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Answering the misgivings posed by the Wahhabism
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Answering the misgivings posed by the Wahhabism

Date :Thursday, December 20, 2007

 Note: The references below were taken from the Maktab Ahlol-Beit and al-Maktabe al-Shamele software except for the books which cannot be found in the software.

Today the issue of attacks on Shiism and its culture and questioning its fundamental belief system is one of the common issues of the contemporary world. Around 30,000 books and articles against Shiism have been posted on different Internet websites. After 25 years of experience in this field and as soon as Internet was introduced in the start working with it, I tried to find out how many Shiite websites are operating and even I contacted some of the centers working in this area and they told us that the number of the Shiite websites would amount to less than 5000 while around 40,000 Wahhabi websites are working against Shiism around the clock. Therefore, they can draw this conclusion that we are extremely outnumbered. With regard to the number of the satellite channels, I can tell you there are more than 50 active Wahhabi channels spreading misgivings and rumors about the Shiite around the clock including channels located United Arab Emirates, or the satellite channels in Saudi Arabia such as al-Majd network and Egypt-based al-Qora network and the London-based al-Mostaqelah network and recently anti-revolutionary satellite channels in Los Angeles. These channels have come together to how Wahhabism and they have reduced the number of programs against the government of Islamic Republic of Iran and instead they have focused their attentions on attacking Shiism. If you take a look at some of the satellite channels or some of the websites in Persian, you can realize how extensively they are posing misgivings against Shiism.

Similarly, there are newly established satellite channels growing up like mushrooms day in day out and based on the statistics I have been given for the past three months, I can tell you three or four Wahhabi channels have entered the arena of attacking Shiism and they have regular programs to question the culture of Shiism. Do we have it five satellite channels at international level to be able to answer these misgivings? No! We don’t. And some of the Shia channels which have been newly established are mostly focusing on political issues and if they have any programs to respond to such misgivings; those programs do not cover a lot of issues.

One of the and satellite channels was established in the Iraq under the name of “Ahlol-Beit” by one of the grand the scholars there broadcasting their programs from United Arab Emirates. I hear that around 600,000 complaints were made by the Wahhabis in just one month and this satellite channel was shut down by the Sunni community scholars and now it is being broadcasted from another location with much lower quality. When one satellite channel defends Ahlol-Beit or one month, the Wahhabis react so strongly and make hundreds of thousands of complaints to curb the activities of such channel but we are witnessing the sacred values of the Shiite, our holy Imams (AS), our grand jurists  being insulted around the clock and we do not see any reaction from our side. The situation is really saddening!

In the area of book publication, it would suffice to take a look at the following statistics to see what kind of storm last year has experienced:

last year, one of the incompetent sons of the Shiite great grand jurists, who is an honor for Shiism, wrote a book called “al-Shiite va al-Tashin” and the grand Ayatollah Sobhani himself told me that he heard one of the Arabic radio stations broadcasting one of the Saddam’s speech: “ if our eight-year war had no other results then the publication of this book, it would be enough for us.”

This book, according to the grand Ayatollah Sobhani in the introduction of his book “the young Shiite answers”, has been published in 8 million copies and distributed in Islamic countries. If you log onto different websites we can see that it has been posted online in different languages.

The statistics given by Miqat magazine-affiliated with  Hajj Organization- only in one year during Hajj rituals, 10,568,000 books in 20 different living languages of the world have been distributed among the pilgrims of the house of God.

Around two years ago, I visited the holy Mecca and on the 12th of ZelHajeh month , I noticed the small newspaper in Persian being distributed into Persian pilgrims tents and I brought one of them back and I read it. It said that the Guidance Ministry of Saudi Arabia had said in his interview: during the first 20 days of Hajj rituals, we distributed 10 million brochures, CDs and tapes among the pilgrims of the house of God for free.”

Most of these brochures and CDs contain anti-Shiite materials and it seems that today there is nothing more important to them than questioning the culture of Shiism. Our grand the scholars answer their misgivings and they receive their answers but they do not heed and continue their attacks.

Around five days before Ramadan month I visited the holy city of Mecca, and if I am not mistaken, on the 26th of Shaban I had a meeting with Sheik Ahmad al-Moqadi -the head of -Amr be Marof va Nahi Az Monkar Council- who is, convert to other Wahhabis, the slightly more fair and better, when he said: why don’t you stop expressing remarks about Koran being distorted? Why don’t you stop accusing Ayesha of committing adultery? Don’t you want to forget about believing in the infallibility of your Imams (AS)  ? Some of the Sunni community members, upon returning from Iran, tell us that in your national TV some pictures of donkeys and dogs are shown and the names of Abu Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab are written inside those pictures? What on earth are you the Shiite doing in Iran?”

God knows I didn’t know what to say to him! If at ordinary person or a camel Shepherd in one of the Riyaz deserts talks about these issues, it is okay but when someone, who more than any other Saudi official , has been in contact with it Iranians makes such accusations about Shiite Iran, it is really surprising because whenever Iranian Hajjis go to the Saudi Arabia for Hajj rituals the only organization which is in close contact with them is Amr be Marof va Nahi Az Monkar Council and when the head of such counsel-who is directly appointed by the King of the Saudi Arabia-has this kind of misunderstanding, then what can be expected from others? I talked to him for a while and told him that the issue of Koran distortion is quite clear and our grand scholars have talked about this issue during the history and I said that our grand Ayatollah Khoyee said:

القول بالتحريف قول بخرافة و خيال.

Isn’t it enough for you? Or Imam Khomeini (RA) says:

No person in his right mind would think of Koran being distorted.”

Our grand the scholars in the past like Alame Helli (RA) said: “if you talk about Koran being distorted, you are questioning the only mere catalog the holy prophet of Islam.”

Regarding Ayesha, I told him: which of our grand the scholars and figures have accused Ayesha of adultery? What about your own scholars like Naser al-Din al-Bani whom you regard as “the contemporary Bokhari” and also Ben Baz, the mufti of Saudi Arabia has said that you have to call Naser al-Din al-Bani “Imam al-Hadith”, has explicitly mentioned in his books: “it is plausible that some of the wives of the holy prophet were engaged in prostitution activities.”

However, you cannot find even one she had a scholar who, during the past 15 centuries, have accused the holy prophet (PBUH)’s wives of moral corruption. Regarding Iran’s state TV, I said to that Sheik: after the victory of Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolution, Ziyarat Ashura has not been broadcasted even once on the national TV so that it wouldn’t stair and emotions among the Sunni community members in Iran. Then you are accusing us of driving pictures of some donkeys and dogs with the names of Abu Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab inside. Perhaps the people who are giving you these pieces of news are not well-intentioned. Undoubtedly your news sources are liars and accusers. He asked me why we believed that the Imams (AS)  have the knowledge about the unseen because he believed it was an exaggeration since God himself says:

وَ عِنْدَهُ مَفَاتِحُ الْغَيْبِ لَا يَعْلَمُهَا إِلَّا هُوَ[1]

“With Him are the keys of the unseen, the treasures that none knoweth but He.”

I answered: you mentioned a nice point. Ibn Taymiyyah in his collection of Fatwa says : many of the Companions and Tabein (those who had seen one of the companions in their lifetime) had the knowledge of the unseen.” It is really interesting to know that Ibn Qayem Joziyeh - one of Ibn Ibn Taymiyyah’s students- has stated: “ our master- Ibn Taymiyyah- made a lot of predictions about the unseen and sometimes it and talked about divine mysteries. He predicted the invasion of Mongolians. They told him that the political analysts had a different idea, but he said he had a vision that the Mongolians what invade  other countries and whatever prediction he had made came true. Even, he predicted his own future several times and his predictions came true. He had some of the predictions which haven’t occurred yet and I am waiting for them to come true.”

Your Imam predicts about the future but if we attribute such qualities to our Imams (AS)   about whose purity Koran has testified and the holy prophet of Islam has ranked him as one of his equals, then you accuse us of exaggeration and polytheism and consider our execution as a religiously obligatory act. He asked me about the references and I gave him some addresses. God is my witness and I swear to the pure soul of Imam Reza (AS) near whose shrine were sitting , the Sheikh was tongue-tied and didn’t know what to say. The last sentence he told me was: why don’t your scholars and jurists publish these materials? And I answered: if they do, will you allow such materials to be distributed in Saudi Arabia? He agreed and said if we answered all the questions, he would ask Saudi Arabia’s government to let the materials be published at his own expense.

Therefore, I consulted with some of the grand jurists like Ayatollah  Makarem Shirazi and he agreed to answer whatever questions they had. But he insisted on their giving up some of their anti-Shiite viewpoints for example and their wrong idea about the Shiite believing in the distortion of the Koran and he demanded that all the CDs and books which are being distributed against Shiism be collected from the market.

We have to understand our current situation and religious obligations. The mission for religion students these days are different from those 20 years ago, especially now and after the victory of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolution, the culture of Shiism has a making a lot of progress, moving beyond all the limitations and at international levels people are being familiarized with Shiism, people or hadn’t heard of such a term until yesterday and many educated young people and researchers are getting attracted to Shiism and that is why a lot of misgivings and anti-Shiite propaganda by the Wahhabis all over the world. As a results, our religious obligations have drastically changed compared to the past.

I mentioned these sadistic six years ago in most of my publications, conducted in one of the research centers of Qom’s seminary schools “ Abhas Aghaede” under the supervision of Ayatollah our Sistani : after the Islamic revolution in Iran, the number of anti-Shiite books inside and outside the country amounted to 5000 written mostly by the Wahhabis and surprisingly 75% of these books have been written after the victory of Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolution. The head of the center stated: “ during the years after the victory of Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolution, compared to the past 14 centuries, the number of the anti-Shiite books has become threefold. Some of the qualified researchers were chosen and they extracted the misgivings then classified them and around 8000 misgivings in 600 categories were organized. Some copies of this book were given to the grand jurists and the scholars.

In a gathering of the professors for the higher levels of courses in Howza , it announced that answering 8000 misgivings cannot be conducted with one, two or 10 researchers and we have to get mobilized and ask for the help of all the professors in all the seminary schools and Shiite universities all across the globe. Even if we suppose that 7500 of these misgivings are repetitive or baseless, but there are 500 fundamental misgivings which  need our attention and must be answered.

Only about Saghalein Hadith , we have around 148 misgivings which requires some answers an issue and explain that are traders, salespeople, laymen or the government officials responded to these religious doubts and the responsibility lies on our and shoulders i.e. the clergymen. There is another interesting point that requires our attention a lot: the figures show that during the past two decades around 5000 times more the young Sunni community members and Wahhabis have been attracted to Shiism compared to the past 15 centuries. I am going to read you some of the remarks of prominent figures of Wahhabism  so that you realize how much Wahhabi leaders and writers who are working again Shiism are terrified of the spread of the culture of Shiism :

Abdullah al-Ghaniman, a professor of “al-Jameatol Islamiyah” in Media: “

إنّ الوهّابيّين على يقين بأنّ المذهب (الاثنى عشر) هو الذى سوف يُجذبُ إليه كلّ أهل‏السنَّة وكلّ الوهّابيّين فى المستقبل القريب

“Wahhabism have undoubtedly realized that Shiism will be the only sect attracting the Sunnis and Wahhabis to itself in the future.”

Mr. Sheikh Rabi bin Mohammed, the reputed author in Saudi Arabia writes:

وممّا زاد عجبي من هذا الأمر أنّ إخواناً لنا ومنهم أبناء أحد العلماء الكبار المشهورين فى مصر، ومنهم طلاّب علم طالما جلسوا معنا في حلقات العلم، ومنهم بعضُ الإخوان الذين كنّا نُحْسن الظنَّ بهم؛ سلكوا هذا الدَرْب، وهذا الاتّجاه الجديد هو (التشيّع)، وبطبيعة الحال أدركت منذ اللحظة الأولى أنّ هؤلاء الإخوة كغيرهم في العالم الإسلامي بهرتهم أضواء الثورة الإيرانيّة

“What came to me as a shock was the fact that  some of our wahhabi brothers ,a few of whom were the children of Egyptian scholars,  participating in our scientific meeting for a long time , and also some of our brothers with a promising religious future have turned to Shiism. And something interesting about this situation is that they are all affected by the bright light of the Iran’s Islamic revolution[2].”


Recently, Mr. Qarzavi, the head of World Islamic Scholars Council, has created a fuss against Shiism: the Shiite are heretics and they have trained some competent forces to be dispatched to Islamic countries and they are spending billions of dollars under activities we do not consider them infidels, but they are heretics…”

His remarks turned into one of the hot topics online in various websites. One of the Friday leaders in Lebanon- “ al-Quds Mosque” announced: what has infuriated Mr. Qarzavi again Shiism is his it son’s ,Abdul Rahman Yusus Qarzavi, conversion into Shiism.”

Abdul Rahman Yusuf Qarzavi is one of the prominent Egyptian figures and one of the most skillful Egyptian poets hasn’t denied the fact. A few days ago, on one of the websites I saw one of the Saudi Arabia’s newspapers denying such news and claiming that Abdul Rahman Yusuf Qarzavi didn’t convert into Shiism. Soon after, Abdul Rahman Yusuf Qarzavi’s office released a statement: I have nothing to do with those who issue the statements on my behalf, and if need be, I myself will announce whatever a statement I want. Therefore, all the statements not coming from my office are invalid and nothing but lies.”

Of course, is a decent man and out of the respect he feels for his father, he hasn’t mentioned his conversion publicly and the next day after he puts the news on his website, the site was filtered.

The renowned Wahhabi author, Sheik Mohammad Magharavi states:

  بعد انتشار المذهب الإثنى عشري في مشرق العالم الإسلامي، فخفت على الشباب في بلاد المغرب ...

“With the spread of Shiism in the orient, I am fearful of this culture spreading among the young Westerners[3].”

Sheikh Majdi Mohammed Ali Mohammed, a prominent Wahhabi author has an interesting remark to say:

جاءني شابّ من أهل السنّة حيران، وسبب حيرته أنّه قدامتدّت إليه أيدى الشيعة ... حتّى ظنّ المسكين أنّهم ملائكة الرحمة وفرسان الحقّ

“ one of the young Sunni people approached me full of surprise and when I asked him for the reason why he was seemed so shocked, he explained a Shiite had shaken hands with him and this young Sunni had thought Shiites were the angels of mercy and true lions (powerful symbols) of God[4].”

But we have to admit that we have failed in international arenas and you haven’t had an active participation to introduce the culture of Shiism. Imam Reza (AS) has stated: whenever people understand the beauty of our culture, they follow us automatically.” However, we haven’t been able to show the world are real culture and I believe by doing so many young Sunni community members and Wahhabis to get attracted to the culture of Shiism in increasing numbers. Around two or three months ago on al-Mostaqelah satellite TV channel I had a debate on the martyrdom of lady Fatima (AS) because one of the hottest topics these days on Internet websites and satellite channels is the issue of her martyrdom. Even, the leader of Friday prayers in Zahedan province has announced: “ I swear to God and I swear to the grand divine names that’s whatever the Shiites say about the first and the second Caliph’s involvement in the martyrdom of lady Fatima (AS) is absolutely nothing but lies.”

There is no one to tell him that there is no need for him to swear and if he has any evidence, he can bring it. The stronger marks of Shiism which supporting evidence and also Sunni references proving the invasion on Fatima’s house and disrespecting her and breaking her side rib side rib have made these people angry. One of those references is Mr. Jovini – whom is described by Mr. Zahabi as Imam – describing the incident in his book.

After a few sessions of our debate, one of the religion the students of Najaf entered the discussion but he couldn’t defend the culture of Shiism in the best way possible and presented some weak materials. There were some Wahhabis in the discussion creating doubts and they were about to win the debate. Then the grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi called me and asked me to participate in the discussion which I did for two sessions. I read some of the narrations from Sunni community references and they presented their documentation with authentic narrators proving that they have all confirmed the invasion on Fatima’s house, threatening her and I also told them that al-Samtin Jovini -whom is described by Mr. Zahabi as Imam – has recorded the invasion on Fatima 's house, breaking her side rib and causing her miscarriage from the holy prophet of Islam. We continued our discussions for three nights in a row and he couldn’t find any problem with the narrations be mentioned from their own references.

When our debate ended, two days later one of our friends called and said some of the young individuals from the United Arab Emirates wanted to see us. When I visited them, they said: we followed your discussions on al-Mostaqelah channel and he felt that Shiism has something to offer. We listen to your arguments and those of the Wahhabis and we are here to just see you and talk to you and then returned to our own country.”

I answered the questions and they converted into Shiism. One of them told me: my father is one of the highest-ranking scholars in one of the Islamic countries and he has a seminary schools and he trains a lot of religion the students each year, he is also one of the eloquent and the skillful speakers of the country. If you talk to him for two hours, you will definitely convert into Shiism and then perhaps hundreds of thousands of young people will convert into Shiism. All like to ask you to send my father an invitation letter to come to Qom so that he could talk to you for a few hours.”

I said: with the position I have in the society, only able to do such things but if you’re father comes here, we will welcome him with open arms, and talk to him not for two hours but for 20 hours if he wants to.”

My dears! Are they can present the culture of Shiism to the people all across the globe beautifully, then you have fulfilled our obligation towards Ahlol-Beit. But wait this program on Salam TV network-although I’m not very satisfied with it because we could have done much better- many people call in every week from inside or outside the country wheat or without asking questions convert into Shiism officially. We had a lot of cases from London, Germany and Canada or other countries calling in or emailing us and thanking us for debates because they say these debates have familiarized them with the true culture of Shiism.

A while ago I was visiting one of the grand jurists, and he insisted on us recording the number of the people who convert into Shiism so that we could give him some statistics one day. I told him we have all the data necessary all the emails, all the calls and even in one of the eastern provinces of the country one day we had 25 visitors and they told us that they were really sorry why their own scholars wouldn’t mention these materials to them. Because whatever we say to prove our case has been taken from Sunni references. Those 25 people officially announced their conversion into Shiism and return to their own homes, and these days they are in touch with us receiving CDs and pamphlets.

Another person called in from the city of Saqez and said : my wife and I used to listen to your programs and make fun of you by saying that Shiite clergymen exaggerate about. I am a graduate of University and so is my wife and she teaches as well. We followed your discussions for a few days and then I asked my wife to write down the references you are giving so that it could prove that the Shia the scholars were lying. We referred to some of those books and realized that addresses yet given the correct. We listen to your programs for three months comparing them with our own books and finally realized Shiism is the correct sect. Now we give permission we would like to come to Qom and convert into Shiism by the help of one of the grand the scholars. I only have one request and that is: my name in my ID card is Umar. please give me a letter so that they could give it to the registry office in my town change my name to one of the names of the Imams (AS) .”

It was really interesting to me and I told them: did you consult with me when you became a Sunnis, and he said no and I told him that their own research would be enough and they didn’t have to come to Qom to convert into Shiism with the hand of one of the grand jurists. Over, if you need any other help within our reach, we would be more than happy to help. We have mentioned it repeatedly that the objectives of our program is not to make the Sunni community members convert into Shiism but we are trying to prove the legitimacy of Ahlol-Beit and showed the society the real facts. When we reach our goal, then some people might understand the truth and join the light because whenever I see someone separating from the light of God, it really upsets me and whenever someone joins the divine light, it makes us happy. Therefore, our real objective is to retail the hidden history and facts beyond the scene, the things that were not allowed to talk about during the past 14 centuries. You’re trying to find the missing links of history in different books specially in the references of Sunni community which are easily ignored by the grand Sunni scholars. For example, Mr. Tabari mentions the al-Dar Hadith in his history book and says: 

In the third year of his prophethood and after three years of secretly trying to propagandize Islam, the holy prophet of Islam decided to announce his prophethood publicly when the following holy verse was revealed: وَ أَنْذِرْ عَشِيرَتَكَ الْأَقْرَبِينَ[5]

In his first public meeting in which 40 members of Quraysh tribe were invited, the holy prophet of Islam took Ali (AS) hands stating:

إن هذا أخي و وصيي و خليفتي فيكم فاسمعوا له و أطيعوه[6]

" Ali is my brother, my successor and it is a religious obligation for all of you to listen to him and follow his orders".

In this narration and Mr. Tabari explicitly mentions the truth but When Ibn Kathir, Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Athir mentioned the same narration they didn’t record the exact wordings and instead of writing : هذا أخي و وصيي و خليفتي” they say:

هذا کذا و کذا و کذا.

Were really interested in knowing what these words mean and on to express the real facts behind the scenes.

When Mohammed Husein (AS) Heikal -one of the prominent Egyptian figures in the contemporary world- wrote a book called “ Hayat Muhamad” and mentioned the aforesaid narration, they created a huge fuss against him or as Alame Amini (RA) puts it : قد قامت القيامة عليه.. And he had to delete that part from his second edition.

Our objective is to compare the first and the second edition and to see what has happened that made him change his book.

When we use Sahih Muslim, then we can easily express the unit facts about Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) and his relationship with the first and the second Caliph. One of the things which has been brought up by the Wahhabis during the past two or three years is to bring some evidence from the Shiite references to prove the legitimacy of the first and second caliphs’ governments. And now they are doing exactly what to have been doing to prove the legitimacy of Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) by using Sunni community reference books. If you get the chance, I can give you some examples later and there are some movies to be shown about some of the religion schools Masters inside the country and their sermons in Friday prayers bringing up some examples from Nahjol Balaga or Sharh Nahjul Balagha by Meithami and some others or narrations from our Imams (AS)  , for instance, they quote Imam Sadeq as saying : Apple backed was the rightful caliphs. They claim that whatever the Shiite say about the legitimacy of Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) is entirely wrong. And if you want to answer just this misgiving, presumably we need 30 of 40 sessions to respond to them.

During the last Ramadan the al-Mostaqelah satellite channel had focused 90% of its programs to prove, based on Shiite references, that Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was not the caliphate appointed by the holy prophet of Islam and that the Shiites are lying. Therefore, one of the things that are clergymen should be equipped with it these days is the ability to answer these misgivings in these areas. By giving some examples of  Nahjol Balagha and some other books, They claim : there was no conflict between Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) and the first Caliph and Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) has praised the first and the second Caliph in Nahjol Balagha and he swore allegiance to them and performed for years that them and he even consented to the marriage between his daughter and the second Caliph.”

There are so many other baseless remarks inside and outside the country. Whenever they asked me to same questions, I tell them to refer to Sahih Muslim- which is your second reliable book after the book of God and saying Bokhari and if anyone does not believe in the authenticity of its narrations we consider them apostates- you will see that in volume 5, page 152, the book of jihad, chapter of Hokm Alfi, we can read:

فلما توفى رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم، قال أبو بكر: أنا ولى رسول اللهk، فجئتما تطلب ميراثك من ابن أخيك و يطلب هذا ميراث إمرأته من أبيها، فقال أبو بكر: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم ما نورث ما تركنا صدقة، فرأيتماه كاذبا آثما غادرا خائنا، ... ، ثم توفى أبو بكر و أنا ولى رسول اللهk و ولى أبى بكر، فرأيتماني كاذبا آثما غادرا خائنا.

“When the holy prophet of Islam passed away and Abu-Bakr claimed to be the caliphs , both of you thought him to be a liar, sinful, treacherous and dishonest. And Allah knows that he was true, virtuous, well-guided and a follower of truth. When Abu Bakr passed away and (I have become) the successor of the Messenger of Allah and Abu Bakr, you thought me to be a liar, sinful, treacherous and dishonest. And Allah knows that I am true, virtuous, well-guided and a follower of truth.”

In Sahih Bokhari, you have the same narration in which Umar Ibn Khattab talks about the nature of the relationship between him and Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) but instead of :

فرأيتماني كاذبا آثما غادرا خائنا

It is written:

فرأيتماني کذا و کذا و کذا و کذا.


Our final objective is to reveal the truth by using the missing links of the history and make people and the young Shiite and Sunni individuals aware of the hidden facts of the history which have been kept secret so far and the Shiite didn’t have the technology and equipment to mention them before and they were kept secret by the Sunni community scholars as well. We do not insult or disrespect anyone. We have repeatedly said that they consider insulting the sacred values of Sunni community members as an unforgivable sin and he believed by doing so we question our own culture because when a young person hears me using some impolite language, he wouldn’t listen to me anymore and you wouldn’t be willing to hear the facts I have and I have only created a brutal and harsh image of the culture of Shiism and he wouldn’t be willing to read even one page of a Shiite book. Our Imams (AS)  have also acted in this way.

Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) has a sermon regarding Mu’awiya in Nahjol Balagha which explicitly says:

فوالذي فلق الحبة و برأ النسمة! ما أسلموا و لكن استسلموا و أسروا الكفر، فلما وجدوا أعوانا عليه أظهروه[7]

 “I swear by the Lord Who allowed a seed to germinate into a plant and Who created these men who are opposing and facing you and who are fighting against you who did not embrace Islam but for securing a safety device for their lives and properties. They were not sincere in embracing Islam. It was done simply to provide for themselves a place in the growing and expanding power and position of the Islamic State. They would keep their paganism hidden to their hearts until they found their supporters and helpers. Only then they would come out openly.”

And when he found out some people were cursing and swearing at Mu’awiya, Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) said:

إني أكره لكم أن تكونوا سبابين و لكنكم لو وصفتم أعمالهم و ذكرتم حالهم كان أصوب في القول و أبلغ في العذر و قلتم مكان سبكم إياهم[8]

“I dislike you starting to abuse them, but if you describe their deeds and recount their situations that would be a better mode of speaking and a more convincing way of arguing. Instead of abusing them you should say, "O ' Allah! save our blood and their blood, produce reconciliation between us and them, and lead them out of their misguidance so that he who is ignorant of the truth may know it, and he who inclines towards rebellion and revolt may turn away from it."

As ordered by our Imam, we don’t like to swear at our opponents even if they start calling us names first. It is the logic of Koran that we have to answer the ignorant people’s insults by saluting them.

وَ إِذَا خَاطَبَهُمُ الْجَاهِلُونَ قَالُوا سَلَامًا[9]

“And the servants of (Allah) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, "Peace!";”

At the end of this meeting and in order to give it a blissful ending, I did read you and narration from Imam Javad related to the way they respond to the misgivings and save the young Shiite from ideological doubts so that God would help us on the day of resurrection, Imam Jawad states:

من تكفل بأيتام آل محمد المنقطعين عن إمامهم، المتحيرين في جهلهم، الأسارى في أيدي شياطينهم و في أيدي النواصب من أعدائنا، فاستنقذهم منهم و أخرجهم من حيرتهم و قهر الشياطين برد وساوسهم و قهر الناصبين بحجج ربهم و دلائل أئمتهم، ليفضلون عند الله تعالي على العباد، بأفضل الموانع، بأكثر من فضل السماء على الأرض و العرش و الكرسي و الحجب على السماء و فضلهم على العباد كفضل القمر ليلة البدر على أخفى كوكب في السماء[10]

anyone who takes under his wings the orphans of the prophet Mohammed’s family ( those Shiite were suffering from low intellectual power and are easily affected by some misgivings) and help those who have no access to their Imams (AS)  and might get misled because they are not fully aware of the religious facts and the legitimacy of the Ahlol-Beit’s teachings, or does who have fallen into the hands of the devil  or those who bear a grudge against Ahlol-Beit, anyone who helps these people and answers their misgivings and helps them get rid of their Satanic temptations and make them love Ahlol-Beit and their teachings by the book of God and the traditions of the holy prophet of Islam and Imams (AS)  has definitely a higher position and ranking before God and heaven compared to other servants of God . This superiority to other servants is like disobeying reality of the dimmest star in the sky.

Imam Kazim (AS) states:

من أعان محبا لنا على عدو لنا، فقواه و شجعه، حتى يخرج الحق الدال على فضلنا بأحسن صورة و يخرج الباطل الذي يروم به أعدائنا في دفع حقنا على أقبح صورة، حتى يتنبه الغافلون و يستبصر المتعلمون و يزداد في بصائرهم العالمون، بعثه الله يوم القيامة في أعلى منازل الجنان[11]

“If anyone comes to the aid of one of our friends was being misled by our enemies and help him in the debates or in answering the misgivings and tries to express our virtues clearly and in the best way possible, God would grant him the best place in the paradise.”

I mentioned this to narrations to lighten up our session but some of the beautiful remarks of our Imams (AS)  and I have to tell you as I have told you several times before that the most important religious obligation these dates for religion students and clergymen is to find ways to answer the religious misgivings.

Peace and blessings of God be upon you!

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Husseini Qazvini




















Answering the misgivings posed by the Wahhabism

Friday, December 03, 2010


Note: The references below were taken from the Maktab Ahlol-Beit software.

Mr. Huseini a few nights ago, I was watching Noor channel and I heard something very strange and I started thinking to myself why they were trying to distort the reality written in the history, an issue which has been recorded in the Sunni community books repeatedly. Their topic of discussion was al-Dar Hadith or Anzar based on which the holy prophet of Islam gathered around his relatives and mentioned some issues in the third year of his prophethood. I saw Mr. Hashemi asking the expert guest of the program: “what is al-Dar Hadith? Is it really authentic? Has it been recorded in our own books?” Unfortunately we can then get the chance to show you the clip so that our dear viewers can judge for themselves. The expert answer: yes! There is such a Hadith .” Then Mr. Hashemi asked for further details. And the expert said: the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) gathered up his relatives and prepare the meal, but the first time Abu Jahl didn’t allow him to talk and ruined the party and for the second time the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said that he had brought his people that great gift and guidance and wanted them to be monotheists.” Then Mr. Hashemi asked: was there any talk about the caliphate of Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS)? Is it true that he said: أيكم يوازرني? Was such a thing really mentioned?

The expert explicitly denied it and said: “no there is no such things and it’s just a bunch of lies and the narrations related to the topic do not have an authentic documentation and there is no such thing mentioned in our own books.”

Mr. Hashemi posed tow misgivings: “ if what they say is true, then how was it possible for the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to act in a democratic way and ask if they were willing to become his successor, while the Shiites believe that Imams (AS)  can only be appointed by God?”

The second misgivings posed by him was: “ at the time, Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was a nine or 10 year old kid, how was it possible for the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to and entrust a kid with such a huge responsibility? Please answer these questions.

Dr. Husseini Qazvini: as you pointed out and all of our dear viewers are quite aware, the program these people have under the name of “the hidden facts of the history” should be called “hiding the facts of history”. We have repeatedly said that we will be more than happy for the Sunni community members to have an international satellite channel so that they could express their viewpoint and people could listen to them and then listen to watch expressing our own ideology and then judge for themselves because people are the best possible judges. Unfortunately, this Noor channel which was supposed to be the representative of the culture of Sunni community members has turned into the representatives of Wahhabism and all the two is to try to hide facts and insult the grand figures of Shiism and its sacred values, its grand jurists, and the denial of all the virtues of Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) and Imams (AS) .

Responding to the first misgiving: first, he claims that the above-mentioned Hadis is wrong but in all the sources in which the al-Dar Hadith has been recorded we read that the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) invited 14 members of Quraysh tribe and publicly announced his prophethood and stated:

أيكم يوازرني علي هذا الأمر أن يكون أخي و وصيي و خليفتي فيكم؟

“which of you is ready to aid me and accept my caliphate so that you could be my brother, successor and in the Caliph after me?”

In that gathering, the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) repeated the same remarks and they tried to ruin his speech and finally for the third time when he said it, Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) said three times:

يا نبي الله! أنا أكون وزيرك.

Then the holy prophet of Islam put his hand on Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS)’s shoulder and said :

هذا أخي و وصيي و خليفتي فيكم، فاسمعوا له و اطيعوا[12]

“This is my brother, my successor and my caliph amongst you. Listen to him and obey him”.

Second, the issue of Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS)’s caliphate has been clearly stated here, and by saying the above-mentioned sentence, the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) appointed Ali (AS) as his successor. In Qadir Hadith, they claim that if the holy prophet of Islam wanted to appoint Ali (AS) as his successor, he should have said :

من كنت وليه فعلي خليفتي.

Ok, what about here in this Hadith?

Third, the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) stated: listen to him and obey him. Meaning that as he himself was to be obeyed and listened to, so was Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS).

Fourth: فقام القوم يضحكون. : The stood up and started mocking! It means that they had taken the situation seriously that is why they were trying to pretend not to care and told Abu Talib: “ Muhammad is ordering you to listen to your son and obey him!”

It means that they had realized Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was to be listened and obeyed as the successor of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

Fifth : some of the Sunni scholars try to question the authenticity of the above-mentioned Hadith by finding faults with its documentation but when Motaghi Hendi in his book called “ Kenzol Amal” quotes from Ibn Jarir Tabari , he writes:

و إبن جرير صححه[13]

“Ibn Jarir Tabari has authenticated this narration”.

Mr. Heithami, in his book “ Majma al-Zavaed” and Manba al-Favaed, volume 8, page 3002, talks about this narration and says: this narration has been recorded by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and its narrators are trustworthy.”

Abu Jafar Eskafi ,one of the grand Sunni scholars, is referred to by Ibn Abi al-Hadid in his explanation of Nahjol Balagha , volume 13, page 243: Mr. Abu jafar Askafi has confirmed this narration.”

Hakim Neishabori, in Mostadrak Ala Sahihin, volume 3, page 133 and Zahabi under the narration, both confirm the authenticity of the above-mentioned narration. And I don’t understand how which so many references Wahhabis for some of the Sunni community members can easily say that such a narration is weak and cannot be trusted.

Of course we cannot expect anything else from these people and if they something different, they have to be surprised. However, regarding the misgiving posed as to why the holy prophet of Islam asked for some volunteers to be his successor and Caliph while based on Shiism one cannot elect an Imam based on democracy, we have to say: first, the Koran itself explicitly states:

َ مَا يَنْطِقُ عَنِ الْهَوَي / إِنْ هُوَ إِلَّا وَحْيٌ يُوحَي[14]

“It is no less than inspiration sent down to him” meaning that the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) did not alter anything unless it was a revelation from God. Second, Mr.Saboni in his book called “ Safvat al-Tafasir”, volume 3, page 235 states:

لا يتكلم إلا عن وحي من الله عزوجل.

The prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) did not alter anything unless it was a revelation from God. Third, Ibn Hajar Asqalani mentions an authentic narration:

كان جبرئيل ينزل علي النبي بالسنة كما ينزل عليه بالقرآن[15]

“Gabriel revealed the transitions to the holy prophet of Islam as he did regarding the Koran.”

Therefore, the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) asked who was willing to become his successor, there was part of the revelation he had received.

Four, in order for the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to give his relatives an ultimatum and to leave them with no excuse later to say: the holy prophet of Islam did not ask us for help otherwise we would have helped him so that we could be the caliphs now”, the prophet expressed a revelation in this way to show his relatives that even if the caliphate was a position elected by people, they wouldn’t be willing to accept it.

Answering the second misgiving: he has also said that “ at the time, Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was a nine or 10 year old kid, how was it possible for the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to and entrust a kid with such a huge responsibility?”

First, Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was not nine or 10 and he was 13 years old and people like Ibn Abbas and others respected the narrators who were sometimes four or five years old and accepted their version of truth. Second, it seems as if these people are not familiar with the content of the Koran or perhaps they forget about the Koran saying:

اللَّهُ أَعْلَمُ حَيْثُ يَجْعَلُ رِسَالَتَهُ ۗ[16]

“Allah knoweth best where (and how) to carry out His mission.”

Regarding Jesus Christ was a two-hour-old infant , in Maryam surah, we read:

قَالَ إِنِّي عَبْدُ اللَّهِ آَتَانِيَ الْكِتَابَ وَ جَعَلَنِي نَبِيًّا / وَ جَعَلَنِي مُبَارَكًا أَيْنَ مَا كُنْتُ وَ أَوْصَانِي بِالصَّلَاةِ وَ الزَّكَاةِ مَا دُمْتُ حَيًّا

He said: "I am indeed a servant of Allah: He hath given me revelation and made me a prophet; "And He hath made me blessed wheresoever I be, and hath enjoined on me Prayer and Charity as long as I live;”

The God who has entrusted a year old a two-hour-old infant with prophethood cannot make a 13-year-old boy as the successor of the holy prophet of Islam?

Regarding Yahya (AS), in the surah Maryam, verse 12, we read:

يَا يَحْيَىٰ خُذِ الْكِتَابَ بِقُوَّةٍ ۖ وَآتَيْنَاهُ الْحُكْمَ صَبِيًّا

"O Yahya! take hold of the Book with might": and We gave him Wisdom even as a youth,”

But these gentlemen reject such divine power in a young person. The only goal of such programs is to question the reality and knowledge of Ahlol-Beit and try to hide the reality. Here we try to express our own ideology and people could listen to theirs and then judge for themselves to find out the truth.

Mr. Mohseni: Mr. Tabari, while recording al-Dar Hadith , has written “ this or that” instead of “my successor and my Caliph”, please elaborate on the reason why he has recorded the narration in this way.

Dr. Huseini Qazvini : because he would rather have recorded it in that way, he has explicitly mentioned the conflict narration in his history book but in his interpretation of Koran he changes the wordings of the narration. Everybody clearly knows the reason why.

When Mohammed Husein (AS) Heikal -one of the prominent Egyptian figures in the contemporary world- wrote a book called “ Hayat Muhamad” and mentioned the aforesaid narration, they created a huge fuss against him or as Alame Amini (RA) puts it : قد قامت القيامة عليه.. And he had to delete that part from his second edition. The late Alame Shraf al-Din says that he was given a lot of money so that he would remove this part from his future additions, they said they would give him a lot of facilities and buy several thousand of his book’s copies and he omitted the parts in his second and third editions.

Obviously, we cannot find a solution to the problem by eradicating the problem itself, people can see these things and millions of people can hear us, they can all go and find the first edition of his book and also the second one, then they can judge for themselves. God willing, if you get the chance we went to talk about the distortions in the Sunni community the scholar books one of which is the above-mentioned book and have taken some pictures from the first and the second copies of the book so that we could present those pictures as evidence and ask why the author was made to change his book. Of course, these kinds of activities are beneficial to our case because as long as they are trying to hide the evidence instead of expressing their ideology, the openly announce whatever we think and answer their questions and they cannot easily deny a narration by calling it fake. For example we cannot read 10 narrations and reject them all as fake ones. We need reasons to do so, or some weak narrators.

These people claim that on the programs they are trying hard to run scientific debates and they do not accept any narration with weak documentation and they tried to boast about their expertise in recognizing trustworthy narrators. However, during these two past years that we are following the programs we haven’t even seen one example of such claim coming true. They claim that Sunni community of scholars are more sophisticated in terms of Rejal and Derayeh knowledge, and here I would like to ask them to share their knowledge with the Shiite community members and the scholars and we really appreciate having the opportunity to learn from them if they have anything to offer.

Viewers Text messages: question one: on your program you said: everyone loves his new born baby more than other children like Imam Hussein who liked Ali Asghar more than his other children.” We are expecting a baby boy in 30 days and my elder daughter is really upset having heard such a thing from you.

Answer: it seems that this dear be aware of ours hasn’t fully understood what he meant by saying that the parents like their younger ones more. I meant when the children are too young and they cannot defend themselves by using their own language , parents pay more attention to them. For instance, when Ali Akbar fell down the horse or when he was thirsty in the battlefield he called his father and mentioned what his problem was or when Qamar Bani Hashim fell down his horse, he called his father and asked for his help, and so did Hazrat Qasem and others. However, when the arrow hit the throat of Ali Askar, he was not able to express his pain or complain to his father and he died in front of the very eyes of his father. I was just saying that this tragedy was excruciatingly painful for Imam Hussein and even some people have written that an angel called Imam Hussein and said:

صبرا لك يا حسين! دحوا فإن له مرضعة في الجنة.

“O Husein! May God give you patience! Say goodbye to your son because there is a great angel who is going to take care of him in the Paradise.”

Naturally most of the parents have experienced nursing in taking care of their children and that is why they pay more attention to their younger children or not able to express their feelings and problems. The only means of communication and infant has is crying. For example, the mother may wake up 10 times a night to take care of her newborn baby and she wouldn’t mind doing so and she does it with affection and love, hiking her baby and feeding her but the same mother might act differently to a 10 or 12 year old child waking up in the middle of the night asking for some water and she might say: going to the kitchen and get some water from the fridge. Because she knows the child himself can solve this problem. Therefore, when some parents pay more attention to the younger kids in the family, it is in me and that they love their elder son or daughter less. You have a nine year old daughter and you have to know that the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) has stated: a daughter is the blessing of God and if you go home and you have bought some presents for your children, give the present of your daughter to have first.”

Second question: does Dr. Qazvini have any school to train religion the students? If so, please announce admission prerequisites!

Answer: we have said it repeatedly that they are really serious in running educational programs online and also through different satellite channels and, God willing, we will announce the exact time some. We have had some talks with the specialized center of Mahdaviyat and most of the basic courses are prepared and we have selected some of the professors to teach these courses and he are going to announce in the not too distant future the qualified people we can registered in these courses through text messages or Internet. Those people who take these courses and pass the exams will be given the degree by the specialized center of Mahdaviyat which will be valid in most of the centers and organizations.

We have also been preparing another program and so were we have been looking for a place and by the help of Imam Reza (AS) , we have finally found the place you are looking for to register some of the religion students or those people who have MA degrees and have the expertise to answer the misgivings especially the misgivings presented by the Wahhabis or people were taken some courses in the specialized center of theology, Islamic sects and Mahdaviyat. Then we will to train them for the programs on Velayat global channel and other satellite channels through some training programs.

We really need these trained clergyman because today while we have is a war of media and satellite channels. Our opponents have brought their best and we have to bring our best were fully trained and aware of Ahlol-Beit a school of thought so that they could fight their attacks on Ahlol-Beit.

Question three: don’t you think in every program you have new viewers who might need your telephone number? why don’t you put your telephone number on the screen? Do we have a better master in this field than Dr. Qazvini? Show some taste!

Answer: our dear friends frequently put our telephone numbers on the screen and we have about a new machine which hasn’t been installed yet. We also have but an answering machine but we been too busy to install because we been trying for several lakes to increase the quality of the channel since out of 1000 text messages we receive 600 are the complaints of our viewers regarding the picture and audio quality of the channel. God willing, you won’t have this problem in the new frequency although it is still far from our ideal quality.

We have had some talks with some of our friends and we asked them to buy some equipment so that we can increase the quality of the programs. Of course, our dear viewers are fully aware that are not that cheap and we have to spend staggering amount of money on buying them. If this channel is approved of by lady Fatima (AS) and Hazrat Valiasr (may God sacrifice our lives for him) , they themselves with prepare the equipment for us. We are still in the beginning of the way, and we have said it several times that this studio you’re looking at or the control room, has originally been my own library and even when other clergymen have a program, they use this from and my books are behind the curtain and we have turned this from into  a studio. Any official who has visited us from the Iran national TV has said: “ which are extensive coverage of the issues, we thought you have a 10 or 12 story building . We thank God that both our friends and our enemies admit that our programs in Velayat global network are richer in content then even our local TV channels and we consider all of these achievement as the blessings of God Almighty.

Question four: is the story of the marriage between Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS)’s daughter with one of the caliphs true? Please explain.

Answer : previously, we talked about this issue in details and now we are going to talk about it in brief although my dear brother Mr. Abu al-Qasemi has covered this issue fully and you have posted the audio and video and text files online so that everyone can use them.

First, our talks are directed to Sunni community scholars, Mr. Salehi Shami ( died in 942) ,one of the grand Sunni scholars, says that lady Fatima (AS) didn’t have a daughter named “Umm Kulthum” .[17]

First: some of the Muslim scholars believe that lady Fatima (AS) had no Dr. called Umm Kulthum. From among the Shiite scholars, Mr. Raziodin Helli (RH) in his book al-Adad al-Qaziyeh on page 242 and the grand ayatollah Marashi in his book called Ihqagh Alhaq , volume 30, and from among the Sunni scholars Mr. Shami Salehi and in a book called Sablolhoda , volume 11, p.288 and in the interpretation of  Qalyobi Ala Sharh Jalal al-Din Mahali Ala Menhaj al-Talebin, volume 3, page 236and also Mr.  Sheik Muhammad Khazri ,one of the grand Sunni scholars, in his book called Norol Yaghin, volume 11, page 111 all say that Fatima (AS) had no such daughter and Umm Kolthum had been a nickname for Zeinab (AS).

Second: Second: some of the scholars believe that the woman who married Umar Ibn Khattab was not Umm Kulthum , the daughter of Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) but she was Abu-Bakr’s daughter and Ayesha’s sister. After Abu-Bakr died, Asma Bent Amis married Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) and Umm Kulthum , Abu-Bakr’s daughter grew up in Ali (AS)’s house and she was actually her step-daughter not his own .

Mr. Novi ,one of the grand Sunni scholars, who died in 676AH in his interpretation of Sahih Moslem says:

و أم الكلثوم هذه تزوجها عمر بن خطاب[18]

The Umm Kulthum who was Abu-Bakr and  Asma Bent Amis’s daughter and Ayesha’s sister married Umar Ibn Khattab.


Of the Shia scholars, ayatollah Marashi Najafi stated the same thing and said that the Umm Kulthum mentioned in the narrations was the stepdaughter of Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS):

و تزوجها الثاني و يخاطب محمد بإبني و أم كلثوم هذه بنتي[19]

“ and the second Caliph marriage her, Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) called Muhamd Ibn Abu-Bakr “ my son” and Umm Kulthum “ my daughter”.” The narrations we have mentioned so far were taken from Sunni community references.

Third: even if such marriage had taken place, we can refer to many narrations which indicate that marriage was formed forcibly and by threat. The late Klini in the book “Kafi” volume 5 ,p346, Hadith.1, says:

لما خطب إليه، قال له أمير المؤمنين: إنها صبية. قال: فلقي العباس فقال له: ما لي أبي بأس؟ قال: و ما ذاك؟ قال: خطبت إلي إبن أخيك فردني، أما و الله! لأعورن زمزم و لا أدع لكم مكرمة إلا هدمتها و لأقيمن عليه شاهدين بأنه سرق و لأقطعن يمينه. فأتاه العباس فأخبره و سأله أن يجعل الأمر إليه، فجعله إليه.

Umar visited Ali(AS) to propose to her daughter. Ali(AS) said that his daughter was too young to marry. Since this marriage proposal took place in 17AH, the second Caliph was 57 years of age and Umm Kolthum(As) was around seven or eight. Umar left Ali(AS)’s  house and ran into Abbas , Ali(AS)’s uncle and asked him what was wrong with him that Ali(AS) did not consent to the marriage. Abbas asked about some more details. Umar said : “I made a marriage proposal to your niece and her father turned me down. I swear to God if it doesn 't give her daughter and way to me I will destroy all your good reputation of Ahlol-Beit  and I will find

two witnesses to, and testify that Ali(AS) has been misappropriating the funds and then I will cut off his hand for that accusation. Now it is up to you to make him agree to the marriage or wait for my revenge.” Therefore, Abbass went to Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) and inform me about what 's Umar Ibn Khattab  had said and asked Abbas to make the final decision about the marriage.

In his book called “ Rasaeel”, volume 3, page 149,the late Seyed Morteza (RA) says:

ما أجاب عمر إلي إنكاح بنته إلا بعد توعد و تهدد و مراجعة و منازعة.

“Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) did not consent that the marriage between Umm Kulthum and Umar Ibn Khattab but he made some threats and promises andAmir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was made to agree.”

Then he adds:

و قد تبيح الضرورة أكل الميتة و شرب الخمر، فما العجب مما هو دونها؟

Sometimes, a situation makes a person eat the dead bodies meet or drink wine, let alone a forced marriage which is less significant.”

The late Shaykh Mufid (RA) in his book called “ al-Masael al-Soroyeh”, page 91 asserts: “when Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) consented to such marriage , it must have been because of the threats to kill.”

Definitely, the second Caliph would have killed Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) for disagreeing with his marriage. Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was forced to do so because of the threats to his life and his followers:

فأجابه إلي ذلك ضرورة، كما قلنا إن الضرورة تشرع إظهار كلمة الكفر، قال تعالي: «إلا من أكره و قلبه مطمئن بالإيمان[20]


At the time, the conditions necessitated such action and Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was forced to agree to such marriage because sometimes someone event has to admit his infidelity while he has faith as God Almighty has stated in his book:

“Anyone who, after accepting faith in Allah, utters Unbelief,- except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith”.

Of course, in Sunni scholars books you can find the story of the threats made by Umar Ibn Khattab as well.[21]

Forth: these cases were not limited to forced marriage of Umm Kulthum and many of Sunni community scholars have mentioned other cases which have nothing to do with us either good or bad some of them say:

أن عاتكة بنت زيد كانت تحت عبد الله بن أبي بكر فمات عنها و اشترط عليها أن لا تزوج بعده فتبتلت و جعلت لا تزوج و جعل الرجال يخطبونها و جعلت تأبي. فقال عمر لوليها: أذكرني لها، فذكره لها فأبت عمر أيضا، فقال عمر: زوجنيها، فزوجه إياها، فأتاها عمر، فدخل عليها، فعاركها، حتي غلبها علي نفسها فنكحها، فلما فرغ قال: أف أف أف أف بها[22]

A woman named “Ateke Bent Zeid” lost her husband and based on his will she was not supposed to remarry therefore she refused all the suitors. Umar Ibn Khattab asked her father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Ateke’s father told her daughter about such proposal but she turned Umar Ibn Khattab down. Again , or insisted on marrying her , therefore, Ateke’s father consented and made her daughter marry Umar Ibn Khattab forcibly. After the marriage, Ateke was not willing to sleep with him and they got into a fight and finally Umar Ibn Khattab managed to have sex with her but as he was leaving the room he said :  “to hell with such a woman !”

Nobody knows what happened in that room and why Umar said such a thing. As a result, when the Sunni community scholars themselves described such actions conducted by the second Caliph, we can easily get a clear picture of his record in forcing people to do whatever they were not willing to. If such a narration had been recorded in one of the Shiite sources, I wouldn’t have mentioned it and I would not dare to retell it since such an act and expressions are really indecent.

Of course there are some other answers, while we don’t have time for further discussion here.

Question: please explain about the family tree of the second Caliph in details!

Answer: some of our dear friends tried to take us to the minefield by asking these sensitive questions and I don’t like much to talk about these issues and even I tell my best students not to because it is a very sensitive area. Therefore, I’m not going to mention anything from the Shia community sources and just give some references from Sunni community scholars’ books.

In his book called  “al-Bedayah va Nahaya”, volume 2 page 296 and in”al-Sira Nabaviya” , volume 1, page 153 , Mr. Ibn Kathir Selfi Dameshqi, speaks in details and says:

و كان الخطاب والد عمر بن الخطاب عمه و أخاه لأمه.

“Umar Ibn Khattab’s father was his father, and killed, and brother simultaneously.”

That’s all and you’re not going to talk about the details more. In a book called al-Maref, page 245, Ibn Qotybeh Dinawari has brought some harsh materials which are unacceptable to many of the Sunni scholars. Here, you’re not talking about the Shiite community sources and just mentioning the Sunni scholar attitudes regarding the family of Umar Ibn Khattab.

In al-Dor al-Mansor, volume 2, page 335 , Mr. Sayoti quotes the holy prophet of Islam as answering some questions on the pulpit:

فقال: أين آبائي؟ قال: في النار. فقام آخر فقال: من أبي؟ فقال: أبوك حذافة. فقام عمر بن الخطاب فقال: رضينا بالله ربا و بالإسلام دينا و بمحمد نبيا و بالقرآن إماما، إنا يا رسول الله حديث عهد بجاهلية و شرك، والله أعلم من آباؤنا.

A person asked: where are my ancestors? The prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) answered: in the fire of hell, and all the person asked: who was my father? The prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) answered: “ your father is Hazafeh ( not the one you consider your father and you are another person’s father. Umar Ibn Khattab the stood up and said: we are now convinced! Allah is our Lord, and Islam are religion and Mohammed is our prophet and the Koran is our guide. We have just left polytheism and ignorance and only God knows who our fathers were.(Please stop and do not make us lose face).”

In al-Dor al-Mansor, volume four, page 309, Mr. Sayoti says:

قال عمر: كان رجال من المهاجرين في أنسابهم شئ[23]

Umar Ibn Khattab  said: some of the Mohajerin did not have a decent family tree and were illegitimate children of their families”. There are so many things to be said in this regard, but it would suffice to mention these few examples. However, I ask my dear friends not to ask more questions regarding this issue, of course, you’re not afraid to express the realities because they are not swearing at anyone or insulting but this question was asked so many times and they had to answer finally but please do not repeat such a question because there is no point in asking and answering it since it doesn’t do us any good or doesn’t solve any problem.

Question: please increase the time of your program.

Answer: every night we cannot have the same program because if someone it’s a delicious food every night, he will soon lose interest in that food. Here, we try to give other experts who are mostly chosen from the best in Howza Elmiyah what been teaching for 30 or 40 years and they are all experts in their fields and Mujtah and we are using their expertise and as they say “ every flower has its own scent!” As long as we have two programs in a week, it would suffice, you have to pray for this program not to be reduced to one.

Question: if Abu-Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab were infidels, why did Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) swear allegiance to them?

Answer: the question post year has been brought up by Safa, Vesal, Noor, Wahhabi channels and they also asked: if Abu-Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab were infidels in the eye of the Shiites, why did Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) swear allegiance to them?”

First: we have never accused them of being infidels, they were believers as we mentioned what Seyed Morteza and Shaykh Mufid (RA) had told about them. Because whenever a person says Shahadatein even if he doesn’t really mean that, is considered a Muslim and our Imams (AS) regarded such a person other Muslim as well.

Second: they claim that Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) swore allegiance to Abu-Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab , can they really show us some evidence? Can they really have a friendly debate with us so that we can resolve that issue? If they are not willing to discuss the issue of caliphate, they can at least accept our invitation for a friendly talk regarding such issue. However, if they are looking for the Shiite attitude regarding this issue, you can refer to Shaykh Mofid (RA) , one of the grand Shiite scholars, who writes:

و المحققون من أهل الإمامة يقولون: لم يبايع ساعة قط[24]

“The consensus among the Shiite researchers that Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) didn’t swear allegiance to Abu-Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab even for one hour.”

Shaykh Mufid , as one of the authorities in Shiism, things in this way and we respect his opinion. The late Seyed Morteza (RA) , in his book called al-Shafi fi Imamate, volume 4, page 211, states:

فأي رضا هاهنا؟ و أي إجماع؟ و كيف يكون مختارا من يهدد بالقتل و الجهاد؟

these gentlemen who claim that Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) swear allegiance with the caliphs must bring some evidence? What can the consensus are they talking about? Did Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) really have any option when he was threatened to be killed?

Third: in Sahih party and set a Muslim, it has been explicitly mention that after the demise of the holy prophet of Islam Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) did not take the allegiance of the caliphs for six months:

لم يكن يبايع تلك الأشهر[25]

“as long as lady Fatima (AS) was alive, Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) did not swear allegiance to the caliphs.”

So everything is quite clear. If Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was dragged to the mosque forcibly and made to shake hands with Abu-Bakr, then no one can claim it was the real voluntary allegiance.

Peace and the blessings of God be upon you!

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Huseini Qazvin.




Name: Hadi: hello to you years…  More power to your elbow ! I know how hard you trying to eradicate this humiliating sect from our society. We have to just pray for our deliverer to come one day and put these people in the places.


Name : Ibrahim Dargahi : hello to you ! I really thank you for your informative materials and answers you give to the Wahhabis. Thank you so much

Name : Ali JAbari: hello to you and more power to your elbow! In the beginning of your article you mentioned that the sources mentioned are taken from Ahlol-Beit and Al-Maktabe software, but I ran a search in these two softwares and I found out many of the grand Shia the scholars believe in the distortion of the Koran, for example Sharani in his book called “al-Kebrit Al-Ahamesh al-Yovaghit va Al-Javaher p.143 says:

ولولا ما يسبق للقلوب الضعيفة ووضع الحكمة في غير اهلها لبينت جميع ما سقط من مصحف عثمان

Or in his book ‘ Ruhol Maani’ volume 1, page 24 , Alosi writes:

والروايات في هذا الباب اكثر من ان تحصى

Therefore, we have to say most of the grand Shiite scholars in the past believed in the distortion of the Quran but today’s the scholars have a consensus over it’s being intact.

Answer: what you mentioned was from Sunni community scholars and Mr. Sharoni and Alosy where both Sunnis. In the aforesaid software some of the books are from Sunni community sources and especially Shamele software comprises mostly Sunni books.


Name: Fatimah : thanks! More power to your elbow!

Name: Morteza Fakhri: hello to you all! May the holy prophet of Islam rewards you for your efforts.


Name: Muhamad Khajavi: hello and thank you for your great article and I have to say Wahhabis are angry with the success Shiism is making the world and despite all their facilities and equipment they cannot block the light of Ahlol-Beit.


Name : Muhamadi: thank you for your attention. If you ask me, in order to deal with this problem fundamentally, we have to start working on primary schools and give them the necessary knowledge related to Shiism so that they could defend their ideology when they grow up and also we have to focus more on the arguments provided by the Koran because that is the best answer for them and it can be considered as an ultimatum.

Name: Vesal Sadr: if you really have the affection of Ahlol-Beit , God Almighty God help us all.


Name : Hadi Tashakori Behesti: hello to you, let me express my appreciation for all the efforts you are making but I have to say the answers you mentioned from the Sunni narrations are much more logical and understandable and decent than  saying that Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was forced or threatened to agree to such marriage. I myself have no expertise in narration or Hadith science but I follow your articles and even read the comments but I cannot accept that Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS) was forced into that marriage. I think you are trying to justify such action or perhaps our dear scholars are not familiar with Sunni scholars attitudes regarding the Umm Kulthum being an imaginary person or a girl not related to Amir-al-Momenin Ali (AS). 

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