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“Ibn Taymiyah” tore Islam to pieces {Sunni resources}
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“Ibn Taymiyah” tore Islam to pieces {Sunni resources}


Sheikh “Yusuf al-Dajwi” {Sunni prominent scholar}:

وانظر کتب المذاهب الاربعة (حتی مذهب الحنابلة) فی آداب الزیارته - صلی الله علیه وسلم - تجدهم قد استحبوا التوسل به إلی الله تعالی حتی جاء ابن تیمیة فخرق الاجماع وصادم المروز فی الفطر ، مخالفاً فی ذلک العقل والنقل.

In four sects’ books {even Hanbali denomination}, take a look at this chapter: mores of making pilgrimage to messenger of Allah [PBUH], you’ll see that all have said: resorting to him is “Mustahab” {recommended}, until “Ibn Taymiyah” came up and ripped Muslims community and hurt them. In this case, He opposed reason and narratives.

Maqalat wa Fatawa al-Sheikh Yusuf al-Dajwi – vol. 1, p 256

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