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Wahhabism’s new controversial Fatwa about banana and cucumber
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Wahhabism’s new controversial Fatwa about banana and cucumber

Time newspaper reports the most recent fatwa issued by Wahhabi Muftis forbids women from touching two delicious popular fruits in the world: banana and cucumber. It is not important whether the news of this Fatwa is correct or not, but the important thing is the absurdity and stupidity of this fatwa. However this is not the first and only ridiculous fatwa issued by Arabia’s Wahhabis.

According to this news article, Time has studied other ridiculous absurd fatwa of Selfi Muftis. It says: it was the last week that an email ….. It was claimed in this email that a Wahhabi Mufti who lives in the Europe, has forbidden women from touching banana and cucumber. He believes that these two fruits seduce women.

This mufti continues in his ridiculous fatwa that if any woman wants to eat any of these fruits, she ought to ask another man such as her husband or father to help her and slice them into pieces for her.

In the rest of article he adds: it’s very difficult to verify this fatwa. The fact is that Arabia’s Wahhabis get used to such ridiculous Fatwas being announced every day. While no one pays the smallest attention to the effects they may have. These absurd fatwa issued by Wahhabi Muftis are mostly considered divine rules despite the fact that recently this issue has been forgotten and worthless. In fact public’s fear and faith to these Fatwas are vanished and the situation of Fatwas nowadays is claimed by Time news writer to be “sold and bought (fatwa)”.

Shila Mousaji, an American Muslim blogger says: I don’t think the details of this fatwa is correct but the point is that these kind of ridiculous and weird fatwa have become so common nowadays that hearing such news sounds normal to public and easily acceptable.

In another part of this report, she says: news and rumors about this fatwa break out in a time when earlier other ridiculous fatwa has been issued by Wahhabis. This situation makes this presupposition that Wahhabi Muftis are allowed to call their personal ideas “fatwa” and institutionalize them by religion. However other Muslims of the world describe these Wahhabis a group of idiot witless men.

At the end of this article Time reports some of ridiculous strange fatwa issued by Wahhabi Mufti recently, especially in Arabia. Some of them are in the following.

1. Men can become Mahram with other women at work, on the condition that they drink milk from these women.

2. Men can divorce their wives with only one text (instant message).

3. Mickey Mouse is a corrupted doll and must be destroyed.

4. Muslim girls never can play the role of boys in any play.

5. Wearing T-shirts of Manchester-United football club is unlawful.

6. Yuga is unlawful.

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