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The Best Strategy to Stand against Wahhabis’ Attacks on Shiism
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The Best Strategy to Stand against Wahhabis’ Attacks on Shiism


In the name of Allah the most compassionate the most merciful


Professor Ghazvini

The supreme leader has named the current year as the year of National Unity and Islamic Stability. All the efforts from the beginning of the year have been aimed for the Islamic Stability and unifying the Islamic sects. Conferences and lectures have been made; pamphlets have been published, from the beginning of the year, to reduce the distance between Sunnis and Shias and also the other minor groups. The issue of unity among Islamic nations is not a newly declared issue by the Supreme leader but what supreme leader said loud as a message was declaring the voice of Quran toward unity:

َ اعْتَصِمُوا بِحَبْلِ اللَّهِ جَمِيعًا وَ لَا تَفَرَّقُوا. (آل عمران/103)

And also Prophet Muhammad`s conflict, during the 23 years of prophecy, was to create unity among the different Arabic tribes and groups and to eradicate any type of grudge from Muslims. It is said that one of the reason that persuaded people of Medina to be Muslims which was the beginning step for Prophet`s immigration, was that Prophet had invited Ous and Khazraj to unity and avoiding any type of dispute. Ous and Khazraj were two huge tribes of Medina among which there were battles and arguments for more than 120 years. People were all fed up from their murders and genocides. When they heard the spiritual and divine voice of prophet which was inviting people to unity and avoiding disputes, it was as if they have found whet they had lost. They went to Mecca to visit Prophet; they invited him to Medina and when Prophet came to Medina the 120 year old battle was over forever and brotherhood was predominant from then on. That might be one of the turning points in Islam. During the days when prophet was in Medina, sometimes Jews who were the sworn enemies of Islam:

لَتَجِدَنَّ أَشَدَّ النَّاسِ عَدَاوَةً لِلَّذِينَ آَمَنُوا الْيَهُودَ (مائده/82)

tried to create conspiracy among these two tribes. Sometime they could manage to do what were they were looking for; and when Prophet heard that the tribes again started quarreling, he stopped whatever he was doing and went among them and told them : “Aren`t you brothers because of Islam?”

وَ اذْكُرُوا نِعْمَةَ اللَّهِ عَلَيْكُمْ إِذْ كُنْتُمْ أَعْدَاءً فَأَلَّفَ بَيْنَ قُلُوبِكُمْ فَأَصْبَحْتُمْ بِنِعْمَتِهِ إِخْوَانًا

(آل عمران/103)

“Remember the time you buried the hatchet and became brothers for the blessing of Islam. Do you want to return to the time of ignorant?” when these two tribes heard Prophet, they hugged each other and returned to their homes.  

If we say that one the biggest conflict of prophet, during the 23 years of prophecy, was creating unity among Islamic nations, it would not be far from reality. It is said that if two Muslim brothers stop talking to each other for three days, their worships will not be accepted and the one who tries to bury the hatchet first will be blessed more. Maybe the one who tries to compromise between two Muslim brothers will be blessed more than visiting the house of God for thousand times. This is issue has always been the matter of interest among the great religious men and political leaders of Islam. We are living in the era in which the Islamic nation is need of unity more than before. Today, all the enemies of Islam are trying to disunite the Islamic nations.

About the story of 6 day old battle among Arabs and Israelis, Christians and Jews compromised and put the 2000 year old argument aside, even though that Christians believe that Jesus was hanged by Jews. Christians have always been holding grudge on Jews; but to be unified against Muslims, the Christian leaders officially announced that they will no more write in their books or articles that Jesus was killed by Jews so that Christians alongside Jews can destroy Muslims like the two edges of a scissor.

Huntington, the great White House theorist, in his book “Clash of the Civilization”, explicitly says:

“Today, the military armies shall not clash anymore; and American officials should not think about occupying a country by the military might. Today is time of clash of the civilizations. If America seeks for overpowering the world particularly middle east and expanding the American Liberalism, it has no option but through the clash of civilizations and the cultural invasion.”

Then he analyses different civilizations and says:

“None of them can resist American liberalism; the only civilization which is capable of standing against America is the Islamic civilization”

Then, he categorizes the Islamic civilizations to: The civilization of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Persian Gulf countries; and says:

“These countries also are not able to stand against us and we can simply occupy them by threatening. The only Islamic civilization which is hazardous to America is the one led by Iran. The only serious hazard for America is the Islamic culture or Shias` culture which can create many problems for America. America must use all its might to overpower this Iran-led Shia civilization”

Interestingly, he, in his article, says:

“Shias have two flags, one red and one green. As soon as they have these flags, we cannot overpower Shias. The red flag is derived from the concept of martyrs of Karbala and the Ali`s son`s movement, the grandchild of Prophet Muhammad. People, annually, attend the funeral ceremonies and mourn for Imam Husain; they listen to the lecturers, they boost the spirit of self-sacrifice and they enter the battlefield fearlessly. Inspired by Imam Husain`s school of thought, Young Shias will do anything. The green flag is the flag of wait. Shias believe that someday, someone comes under the name Mahdi Al-Muhammad and destroys all the countries and establish the unified Islamic government. Shias live with this hope to actually fight with arrogance to pave the way for fulfilling the Mahdi-led universal government. As long as the red and green flags are in Shias` hands, America cannot be successful; and we have to take these flags out of young Shias by creating cultural invasion and conflicts.”

Dr. Michel, the former deputy in CIA, once had an interview and said:

“America, for overpowering and occupying the Middle East, particularly Iran, has used different strategies but all failed.”

America, from the beginning days of revolution victory, used different strategies and plans to overthrow Iran`s government but all failed. He says:

“The key for success in Iranian Shias government is within some points. If America wants to be successful, it must culturally bombard the weak, sensitive and main parts of Shias` world. The first element of success for Shias in the whole world is having jurists and religious authorities. A religious authority, through one-line announcement, can motivate people either young or old to pour and mass into streets and they would do anything by their leader`s order. We, through propagandas against jurists and religious authorities, should take the key of success out of Shias` hands. The second key for success is what they learn in holding funeral ceremonies for the grandchild of Prophet Muhammad. They, in Ashura days, Moharram, and Safar, boost the spirit of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and suicide; we have to send some stupid speakers and materialist eulogists within them to say some baseless and superstitions about Imam Husain`s movement to negatively change the young Shias` minds about the culture of Ashura; we also should make people believe that holding these funeral ceremonies is nothing but trouble for them.”

Now, America, in Middle East, is trying to follow Dr. Huntington`s plans. They are seriously looking for Mahdi-led universal government. Let us not forget that in Esfand 1379, they arrested an Iraqi clergy man with charge of being the promised Mahdi; They imprisoned him for 6 months and told them they had found all characteristics of Mahdi from Shias` books in him, they told him: “You are the Mahdi” . Interestingly, his name, in hid ID card, was Mahdi. The more he told them about his parents and the place where he had studied the less they believed him. After torturing him for 6 months, he undertook to let them know if he was aware of the hidden place of promised Mahdi, the one who is going to establish the universal government, so that they can arrest him. You see how much sensitive they are. Recently, Mr. Bush has assigned a scientific committee to study about the characteristics of Imam Mahdi`s rise and movement; they have to give him a final report so that he can implement some useful plans to stand against the Mahdi-led universal government. But they are not aware of an old Iranian saying:

“Whoever stands against Allah`s bless will be burnt”

 Pharaoh murdered infants for years to avoid Moses` birth but Moses, as Allah destined, was born and grew up in the house of Pharaoh and destroyed his government. They (Americans) are not that much aware of divine system.

Today, our enemies are trying to disunite the Islamic nations. They try to make people optimistic about each other. One of the recent policies of America is to disunite Sunnis and Shias in Iran, Pakistan and Iraq; that`s why our supreme leader named the current year as the year of National Unity and Islamic Stability to defeat America severely; all the Islamic nations are obeying what he ordered except Wahhabis.

Wahhabi is a religious sect which was established in 12th century in Saudi Arabia by Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab. English spies called him and asked him to get himself involved; he after signing a military-cultural contract with Muhammad Bin Saud, the great ancestor of Malik Fahad and Malik Abdullah, the current king of Saudi Arabia. He started a government called Wahhabi in Darie, an area near Riyadh, in 1157. Their fundamental belief is that all Muslims, except Wahhabis, are polytheist and apostates and have to be killed and their properties must be confiscated. Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab called Shias and Sunnis as polytheists and apostates and officially said whoever wants to be Wahhabi must utter the testimonies twice. Ahmad Zeini Dehlan (died in 1305 Hejira), a great Wahhabi thinker and a considerable Sunni scholar, who is also a Mufti in Mecca, in his book Dorar Sunni v 1 p 46, explicitly said:

“Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab said: “whoever wants to be a Wahhabi, he has to testify the monotheism of Allah and Prophet`s mission”. From his point of view, whoever had gone to Mecca, did his fast, or said all his prays, his rituals were all nullified because he was not a Wahhabi; and as soon as he believes Wahhabis, he will be considered as a Muslim and he has to go for Haj again. He said: “after uttering the two testimonies, you have to utter the third testimony that says you were apostate before and you became Muslim as soon as you believed Wahhabis; you also have to utter the fourth testimony that says your parents passed away as apostates because they were not Wahhabis and you cannot ask for forgiveness for them. The fifth testimony says that all the scholars have passed away as apostates and you cannot ask for forgiveness for them.”

This is what a great Sunni scholar and a Mufti from Mecca, Zeini Dahlan, says. This book is available in internet. If someone uttered these five testimonies, he would have been considered as a Muslim otherwise he would have been beheaded. The first characteristic of Wahhabi school of though is that they consider all Islamic nations as apostates. The second characteristic says whoever does not believe Wahhabis must be killed; they, in Darie, put Muslims to the sword just because they were not Wahhabis; they also captivated the women and confiscated their properties.

They invaded Karbala in 1216 Hejira. They beheaded 30 thousand Shias in a day. They annihilated Imam Husain`s shrine and torn apart the enshrine. They slaughtered all in Taef except the elderly men and women. Zeini Dehlan, in the same book p 45, says:

كانوا يذبحون الصغير،علي صدر أمه

“They beheaded the infants in their mothers` hands”

This is the Wahhabi school of thought.

They entered Mecca in 1218. They executed thousands of innocent Sunni scholars. They destroyed all Islamic works in Mecca. They annihilated the house of Khedija, the former temporary place for revelation and Gabriel`s descent. Dr. Refaee, a considerable Sunni scholar from Kuwait, in his book Nasihati La Khanana Ahl-Najd, says:

“Oh Wahhabis, aren’t you ashamed of Allah and Prophet? Aren`t you aware of hereafter? You annihilated the house of revelation with atrocity. What do you have to say?”

They destroyed the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and turned it to a place for selling cows, camels, and donkeys. Later on, someone bought that placed and changed it to a library.

They entered Medina and made a massacre so much crueler than the ones done by Genghis, Hitler and Hojaj Saghafi. Another characteristic of Wahhabis was to fight with any commemorating ceremonies for Prophet Muhammad, Ahl-al-Beit and companions. They ordered to annihilate all the shrines. They destroyed all the shrines in Medina, Baghi cemetery, into dust in Shaval 8 – 1344 Hejira. They also demolished the shrine for the martyrs of the Ohod battle. Even they destroyed the shrine for the second caliph`s brother, Zeid ibn-Khatab, in Darie. They demolished both Sunnis and Shias` shrines. They destroyed the shrines of spouses of Prophet in Baghi cemetery. As soon as they decided to annihilate the Shrine of Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic nations announced that if they do such a thing, they officially start a war against the government of Al-Saud. If it wasn’t for the fear from Islamic nations, they would have annihilated the shrine of Prophet Muhammad.

As you might have heard before, two years ago, Saudi Muftis issued a verdict which said that all Shia Imams` shrines must be annihilated; and later on they demolished the Askarein`s shrine. After the second explosion, the Saudi Muftis congratulated each other. Even they announced that the Shrines which belonged to Amir-al-Momeneen, Imam Husain, Abbas, Zeinab, in Damascus, had to be destroyed.

Another characteristic of Wahhabis is their cooperation with western colonizers and Jews. Britain spies, in Saudi Arabia, recommended establishing Wahhabis. Whenever Wahhabis attacked Muslims, the Britain military officials trained and supported them. In some operations, Britain military officials led the operations. And as you saw, last year, in the 33-day battle between Hezbollah and Zionist regime ( the same Zionist regime against which Arabs and all Islamic nations couldn’t do anything in the 6-day battle, and it could manage to occupy some parts of Jordan, Syria, and Egypt which still are under their territory) in which Hezbollah defeated Zionist regime severely bare-handed in a way that even after 17 months, Zionist regime is still afraid of them. In this battle, all Islamic countries, even Al-Ahzar University which is the greatest station for Sunni in the world supported Hezbollah. The majority of Muftis in Sudan, Syria, the Persian Gulf countries, Pakistan, and India supported Hezbollah but what did Wahhabi Muftis do? Someone under the name Sheikh Abdullah Bin-Jibrin issued a verdict which said that this Hezbollah who is fighting against Israel is not a Hezbollah, they are Hezb-al-Sheitan (the advocates of Satan) and any kind of support or prays for their success is Haram. One of the hugest obstacles which prevent Muslims of having unity among Islamic nations is the Wahhabi scholars. After Mr.Bin-Jibrin, someone under the name Abdul-Rahman Boraj issued the same verdict. Then someone as the third person issued the same verdict. Bin-Jibrin also issued a verdict which says that Shias are apostates and there is no way we could have unity with them; it is as impossible as creating unity between us, Jews and Christians.

The great Saudi Council called Ifta which is led by Al-Sheikh issued a verdict, 5 or 6 years ago, which says there is no possible way to create unity between Wahhabis and Shias because the culture of Shias is derived from Jews` doctrine; Shias do not believe Quran, they consider Sunni Najis (dirty), they consider Imams as gods, they regard visiting the shrine of Imam Husain as an obligatory ritual but they don’t feel the same about Haj; they visit the Imam Reza`s shrine and instead of praying in front of Ghebla, they pray in front of Imam Reza`s shrine.

These are some stupid and ridiculous statements made by Wahhabis. How could the top Muftis say such a thing in the era of Mass Medias? As an example, Bin-Jibrin, a second-class Saudi Mufti, has a website in which he officially issued a verdict which says that Shias consider Sunnis Najis (dirty) and whenever they hug us, they wash their hands. What a huge lie?

Dr. Naser Ghafari, a professor and a scholar in Medina`s universities, has written a book called “The principles of Shias` sect” (which is taught in Medina universities). He , in v 3 p 1885, says:

“In Islamic Republic of Iran, people, in the time of Adhan, utter the name of Imam Khomeini before the name of Prophet Muhammad”

We will not get angry if a shepherd in Saudi deserts say such things, but how could a university professor say such a thing in a textbook? 

Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Gharib, an Egyptian Wahhabi, has written a book “Ja Dor-al Majus” in which he explicitly says:

إن ثورة الخمينية، ثورة مجوسية ‌و ليست اسلامية، شطروية‌ و ليست بمحمدية، أعجمية و ليست بعربية، ... ، إن خطر حكام تهران، أشد علي الإسلام من خطر اليهود؛

“The revolution made by Imam Khomeini is more of Zoroastrianism  revolution not an Islamic one, the one which invites people to monarchy not Prophet Muhammad; they are looking for racism not Islam; ….. Tehran rulers are more dangerous than Jews for Islam”

While I was talking to some of the students from the university of Om-al-Ghora, they say the same thing to me. I told them: “One of the honorable things we`ve done is closing down the embassy of Israel in Tehran on Bahman 23 in 1357,  a day after the victory of revolution; and instead we`ve opened up an embassy for Palestine. Iranians are much more worried about Palestinians than you. Talking is much simpler than acting”

This was a brief summary of the Wahhabis` role in preventing unity and their connection with western societies.

But let`s see how Sunni and Shia scholars stood against the Wahhabi school of thought. I demand you to know that Sunni scholars were more pioneer in fighting with Wahhabis than Shias. Because the fundamental beliefs of Wahhabi school of thought roots back to the 7th or 8th century Hejira, started by someone called Ibn-Teimie in Damascus. He started distributing some ideas against Muslims and Shias; he considered visiting the shrine of Prophet Muhammad and Imams as committing sin and heresy; he also considered imploration to Prophet Muhammad as Haram and polytheism; he said “the one who does this must be killed and the one who does not repent must be beheaded”

Great Sunni scholars like Hosni Dameshghi, Sobki, Samhudi, and Ibn Hajar Asghalani have written many books against Wahhabi and Ibn-Teimie`s beliefs.       

Mr. Ibn-Hajar Asghalani, in Dorar-al-Kamele v 1 p 154, says:

“Some Muslims and Islamic scholars consider Ibn-Teimie as an apostate, a nonbeliever, and a hypocrite because he has insulted Amir-al-Momeneen”

Muhammad Bin-Abdul Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabis, about whom his father stood against and said: “ I see the signs of deviation and atheism in my son”. He also warned people to be careful not to deviated by him. The first book against Muhammad bin-Abdul Wahhab was written by his brother, Soleiman bin-Abdul Wahhab, and later on hundreds of Sunni scholars wrote books against him. Great Sunni scholars either inside the country or outside the country wrote books and articles against Wahhabis. There have been many conferences and meetings about criticizing the Wahhabi school of thought because all have come up with an idea that Wahhabis is nothing but conspiracy against Islam. Their conspiracy has been expanded from East to West. Whenever there is an explosion, Al-Qaida, the Wahhabi military might, is in one side of the story. They have made 22 exploding operations in America, Soviet Union, Aljazeera and Sudan. They even threatened the Al-Saud government. You might have heard on an on that there have been explosions in Mecca, Jade, Riyadh planned by the Al-Qaida, the Wahhabi extremists. Today, there are many explosions in the eastern part of the country; one of which is the story of Tasuki in which the Wahhabi military leader in Iran, Abdul-Malik Rigi, killed 22 people at night and beheaded one and distributed the video clip to terrify people. Today, Wahhabis caused us some serious problems in the eastern part of the country.

I had a discussion with 300 scholars about Wahhabis and their doubts in Birjand. They said that the Wahhabi scholars came from Zahedan and Pakistan every week to advertise the Wahhabi school of thought. I was in Golestan, the supreme leader was also there, alongside the 250 local scholars; they said that Wahhabi preachers came from the eastern part of country to advertise the Wahhabi school of thought in Gorgan and Agh Ghola. I travelled to Rezvan Shar, in Gorgan, almost two months ago; the local pray leader and the responsible for the advertisement department said: “The Wahhabi preachers come to Rezvan Shahr, Asalem, Khalkhal, villages, and towns every week to advertise the Wahhabi school of thought. One from a village in Khalkhal told me: “Wahhabis come every week and downgrade our funeral ceremonies. They considered them as old-fashioned rituals. They say: “Imam Husain passed away thousand years ago. For a dead man, people hold funeral ceremonies for 2 or 3 years not thousand years. Why are you holding funeral ceremonies for dead bodies, it is haram and like heresy.” Couple of days ago, some of our friends come from Orumie to Qom and said: “The Wahhabi preachers come every week from the eastern part of the country to Orumie, Naghade and the villages to advertise the Wahhabi school of thought”

Yesterday, the commander of Kordistan troops no 22, came to our institute and talked to us for an hour. He was really upset about advertisement of Wahhabi school of thought in the region. We are ignorant and they are doing everything.

Four months ago, there was a festival under the name “Reading Sahih-Bokhari”. People usually read Quran completely but they read Sahih-Bokhari. This book is insane and it is full of nonsenses. In this festival in which 150 thousand people attended, a cd under the name “Saddam, the hero the martyr” was sold. They also sold the same Cd for Bin-Ladan. It might be interesting to know that when Saddam Husain was sent to hell, the Dar-al-Olum`s website in Zahedan, labeled Saddam as a martyr for a while and then omitted it. In this festival, Dr. Muhammad Ebrahim said: “All those who implore to Imams are polytheists”

It is as if we are going back to the old time. These things belong to the last couple of months ago not hundred years ago. He said the Prophet used to fight against those who implored to idols. There was a book uploaded on the Sunni website, we truly complained; we also talked to the governor-general of Zahedan, Dr.Dahmarde and they omitted the book after two months. The book was Navaghes Al-Islam, in page 5 and 7, it says:

“Those who implore to Prophet and ask help from Ali and Husain must be killed as the law says”

I`ve downloaded the same book, both the in file and published one. I have to say that we don’t have any problems with Sunnis in Iran; they, in Kordestan, Orumie, Golestan and Khorasan, are like our brothers and they have the same school of thought as the government and the revolution have. Plenty of Sunnis get married with Shias and vice versa. But we consider those Sunnis who have been deviated by Wahhabis and now are advertising Wahhabis in our country as a serious danger for the Shias` culture, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the sacrifices the martyrs and their families have been through.

I personally, had over 300 discussions with the Wahhabi scholars in Saudi Arabia, in different channels like Salam and Al-Mostaghele. I can simply claim that I am among the rare figures who are aware of the true nature of Wahhabis. I`ve spent 25 years studying them. As an expert I say, they are a serious hazard for the society. When they convince a Sunni or a Shia to be a Wahhabi, they try to train him to be a spy. The ABC of Wahhabi school of thought is that they believe Shias are apostates and polytheist; and it is among their duties to fight against Shias.

One of the fundamental strategies we can take is that everyone must try to reveal the true nature of Wahhabis, their corrupted and anti-Quran and anti-Islam beliefs, as much as he or she is capable of. We have to let people know about their preachers, those who are trying to deviate our young men.

Last night, someone called me from a very big university from Tehran. He said that one the education administers distributed Wahhabi books among students in the dorm. This is really painful. Even in Tehran, they perform the Friday pray; they insult Shias` sacred things; they insult Fatima Zahra and Imam Mahdi. I`ve sent some of their handwritings to the supreme leader with help of Ayatollah Khazali and I`ve also gave a 200-page document to Mr. Mortazavi. Of course, they have done their best to demolish the Wahhabis in Tehran and I always pray for this man. In the meantime, Wahhabis in Narmak, Sadeghie 2nd square, hold Friday prays on Fridays. Someone told me that plenty of people attended to pray in a way that there was no room to place our head in the time of prostration. We have already informed the officials but they are ignorant.

I hope that everyone with their capability let their brothers and sisters know about the Wahhabis, the sources of corruptions, before they get predominant. Reveal them and stop our young men from being deviated by them.

As some demanded me to let them know about some books about Wahhabis` nature, I introduce two books which are available in internet and you have the chance to download them:

1. Wahhabis, the school of thoughts and the practical record written by Ayatollah Sobhani.

2. Wahhabis in Dilemma written by Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.

I also have a pamphlet under the name of “Wahhabis from the view point of religion and wisdom” on which I have spent 25 years and it is ready to be published and it has been uploaded in the website.

Dr.Sayyed Muhammad Hussaini Ghazvini




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