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Were Shiites the murderers of Imam “Hussain” [AS]?
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Were Shiites the murderers of Imam “Hussain” [AS]?

velayat tv - December 22, 2011


Date: December 22, 2011


Greeting to all dear viewers and respectable expert “Ayatollah Qazvini”.

Master “Qazvini”:

I say hello to you and dear viewers as well. May god confer blessing upon them.


From the first day of month “Muharam” {first month of Islamic lunar calendar} we began talking about doubts that “Wahhabis” discussed regarding to Imam “Husain” [AS]’s martyrdom and tonight we want continue our discussions.

Amongst issues that “Wahhabis” discuss on the networks is that Imam “Husain” [AS]’s killers were Shiites, at first they invited Imam and then murdered him and made this disaster. I ask dear master to explain about explain about it.

Master “Qazvini”:

As you mentioned, it seems like that experts “Wahhabi” networks leave no stone unturned questioning the virtues of “Ahl al-Bayt”. They want to discourage people toward mourning for Imam “Husain” [AS], cool thing is that one of their experts said: due to what we’ve said in our programs people won’t mourn for Imam “Husain” [AS] this year! And a few people will go the Mosques mourning.

But it was quite opposite! People’s presence in Imam Husain [AS]’s mourning circling across the country was great with more enthusiasm. The mourning of the eighth day of “Muharram” in “Zanjan” province was amazing. More than 1 million people! Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting {IRIB} announced that 260 staffs from “Tehran” and “Zanjan” covered this mourning circling with 26 cameras. It’s even said that it was unprecedented in “Zanjan” mourning history.

Many factors cause what happened in “Afghanistan”. Both the “Fatwa” of “Muftis” and what “Nasibi” {the enemy of Ahl al-Bayt} experts said and affronts of networks which act in the name of “Shiite” and “Ahl al-Bayt”, all of them were involved in this genocide, may god damn all of them, both Shiites who affronts and pave the way for such killing and evil Wahhabis who prepare the ground for genocide by provoking ignorant Wahhabis.

One of issues that they keep saying is that Shiites killed Imam Husain [AS]. Mr. “heidari” {Wahhabi expert} has said that killing people in “Afghanistan” is the work of Shiites!

We’ll prove that this genocide has got nothing to do with Shiites. They say Imam “Husain” [AS] was killed by Shiites! This sentence is paradox. Shiite means “obedient , ”Follower”, they say: Imam “Husain” [AS]’s followers killed Imam “Husain” [AS]. Shiite should be the obedient of infallible Imam.

Assuming Shiites were involved in Imam “Husain” [AS]’s murdering, with this act they joined “Khawarij” [group of Muslims who stood against Imam “Ali” [AS] after battle of “Siffin”] and “Navasib” {enemies of Ahl al-Bayt}.

So firstly, responding to those who say that Shiites have killed Imam “Husain” [AS] we say: Shiite means: lover and follower. Late “Kuleini” says in the book “Kafi” v2, p 74 Hadith No. 3, Imam “Sadiq” [AS] or Imam “Baqir” [AS] says to “Jabir Ju’fi” about Shiite’s trait and real Shiite

يا جابر أيكتفي من ينتحل التشيع أن يقول بحبنا أهل البيت ، فوالله ما شيعتنا إلا من اتقي الله وأطاعه

If some say we like “Ahl al-Bayt”, will it be enough calling them Shiite?

Wear to god our Shiites are those who are pious and god’s obedient.

Then Imam says:

فاتقوا الله واعملوا لما عند الله

Shiites! Be pious and live up to divine orders.

It means living up to divine obligations and avoid of divine prohibitions.

ليس بين الله و بين أحد قرابه. أحب العباد إلي الله عز وجل وأكرمهم عليه أتقاهم وأعملهم بطاعته . يا جابر والله ما يتقرب إلي الله تبارك وتعالي إلا بالطاعة وما معنا براءة من النار

God has no relationship with anyone. The best and the most cherished creature with god is the one who is pious and lives up to divine orders. “Jaber”, swear by god, just by following god one can get close to god and we’ve not brought acquittance of the hell for anyone on behalf god.

ولا علي الله لاحد من حجة ، من كان لله مطيعا فهو لنا ولي ومن كان لله عاصيا فهو لنا عدو

Anyone who is obedient to god is our friend and anyone who is sinner is our enemy.

Those who invited Imam “Husain” [AS] and broke their promise, is it obeying god or disobeying god? If it’s disobeying god, Imam [AS] says: they’re our enemies. Those who went to “Karbala” and martyred Imam “Husain” [AS], his companions and loved once unfairly, did they obey god or disobey god?

من كان لله عاصيا فهو لنا عدو

The one who is sinner is our enemy.

We’ve not come to Intercede those who commit any sin that he likes or gives up any obligatory that he wants.

Of course intercession is amongst “Koranic” requirements. It’s amongst the requirements of Islamic faiths other than “Wahhabism”, the one who tries to worship sometimes makes mistake and devil deceives him for instance: he backbites or lies or earns money via haram way if he’s real believer should repent and makes up his last sins. After committing sin he shouldn’t say: I broke my fast, god willing Shiite Imams will intercede me! No my dear! They will intercede you provided you take an act.{repent and make it up}

Take an act! You broke the rule. with broking your fasts you crossed divine sanctity. You should make up and fast, Shiite Imam [AS] will intercede as well till you’re not put in “Hell” for breaking divine rule.

Late “Kuleini” quotes from Imam “Kazim” [AS] in the book “Kafi” v 2, p 7 Hadith No. 15, Imam “Kazim” [AS] says: I heard from my father Imam “Sadiq” [AS] who said:

ليس من شيعتنا من لا تتحدث المخدرات بورعه في خدورهن وليس من أوليائنا من هو في قرية فيها عشرة آلاف رجل فيهم من خلق لله أورع منه

Shiite is the one whose piety is in the mouth of public that even women talk about this Shiite’s piety at home. If a city has 10 thousands population and there is one Shiite amongst them, our Shiite must shine amongst them and must be example.

So first response to those who say that Imam “Husain” [AS] was killed by Shiites is that Shiite has traits that we said, did those who invite Imam Husain [AS] but sabotaged even companions like “Suleiman bin SuradKhuza’i” and others have the traits of Shiite? Did those who went to “karbala” have the traits of Shiite?

Second point: they say Shiites who were in “Kufa” went and killed Imam “Husain” [AS], so why did “Muawiyyah” kill any Shiite especially Shiites who were in “Kufa” that he massacred all of them after becoming ruler? Cool thing is that “Ibn Abi al-Hadid Mu’tazeli” says: after “Muawiyyah” covenanted with Imam “Hasan” [AS], he went to “Medina” and went on top of pulpit and said: O’ people I didn’t make peace with “Hasan” so that you say prayer and worship. I trampled my treaty with “Hasan”.

Imam “Hasan” [AS] wanted people to know that not only “Muawiyyah” isn’t Muslim but he knows nothing of humanity, the one who trampled the terms of treaty right after covenant. God willing, I’ll talk about Imam Hasan [AS]’s treaty with “Muawiyyah” in the future to prove whether it was really imposed or not? And what was the target of Imam “Hasan”? “Ibn Abi al-Hadid” says that after treaty “Muawiyyah” announced:

أن برئت الذمة ممن روي شيئا من فضل أبي تراب وأهل بيته فقامت الخطباء في كل كورة وعلي كل منبر يلعنون عليا ويبرأون منه ويقعون فيه وفي أهل بيته وكان أشد الناس بلاء حينئذ أهل الكوفة لكثرة من بها من شيعة علي عليه السلام

I announce my acquittance of those who quote narrative about “Ali” and his “Ahl al-Bayt” {people of the house}. All preachers affronted “Ali” on top of pulpits in any city and village and people would announce theiracquittance, people of “Kufa” suffered more because there were more Shiites in “Kufa”.

Then he says: he appointed “Ziyad bin Sumayyah” as the ruler of “Kufa” and he would find Shiites in any place and killed them.

فقتلهم تحت كل حجر ومدر وأخافهم وقطع الأيدي والأرجل وسمل العيون وصلبهم علي جذوع النخل وطرفهم وشردهم عن العراق فلم يبق بها معروف منهم

Interpretation of Nahj al-Balagha- “ibn Abi a-Hadid”, v11, p44

Any Shiite who he found, he cut their hand and leg and put hot iron on their eyes and blinded them and hung them on tree. He made Shiite fleeing from “Iraq”. At the time of “Muawyah” no prominent Shiite remained in “Iraq”.

Cool thing is that Mr. “Tayrani” says such thing in his book “Mu’jam” v3, p68:

زياد بن سميه كان يتتبع شيعة علي فيقتلهم

Ziyad” would look for Shiite everywhere and would kill them.

When Imam “Hasan” [AS] was noticed, he cursed him. “Heithami” says in “Majma’ al-Zavaed” v6, p266:

و رجاله رجال صحيح

Zahabi” says in “Seir al-A’alam al-nabala’”, v3, p 496 that following the command of “Muawiyyah”, “Ziyad” killed any Shiite he found.

Mr.”Ibn Athir Jazri” says in the book “al-Kamel” v3, p150, when “Ziyad bin Sumayyah” was appointed as the ruler of “Medina”, as soon as he would doubt that there might be a Shiite in a village or home or alley he would whether massacre all or make them wanderer. This matter is quite clear, firstly, they weren’t Shiite and secondly, there wasn’t that much Shiite in “Medina” to do anything. Unless a few Shiite such as “Habib ibn Madahir” and “Muslim ibn Awsaja”.


Was there prominent Shiite amongst Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s killers?

Ayatollah “Qazvini”:

There wasn’t even pretentious Shiite amongst Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s killers, his murderers are clear, “Umar bin Sa’ad” the commander of killers. “Shimr ziljoshan”, “Shabath bin Rebe’” the leader of “Khawarij”, “Sanan binAnas”, “Hajjar bin Abjar” and “Harmlah”. Not only those who were involved in murdering Imam “Hussein” [AS] and “Ahl al-Bayt” weren’t Shiite but they were amongst famous “Khawarij” and “Navasib” {enemies of Ahl al-Bayt” } and as “Kharazmi” –Sunni famous scholar- has quoted, Imam “Hussein” [AS] said to them on day of “Ashura”:

ويحكم يا شيعة آل أبي سفيان إن لم يكن لكم دين و كنتم لا تخافون المعاد فكونوا أحرارا في دنياكم

Shame on you Shiites of “Al Abu Sufyan”!

He doesn’t say our Shiite.

If you’re irreligious and aren’t afraid of resurrection, be conscientious and chivalrous and if you really feel that you’re “Arab”, show your “Arabian” zeal.

Imam “Hussein” says:

Let me say parts of Sunni history, “Ibn Athir” says in his book, after they cut out Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s head, cursed “Umar Sa’a” said:

ثمّ نادي عمر بن سعد في أصحابه من ينتدب إلي الحسين فيوطئه فرسه ، فانتدب عشرة

Who is ready to shoe his horse trampling the body of “Hussein”.

Some went to loot Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s belongings and it’s been quoted that “Ishaq bin Hazrami” stole Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s clothing and after a while he got a disease and10 shameless guys got on the horse and:

فأتوا فداسوا الحسين بخيولهم حتّي رضوا ظهره وصدره

They Trampled imam “Hussein” [AS]’s body and smashed his back and chest.

Wahhabis! is that what you defense? What will answer Imam “Hussein” [AS] on the day of resurrection? Won’t you be ashamed before Hadrat “Fatima” [AS]? Cursed “Yazid bin Muawiyyah” is the responsible of these crime, may god damn him and his supporters.

Then “Ibn Athir” says: when they wanted to ride horse on Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s body they saw him having belongings with him, “Ishaq bin Khazrami” took off imam “Hussein” [AS]’s clothing, “Aswad Uwdi” looted Imam [AS]’s slipper and a man from “Darim” tribe stole Imam [AS]’s sword, then they attacked to the marquees and looted valuable things belong to Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s wife and child.

“Ibn Athir” is a Sunni historian, he says:

و مال الناس علي الورث والحلل فانتهبوها حتي إن كانت المرأة لتنزع ثوبها من ظهرها فيؤخذ منها

They looted any valuable thing in the tents, women in the tent themselves gave them their valuable things like rearing or anything else so that they don’t touch them.

“ibn Kathir Damascene” says that:

و أخذ سنان بن انس سلبه وتقاسم الناس ما كان من أمواله وحواصله وما في خبائه حتي ما علي النساء من الثياب الطاهرة 

Imam had put on clothing and behind that there was a shirt they looted it. Any valuable things in the marquees were stolen by them such as: jewelry. If “Prophet [PBUH]’s”Ahl al Bayt” had put on valuable dresses they looted them all too.

Then they wanted to attack to kill Imam “Sajjad” [AS] was sick sleeping in the tent, it has long story, since god’s proof should remain on the earth, they didn’t killing him. Then when Umar bin Sa’ad’s pride was hurt after seeing this situation and announced that anyone who has looted anything from tents, Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s wife and child should give it back. “Ibn Kathir” says:

فوالله ما رد أحد شيئا

No one took back what they had looted from women, children and marquees even little bit of them.

Refer to the book “Al-bidayah and Al-nahayah” from “Ibn Kathir damascene” v8, p 190, they were guys who committed such nefarious and inhuman deeds, do Shiites do such deeds? Will our lover and friend do such insolently act as what they did in “Karbala”? Were they really Shiites? Were they Imam “Hussein” [AS]’s lovers or Muawiyya’s lovers?


اللهم لعن أول ظالم ظلم حق محمد و آل محمد آخر تابع له علي ذلك

Thank you very much dear master. Another question is that what was people’s target and reason of participating in killing Imam “Hussein” [AS]? There were some Shiite along with Imam “Hussein” [AS] who would say :even if we’re cut thousand times we don’t leave you alone but those who fought Imam “Hussein” [AS] would follow their desires without considering religion what happened that they decided to kill prophet [AS] grandson?

Master “Qazvini”:

Some orientalists, a person like “George Jordac” who is Christian says: those who wanted to go killing Imam “Hussein” on behalf “Yazid” would say: how much do you give us? They said anyone who joins us will be rewarded and given money and would afraid people that if you don’t go fighting in “Karbala” your blood will be shed, your properties are confiscated and your house will be destroyed. Of course it’s written in some resources that no man was seen in “Kufa” on the seventh and eight days of “Muharam” and men who hadn’t gone to “Karbala” were in hidden.

“Umar ibn Sa’d” was such person as “Abdullah bin abi Sarh” wasn’t such person but later on, they became such guys fighting Imam “Hussein” [AS], or “Talha” and “Zubayr” weren’t such guys standing against commander of faithful Ali [AS], especially “Zubayr” who defended commander of faithful [AS] and objected to the caliphate of “Abu Bakr”, but no one other than god doesn’t what future has in store.

There are guys who keep committing sin but at the end of his life they repent and die believer and go to the “Paradise” but perhaps there are guys who do god deeds but at the end they commit sins that make them dying unbeliever and go to the “Hell”. Some ask me: what is the best praying? I say the best praying is that we ask god to make us having good ending.

So we have to try to have good ending. “Umar ibn Sa’ad” was amongst those who didn’t had enmity towards and even when he was offered the reign of “Rey”, Sunni historians such as “Ibn Athir” says in the book “Al-Kamil” v 4, p 53, when “Umar ibn Sa’ad” was offered governing of the “Rey” in exchange for killing Imam “Hussein”, he consulted with his friends, they said: it’s not beneficial to us, killing prophet [PBUH]’s grandson is as easy as it looks, it’s has even been quoted that “Hamza bin Mughirah bin Shu’bah” who was his nephew told him:

أنشدك الله يا خالي أن لا تسير إلي الحسين فتأثم وتقطع رحمك فوالله لأن تخرج من دنياك ومالك وسلطان الأرض لو كان لك خير من أن تلقي الله بدم الحسين فقال أفعل وبات ليلته مفكرا في أمره فسمع وهو يقول أأترك ملك الري والري رغبة * أم أرجع مذموما بقتل حسين

وفي قتله النار التي ليس دونها * حجاب وملك الري قرة عين

I swear you to god don’t put your back into killing “Hussein”. It causes your falling and misery. If they even give you the rein of all the earth it won’t worth killing “Hussein”. If they give you all the properties of the earth and the reign of earth planet it won’t worth to appear on day of resurrection as the murderer of Imam Hussein murderer. “Umar ibn Sa’ad”: Ok! I’ll think about it one night. Then he began singing poem, all have quoted it.

Shall I let the “Rey” property go? It’s my wish to have it, governing “Rey” is my wish or no I won’t accept it and give up on killing Imam killing Imam “Hussein” while I know that killing Imam “Hussein” is a fire that there is no fire above it but governing “Rey” is my proud.

Look that what mammonism can do. Guys like Mr. “Burqe’i” got money from “Saudi Arabia” and translated the book “Menhaj Al-Sunnah” to Persian and offended Shiites’ sanctities and he willed be buried in “Shuayb” shrine in “Kan” village! His obscene and nefarious deeds and crimes that he committed and issues that are shown from on “Wahhabi” networks will definitely shake his body in the grave and will add to his punishment.

What is the worth of the world? Could he remain in this world 5 years more than what god had determined? No, Swear to god. Could he get to his long wishes? “Umar ibn Sa’d” went to “Ibn Ziyad” and said: I’ll go killing Imam “Hussein” provided i select commanders who under my control, “Ibn Ziyad” said: No! I disagree, if you want to go we should select commanders under your control. Whether accept or we won’t give you reign of the “Rey”. He said: Ok, I’ll go.

Mr. “hamudi” says in the book “Mu’jam al-Boldan” v 3, p 118:

فغلبه حب الدنيا والرياسة حتي خرج فكان من قتل الحسين ، رضي الله عنه ، ما كان

Love towards world and directorship-seeking made “Umar Sa’ad” to go out of Islam and with Killing Imam “Hussein” he committed the worst crime.

“Nasibis” {enemies of Ahl al-Bayt} say: those who went to “Karbala” fighting Imam “Hussein” were his friends, but texts are clear, Imam “Hussein” [AS] advised them, as well as Hadrat “Abu al-Fazl” [AS] preached them, each one of Martyrs who went to battlefield preached and then boasted


The End

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