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The length of Wahhabi’s god is 60 Zar’a!
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The length of Wahhabi’s god is 60 Zar’a!

Since Wahhabism is another manifestation of Zionism and a follower of Jude, it’s not a surprise when they take their beliefs from Jewish distorted references. They both pursue a common goal which is the distortion of Islam as well as separation and division among the Muslim. So sometimes, the weird and ridiculous fatwa of Wahhabism are in line with Jewish distorted believes.

As an example, with a look at the Old Testament we can find a narration corresponding utterly with a narration of Wahhabism which says “God has created human like himself”. Based on this idea, they describe God with a body (incarnation). We present you two of their narrations so you can be a judge yourself:

Abu-Amer, quotes from Mughairat ibn Abdul-Rahman, he from Abi al-Zenad, he from Musa ibn Abi Osman, he from his father, from Abi Harire that: Nabi Akram (Pbuh) said: truly, God, the dearest and greatest, has created man like himself…and in my father’s book (Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s father) it is said: the length of God is 60 Zar’a (about 120 meters)!

This narration also exists in Sahih Muslim Bukhari…

In the chapter Creation in Jew’s torah, volume 1, page 26, a similar narration exists:

And God said: (We Must create man like ourselves, identical to ourselves).

And in the same page: (so God created man like himself).

Dear reader! Now compare the two narrations, you can see few differences in the text and words but the meaning and implication is the same…

So we can conclude simply that Wahhabi scholars take the idea of incarnation from their Jew leaders, which is not a matter of surprise though.

Source: Salam Shi’a

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