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Arabian Mufti: death by plague is martyrdom
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Arabian Mufti: death by plague is martyrdom

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Ale-Sheikh, Arabia’s Mufti emphasized on the unlawfulness of traveling to countries where swine influenza has an outbreak. He says it’s against the religion that a man exposes himself to the danger of death.

Press TV-Bayrut and Arabia’s Media reported Ale-Sheikh statements: “Rasoul-Allah advised us not to travel to lands which were dominated by plague and if we travelled there and became sick, we’d rather stay there and not exit, because death by plague is like martyrdom.”

He added: “if we realized that Swine Influenza has been reported in a country, it is unlawful to travel there; because it will put our lives in great danger.

In his presentation about etiquettes and rules of tourism in Islam which was held in the mosque Imam Turki ibn Abdullah, he said: “the outcome of this disease is committing sins and pertinence on doing detestable acts (Makrouh).” He also criticized Muslims for being heedless toward their religion and ignoring moralities and being indulged in lusts.

According to the report published by al-Hayat newspaper, Ale-Sheikh asserted in his Monday speech that hesitation of some of the men in beating their wives and children brings about stupidity and ignorance in them and absorbs evil in their hearts. He emphasized that family violence results in violence, corruption and law-breaking.

Meanwhile Arabia has announced in Monday that three more people with Swine Influenza were diagnosed in this country. So the total number of patiens with this disease mounts to fourteen in Arabia.

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