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What is the meaning of perfecting religion on the day of “Ghadir”?
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What is the meaning of perfecting religion on the day of “Ghadir”?

The man who was - After Prophet [PBUH] - unique amongst Muslims in terms of knowledge, piety, might and just was selected as the successor of Prophet [PBUH] and he took allegiance from people for him. Disappointment towards the future of Islam took over them {unbelievers} and found out that this religion is steady.

If religion has perfected on the day of “Ghadir” the meaning of its perfection is not just saying divine “Ahkam” but its perfection is by its infallible explainer, interpreter and runner, the one who says the religious teachings correctly and avoids distorting and creating “Bid’ah” in religion and practices the religion completely and correctly and it’s not fulfilled unless Prophet [PBUH] determines the responsible of this important task and that’s why it’s said in narratives that religion was completed by the guardianship of commander of the faithful Ali [AS] and this matter was fulfilled on the day of “Ghadir”.

Tafsir Nur al-Thaqalayn, vol. 1, p 587

On the day of “Ghadir” infidels got disappointed because they expected Islam religion to depend on one person and after Prophet [PBUH] dies everything gets back to how it used to be and Islam is rooted out gradually, as when prophet [PBUH] got injured in the battle of “Uhud” some made rumor that Prophet was killed. Spreading this news caused hope and positive effect on unbelievers and idolaters and disappointment amongst Muslims and some left the battle filed quickly! Quran verse was sent down that Islam religion doesn’t depend on a person but it’s a religion that will remain eternal forever:

 «و ما محمّد الّا رسول قد خلت من قبله الرسل افان مات او قتل انقلبتم علي اعقابكم و من ينقلب علي عقبيه فلن يضرّالله شيئاً و سيجزي الله الشاكرين»

Sura Al-E- Imran, verse 144

Muhammad is not except a Messenger; Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you turn about on your heels? And he who turns on his heels will not harm Allah a thing. Allah will recompense the thankful.

God has talked about the disappointment of infidels on the day of “Ghadi” and says:

«اليوم يَئِسَ الذين كفروا من دينكم فلا تخشوهم واخشون...»

Sura Al-Maeda, verse 3

Those who disbelieve have this day despaired of your religion. Do not fear them, but fear me

The event of “Ghadir” disappointed opponents of Islam including polytheists, Jews and Christians; because when Islam came up, they began fighting it, they would believe that their own religion is right and say:

«لن يدخل الجنة الا من كان هوداً او نصاراً »

Sura Al-Baqara, verse 111

They say: 'None but Jews and Nazarenes shall be admitted to Paradise.

From one side they tried to keep their religion and from another side they tried to destroy Islam whatever it takes.

«يُرِيدُونَ لِيُطفِئُوا نُورَ اللَّهِ بِأَفْوَهِهِمْ وَ اللَّهُ مُتِمُّ نُورِهِ وَ لَوْ كرِهَ الْكَفِرُونَ »

They seek to extinguish the Light of Allah with their mouths; but Allah will complete His Light, much as the unbelievers dislike it.

Sura As-Saff – verse 8

Unbelievers and idolaters wanted to destroy the religion by making Prophet compromising and firing the flame of war and removing divine light but on the day of “Ghadir” important event happened that disappointed unbelievers and that was appointing “Ali” [AS] as the guardian and successor of Prophet [PBUH]; because they had known “Ali” [AS] that who he is and what he says and does that’s why when “Ali” [AS] was selected as caliph, that mere greed was turned into disappointment.

It’s been quoted from Imam “Sadiq” [AS] who said:

«بني الاسلام علي الخمس علي الصلاة و الزكاة و الصوم و الحج و الولاية و لم يناد بشي ء كما نودي بالولاية.»

Al-Kafi, vol. 2, p 18

Religion has five pillars: 1: saying prayer 2: Zakat 3: Hajj 4: fasting 5: guardianship. Then he said: guardianship is the most valuable and most excellent one.

It means that guardianship means political government and leadership and the one who has the political leadership is Muslims’ guardian. Since he knows the religion and believes in religion and is honest and interpreter of religion and runner of its “Ḥudūd” {Ḥudūd, singular “Hadd”, is an Islamic concept: punishments which under Islamic law (Shariah) are mandated and fixed by God} and the defender of religion, he’s the key of religion. And if religion has a guardian with such qualities, he will be the constitutive of religion and perfect it and it must be mentioned that Islam religion was perfected at the time of Prophet [PBUH] because at that time messenger of god was the guardian, interpreter and explainer of Islam religion and the runner of its “Hudud” and its defender and would practice it and after Prophet [PBUH]’s demise his caliph should do so and this caliph must be consonant with the one whom he’s become caliph by him. So, the successor of messenger of god [PBUH] had infallibility position until he can interpret and practice revelation using this quality.

Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] says:

«يوم غدير خم افضل اعياد امتي و هو اليوم الذي امرني الله تعالي ذكره فيه بنصب اخي علي ابن ابيطالب (عليه السلام) علماً لامتي يهتدون به من بعدي و هو اليوم الذي اكمل الله فيه الدين و اتمّ علي امتّي النعمة و رضي بهم الاسلام ديناً»

Tafsir Nur al-Thaqalayn, vol. 1, p 589

Day of “Ghadir” is amongst most excellent “Eids” of my nation and it’s a day that god almighty ordered me to appoint my brother “Ali” as the sign of my nation so that people are guided by him after me and this day is the same day In which religion was perfected and Islam has been accepted for them as religion.

«و امرالامامة من تمام الدين»

Tafsir Nur al-Thaqalayn, vol. 1, p 589

Perfection of the religion is by Imamate.


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