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Attributing abhorrent attributes to His Holy existence
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Attributing abhorrent attributes to His Holy existence

“Wahhabism attribute abhorrent descriptions to his holy existence!

Ibn Asimin is one of the Wahhabism scholars of Arabia who died some years ago. He has a book named “al-Aqideh”. In the following some of its abhorrent statements is translated and provided for you.

In this book page 50:

One cannot attribute God to deception

 And in the same page there is:

God can’t be attributed to deception, however it is conditional. If you ask how it is possible that one attributes god and his actions to deceit while it has been detested, we say: deception is good in its right place!!

In page 51 he says: god becomes bored and impatient too, but his bore is competent to his nature!

In page 52 he says:

Deception is one of the gods attributes as well, it is like fraud and cunning….(he means that its acceptable in the right time, right place)!!

In page 120 he says:

Ibn Teymieh said: those who prove the proximity of the faithful and believers to God’s essence, are acting according to our Imams and our past leaders (they mean their scholars by Imams)!!

In this book “Sharh Hadith al-Nozul” page 198:

At the midnight God bends to reach the sky of earth!!

In this book “قرة عيون الموحدين” written by Nouh Muhammad ibn abdul-Wahhab,page 176:

God’s laughter is a truth and a principle; and he would laugh anyway he likes!!




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