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Countrywide rallies of Sunni and Shia Muslims mark birth anniversary of Prophet of Islam
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Countrywide rallies of Sunni and Shia Muslims mark birth anniversary of Prophet of Islam

Pakistan-wide rallies and congregations on the birth anniversary of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), last apostle of God and Prophet of Islam, is an incontrovertible proof of the humiliating defeat of Saudi monarchy’s intolerant takfiri Wahhabism.

Saudi Arabia officially spends billions of dollars to advance its takfiri Wahhabi interests around the Muslim world for conversion of Muslims and also to bribe the regimes to remain silent on Saudi monarchy’s wrongdoings in their respective countries. Saudis oppose mourning during Moharram and Safar practiced by Shia Muslims and their allied Sunnis. Saudis also turn down celebrations on birth anniversary of the Prophet of Islam observed by Sunni Muslims and their allied Shiites.
But, Pakistan is a country with its unique Islamic identity where these two religious events are observed with great religious reverence, adoration and enthusiasm. This year also, Eid Milad Nabi (PBUH) celebrations are being held with unmatched zeal.
Sunni and Shia Muslims staged joint rallies yesterday. Sunni Bralevis and Shia Muslims also held separate rallies in every nook and corner of Pakistan to express their adoration for the last apostle of God, the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and Imamia Students Organisation and other Shia organizations also established reception camps to welcome the Sunni brothers and also offered soft drinks and food for the participants of the Eid Milad ul Nabi processions and congregations in all over Pakistan. The largely attended main procession and congregation were held in Karachi.
Sunni and Shia Muslims argue that it was very shameful that Arab regimes such as Saudi monarchs dance to the tune of Arab cultural music and world see them to do so but they raise objection to the celebrations and commemoration of anniversaries of birth and death of the great Islamic figures such as Prophet of Islam, Imams, and saints. Sunni and Shia Muslims say Saudis are hypocrites and detest Islam and Islamic figures.

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