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Strange fatwa about two football teams issued by Wahhabi Mufti
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Strange fatwa about two football teams issued by Wahhabi Mufti

One of the goals of western super powers is to extenuate Islam by demolishing the place of Marja’eyat in public eyes. To this aim, they take advantage of simplistic wahhabi Muftis.

Entekhab reports that anti-Shiite approach of Wahhabi Muftis has pleased the world dictators and colonizers of Islamic lands. Moreover targeting Islamic laws and Allah’s rules by their insane Fatawi has been an excuse for westerners’ anti-Islam propagandas.  This is the biggest outcome of the presence of dogmatic figures that were imposed to Islam body in the recent century.

Although this kind of thinking in line with refusal of our pure Imams (Pbut) had existed in the past but the colonizers’ dominance and contribution to it is a new side which shows their preference to selfishness.

While Fataw is of the great Shi’a scholars has always been subject to refusal and objection by countries like England, we can’t find any such instance in which this country’s leaders have opposed Wahabi Muftis.

This is because one of the goals of western super powers is to extenuate Islam by demolishing the place of Marja’eyat in public eyes. To this aim, they take advantage of simplistic Wahhabi Muftis.

In a most recent one, sheikh shams al-din Sehe, the Algerian Mufti is announced that anyone who wears a shirt with the labels of either of these two clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, his prayer will be wrong.

The interesting point is that this mufti announced the reason of this fatwa as there is a cross in the label of the mentioned clubs.

Earlier, Abdullah Najdi, another idiot Mufti, started a cirque with posing 14 conditions for football.

The text of question (estefta) and the answer of sheikh:


The youth who doesn’t know about piety and don’t care about their time would say we want to play football. They ask what are the conditions and rules of playing this game which saves us from falling into the hands of disbelievers and enemies of religion like America and Russia, etc.

Answer: we sat them if you persist to play football and devote your time to it, you must observe the following conditions:

1.     There must not be any lines around the ground because this is invented by disbelievers.

2.     Don’t use the international terminology like goal, out, penalty, corner, etc. these words are forbidden and anyone who utters them must be sent out of the game and be told that he looks like disbelievers and pagans.

3.     When a player fall down or break his leg or arm, or made a hand offense in the game, the game must not be interrupted and the guilty player must not be given a yellow or red card, when such events happen the players should refer to an illegible judge of Shari’at so that the injured player can demand ransom according to Quran and others must witness that guy broke this guy’s arm or leg intentionally.

4.     Don’t follow the rules of disbelievers, pagans, Jews, Christians and especially the sinister America in the number of players, this means you must not have 11 players, but less or more.

5.     Play with your pajamas or other clothes, not with uniforms which are striped, colorful and numbered. Because these aren’t Islamic clothes but they are disbelievers’ western clothes.

6.     Anyone who accepted these terms and conditions must be intended to play football for exercise and body power in order to be ready for Jihad whenever he is called to, not for amusement, fun, spending time or intention of victory.

7.     Don’t set the time of game to 45 minutes. You must disapprove the methods of disbelievers. You must resemble them in no way.

8.     Don’t play in two 45 minutes sets. Play in one or three sets to show your disapproval and objection to westerners.

9.     When no team wins the other (equal result), or as you say no ball enters another team’s gate, you must not allocate extra time or penalty to determine a winner. Just finish the game immediately. Because this is the international way and forbidden.

10.            Don’t assign a referee for your games, whereas the international rules like goal, out, penalty and corner, etc. are condemned, his presence is meaningless! Thus his presence implies following disbelievers, Jews, Christians and international rules.

11.            Your game must not be watched by other youth groups, because your intention is to strengthen your body for Jihad. Tell them to mind their own business in shops and newspapers and let you to do your job!!!

12.             Any player who hits the ball into goal and runs to be followed and hugged by others (as it is common with American and French players) must be spitted on the face and punished! How a physical sport can be related to hugging and kissing!

13.             The gate must have three pillars instead of two, so it doesn’t look like disbelievers’ and your disapproval with the ungodly international federation of football can be fulfilled.

14.            When a player is injured he must not be replaced by another one because this method is invented by disbelievers and pagans in the USA and others.

These are some terms and conditions which prevent any resemblance to disbelievers and pagans in football games… I don’t invite you to these conditions and rules by playing football. But this is for people who are not able to do religious sports. For a pious faithful believer, the logical and theological reasons are enough to understand the attribution of football to disbelievers. Since playing this game decreases the amount of hatred toward disbelievers, but the youth assume it a game and fun (و تحسبونه هيناً و هو عند الله عظيم…).

In the end, I hope that this message is useful and effective for the youth and others. Amen

Abdullah Najdi_ Riyadh

In following there are more fatawi of Wahabis about sport:

It is not proper for Muslim men and women to entertain themselves by watching football games.

Watching Fifa World Cup football games is not allowed for the Muslims.

Watching football game is not allowed for women, because men don’t wear proper clothes.

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