter that this narrative is in Sunni books or Shia books; when a narrative is against conscience, we can’t accept it even its document is valid, it’s been proved that prophet [PBUH] didn’t have the authority of doing something when he was in “Mecca”, because he was in “Shi’ib Abi-Talib” for three years and finally the decided to kill prophet [PBUH] that he fled to grave at night and then he went to “Medina”. Prophet [PBUH] wasn’t secure in “Mecca”, how is that possible for

him to send agent to “Medina” destroying all graves?!

Assuming that what he’s said is true, if people of “Medina” were Muslim and graves were like Muslims’ grave or infidels’ grave?! If graves were for infidels, destroying them is not big deal, because we say if someone destroys grave of an infidel that has been the place of worshiping for infidels or pagans, I won’t be big deal.

Point is that “Ali” [AS] didn’t go to “Medina” before “Migration” [from mecca to medina] we didn’t even find one fake narrative showing that commander of faithful [AS] went to “Medina” before prophet’s [PBUH] prophetic mission.


Did “Ali” [AS] go to medina after prophet [PBUH]

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

All went to “Medina” after prophet [PBUH] and prophet didn’t have the authority of doing anything. Assuming that “Ali”[AS] went to “Medina” before prophet [PBUH] he destroyed infidels’ graves and the word “تمثالا” is in narrative, which means “Sculpture”.

Our dear Master “Ayatollah Subhani” would say: there’s context called “adjacent” context, in narrative , when he brings the word “Sculpture” next to “grave” we find out that as those sculptures

used to be worshiped, graves used to be worshiped by infidels too.

He says at the end of the narrative:

«ولأن بناء القبور واتخاذ القباب علیها من وسائل الشرک بأهلها، فیجب سد الذرائع الموصلة للشرک.»

Any grave that they want build shrine for it and build dome above it, is the tool of polytheism and anything that reaches us to polytheism, it’s obligatory for us to destroy it.

They  believe that shrine and domes reach us to polytheism and they must be destroyed.

Fatwas of permanent committee” v 9, p 177

They were asked:

«الصلاة فی مسجد فیه قبر هل تجوز؟ اشرحوا بدقة؛ لأن البعض یستدلون بکون قبره صلی الله علیه وسلم فی مسجده النبوی. إذا کان لا تجوز الصلاة فماذا نفعل، فهل لنا إخراج المیت حتی عظامه؟»

Is saying prayer at a mosque that there’s a grave inside it correct? Please explain that why some say that you believe that saying prayer in a mosque with a grave inside it isn’t permissible, what about saying prayer in “Al-Masjid Nabawi” that prophet’s [PBUH] grave as well as the graves of two companions are there? What’s the decree?

They answered:

«لا تجوز الصلاة فی المساجد التی فی‌ها قبر أو قبور»

Saying prayer isn’t permissible at mosque that one or several graves are in it.

There are more than 300 prophets’ [PBUTH] graves beside “Kaaba”, “Abraham’s [AS] grave, and many of other prophets’ grave are there.

According to what you say, if saying prayer beside “Al-Masjid al-Haram” is correct or not?


If it’s not permissible to say prayer beside “Kaaba”, so why they themselves say prayer there?

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

They say:

«لعن الله الیهود والنصاری اتخذوا قبور أنبیائهم مساجد»

God damn “Jews” and “Christian” who put the graves of their prophets as masque.

This is amongst ridiculous Hadiths and it must be said as joke of the century. “Quran” says in several verses:

(وَ قَتْلَهُمُ الْأَنْبِیاء)

… And their slaying of the Prophets without right…

Sura AL-E-IMRAN, verse  181

Then he says:

«ویجب علی ولی أمر المسلمین أن یهدم ما بنی علی القبور من المساجد»«وأن ینبش من دفن فی المسجد بعد بنائه، ویخرج جثته من المسجد حتی عظامه ورفاته لاعتدائهم بالدفن فیه»«وینقل رفاته إلی المقبرة العامة»

It’s obligatory for Muslims’ leader to eradicate all these domes and shrines above graves. And anyone buried at mosque, their graves must be dug up and take the corpse away if body is intact, same goes for their bones, they must be taken out to be buried.

“Fatwas of permanent committee, v 6, p 414


Doesn’t he make any exception?!

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

He doesn’t make any exception, it contains prophet’s [PBUH] grave, same goes for the graves of “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr” and others. Such things cause some savage terrorists to explode bomb near “Masjid al-Nabawi” not what Shia say.

He raised his hand and said: god eradicate all founders of “Isis” and those who assist these terrorists, if they couldn’t be guided.

We say as well: god eradicate these terrorist groups including “Isis” and their founders and supporters and decry and root out those who defend them on their networks!

In his obscene “Fatwa” he says: all graves at the mosque must be dug up and corpse should be taken away, same goes for the bones and anything that left from him even dust, all must be buried in another place.

Is there any worse insult than it? He’s insulting the sanctities of all Islamic faiths; graves of “Abu Hanifah”, “Shafi’i” and “Bukhari” are there and people go there pilgrimaging.

We don’t mind How many viewer his program; I ask all dear viewers who heard his voice and heard our curse as well to say “Amen” whole heartedly till anyone who makes insecurity in Islamic and non-Islamic countries to be eradicated. Not only we should pray till insecurity is removed in Islamic countries, those who live in Europe and America are our brothers as well. Commander of faithful Ali [AS] says:

« فَإِنَّهُمْ صِنْفَانِ إِمَّا أَخٌ لَكَ فِي الدِّينِ وَ إِمَّا نَظِيرٌ لَكَ فِي الْخَلْق‏ »

O “Malik”! people are two parts. They either are your brother in religion or brother in creation.

Nahj al-Balagha, p 427

May god root out all people who make insecurity on the earth, mean “Wahhabism” and devil networks and protect all people of their evil.


What’s the opinion of “Saudi Arabia” contemporary “Mufties” [those who give fatwa] about destroying prophet’s [PBUH] holy shrine and dome?

Ayatollah “QAZVINI”:

«وقال ابن القیم یجب هدم القباب آلتی علی القبور لأنها أسست علی معصیة الرسول»«وقال أبو حفص تحرم الحجرة بل تهدم فإذا کان هذا کلامه فی الحجرة فکیف بالقبة»«فإذا کان هذا کلامه فی الحجرة فکیف بالقبة»

“ibn Qim” says: it’s obligatory destroying shrines above graves because Prohet [PBUH] is no pleased of this act and “Abu Fahs” says: prophet’s [PBUH] shrine [where grave is there] must be burnt and destroyed. This is what he says about shrine let alone dome.

What will a “Wahhabi” student who studies at “Umm al-Qura” or “Muhammad bin Saud” university do after hearing such nonsense?

“Muqbil bin Hadi al-wadi” says in the book “Tuhfah al-Mujib”:

«و انه یجب علهیم ازالة تلک القبة آلتی اصبح کثیر من القبورین یحتجون بها»«فجدیر بنا معشر المسلمین ان نعمد الی تلک القباب المشیدة علی القبور فنجتثها من علی الارض»

Destroying all dome and shrines on Muslim graves is obligatory, it’s obligatory for us all Muslims to attack and eradicate all shrines build on graves.

“Ibn Jibreen” who perished several years ago, he says:

«و کذلک سبب هدمها و ازالتها لیکون الطلاب علی معرفة بتاریخها و لسبب المنع من بقائها»

Our students at universities should know that these monuments and graves in Muslims countries are amongst the preparations of polytheism and keep us away of god and they must be destroyed.

“Abudu al-Rahman Birak” who’s amongst “Saudi Arabia” Muftis [someone who give fatwa] says:

«فبناء المساجد و القباب علی قبور الانبیاء و الصالحین من الصحابة و التابعین و أهل البیت المکرمین لقرابتهم من سید المرسلین صلی الله علیه و سلم بناؤها من المحدثات فی الدین»

all shrines and domes build on Shia Imams [AS], righteous people and companions, Tabi’in [those who met or accompany some of companions of prophet [PBUH]not himself] and prophets [PBUTH] are amongst made innovations.

He says: prophet’s [PBUH] dome was constructed in “Buwayhid Rafidayn” government and then “Rafidayn” sects established shrine and domes for their real and imaginary Imams. Imam Hussein’s grave in “Karbala”, Imam “Kazim’s grave” in “Kazemain” .

«و ما یعرف بقبر السیدة زینب فی سوریا، الی غیر ذلک»

They say the grave of Hadrat “Zeynab” is in “Syria”.

M.R “Khidmati” says: these guys go to “Syria” pilgrimaging while Hadrat “Zeinab” is buried Median!

Then he says: these innovations have been transferred from “Rafidayn” to “Sufia” sects in Islamic world and this huge evil has spread amongst Muslims and other than limited number of Muslims got involved with it:

«قد کانت فیه القباب علی بعض القبور فی البقیع و المعلاة»«ولکن الله طهرهما من معالم البدعة و الوثنیة علی ید الدولة السعودیة السنیة السلفیة»

These shrines and domes are in “Medina” either, but these innovations and pagodas were destroyed in the first half of 13th century by “Al Saud” and “Jews”.

At year 1344 AD, they destroyed holy grave of Shia Imams [AS] in “Baqi’” cemetery [located in Medina], they eradicated the graves of “Uthman”, Malik” and “Hamza” and wanted to destroy prophet’s [PBUH] grave too.

At that time “Iran” government was mighty and gave them ultimatum that if you touch prophet’s [PBUH] grave, all Islamic countries will join together against you, they feared of possible attack by Islamic countries and being rooted out, thus they didn’t dare touching prophet’s [PBUH] grave.

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