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Arguments of Dr. Teijani with Ayatollah Sadr [3] about prayer and petition to Imams (Tawasul)
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Arguments of Dr. Teijani with Ayatollah Sadr [3] about prayer and petition to Imams (Tawasul)

When Dr.Teijani visited Najaf Ashraf, he attended a meeting with Ayatollah al-Ozma Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Sadr [3].

They debated and argued about different issues. He first asked Hazrat: “Saudi scholars say: making pilgrimage to graves and praying in front of them for intercession and petition is a kind of deification. What is your idea?

Ayatollah Sadr:

“If one makes pilgrimage to a grave and prays for his petition and intersection, with the intention that he do it without God’s will and permission, it is deifying them. But monist Muslims know that: only god can harm or help human and his guides on the earth (Oulia) are means and mediators; so with this intention—that they are intercessor and mediators it’s never an act of deification.

All Muslims –both Sunnite and Shitte—have consensus about this issue since the time of Prophet (Pbuh), except Wahhabism and Saudi scholars which are formed in the recent century. [4] They act against Muslim consensus, allow killing Muslim, try to make division between them and claim their pilgrimage and praying for petition is deification.

Seyed Sharaf-al-Din (author of the valuable “al-Muraje’at”) went to Mecca for pilgrimage. In Ghorban Eid, he was invited with other scholars to the palace of Saudi king. They were supposed to tell him congratulation for the Eid. He went to palace and when his turn came, he took king’s hand and gave him a present which was a Quran with a leather cover. Saudi king took the present and kissed it and put it on his forehead to show respect.

Seyyed Sharaf al-Din (seized this opportunity) and suddenly said: “your highness! Why are you kissing this cover and respect it, while its nothing but leather of goat?”

He said: I’m intending to respect the Quran inside the cover, not the leather cover itself.

Sharaf-al-Din didn’t hesitate to say: “bravo king! When we, the Shiite, kiss the shrine or the windows of Prophets threshold (Pbuh) we are aware that iron can’t do anything, but we intend the one who is beyond these irons and woods. We want to show our respect to Prophet (Pbuh), just like you respected Quran by kissing its cover.

The guests said Takbirs and approved him. Then King Abdul-Aziz became forced to allow Hajjis to make pilgrimage to Prophet’s place. However when his son took the throne, he changed their past rule. So there is no deification in this act.

Wahhabism intention from posing this issue in this way is to intrigue killing of Shiite and remain as rulers of Muslims.

History is the biggest witness to the oppression that Wahhabis have done to Prophet Muhammad’s nation. [5]



Source: Sebtayn global institute.

2. This book has been translated to Persian as “then…I was guided”. It became very popular and sold many copies in a short time. It was reprinted 12 times.

3. Auatullah Shahid Seyyed Muhammad Baqir Sadr was born in 1353 H. in Kazemein. He reached the degree of Ejtihad when he was young. He wrote more than 24 books in different subjects of jurisprudence, logic principles, philosophy and various concepts of Islam. With the weapon of writing he fought with Iraq Ba’ath system for twenty years and finally on the night of 19th Farvardin, 1359 Sh. He and his knowledgeable sister Bental-Hodi were martyred by Ba’ath hacks.

4. Wahhabism sect is founded by “Shikh Muhammd” son of Abdul-Wahhab. He was born in 1115 H. in Ainiye, Najd. His father was a judge in that town. He revealed his Wahhabist theories which were all his own theories and found some followers. In 1160 H. he went to “Dareiye” one of the famous cities of Najd and made a close relationship with ruler of the city Muhammad ibn Sa’ude (the ancestor of Ale Sa’ude.  They compromised to preach the theories and beliefs of Wahhabism together (Wahhabism sect: pp 26 &27). So we can see that this false sect appeared in 12th century and was followed and promoted by Ale Saude.

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab died in 1206, after him his followers continued his way and in the year 1216 King Saud Wahhabi attacked Karbala with 20,000 soldiers; they killed five thousand people or more and….(the history of Karbala: p172)

5. adapted from “then…I was guided” pp 92 & 93.

Dr Teijani


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