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1 Was this verse “« … قل لِلمخلفِين مِن الاعرابِ » revealed about the battles of “Abu-Bakr” against “companions of Reddah”?
2 Is there authentic narrative about the Imamate of Imam “Kazim” [AS]?
3 Is there any Sunni scholar who believes that “Imamate” is amongst the principles of religion?
4 What is the meaning of perfecting religion on the day of “Ghadir”?
5 Why was hadith “Ghadir” not relied on in “Saqifa” if Prophet’s meaning of this Hadith was the guardianship of commander of the faithful?
6 Did Imam “Ali” [AS] will that his son is the next caliph?
7 Is the story of preventing Abu Bakr and Umar from sermonizing by Imam Hasan and Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) valid?
8 Who are the Ahl al-Bayt (People of the House) in the Purification Verse (Ayah al-Tat`hir)? And who are the Members of the Family in the Verse of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)?
9 Were the children of Abd Al-Motaleb more than 17 men in the case of Yom Al-Dar?
10 Has the sentence ‘’ O my Lord, be the friend of whoever loves him…’’ an authentic proof in the Qadir narration?
11 Did Umar Ben Al-Khatab wish to have the virtues of Amir Momenan (peace be upon him)?
12 Has the narration been narrated in the Sunni sources with valid document?«إنى تارك فيكم خليفتين»
13 Is there any truth to the Hassan Mothna`s tradition on denial of implication of Hadith Qadir?
14 Does anybody of Sunni scholars believe that Imamate is one of the principles of the religion?
15 Why is it said about pilgrimage of Imam Hussein’s (AS) shrine that you can say prayer turning to the tomb instead of the Kiblah?
16 Did Umar swear allegiance with Amir Momenan (peace be upon him) in Khadir Khom?
17 Has the verse « قُلْ لِلْمُخَلَّفِينَ مِنَ الْأَعْرَابِ ... » been revealed about the wars between Abu Bakr and the people of Radah (Rebels)?

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