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Adults’ can be breastfed from non-Mahram women
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Adults’ can be breastfed from non-Mahram women

In one of his teaching sessions, Albani referred to some narrations and especially a narration of Aysha, and stated that it is allowed for adults—even an old sheikh to be breastfed from non-Mahram women; therefore he would become her Reza’ee son, even if he is older than the woman...!! He believes this action is not lustful and it’s valid by a narration from Aysha.

To listen to his statements:

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Four pictures from kast albani titled as “adults Reza’e”:





Osman al-Khamis: adults Reza’e can be done without direct breast feeding.

According to Naseredin Albani fatwa, Osman al-Khamis says: for adults Reza’e, the man should take the milk but not directly from the breast of a woman. He should drink it from a cup.

To listen to his statements:

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a marginal story of “adults Reza” phenomenon:

Malik wrote in al-Muta 605:2 , tahghigh Muhammad-Fwad Abdul Baghi:

“Ibn Shahab was asked upon the issue of adults Reza’…he said: Arwa son of Zubayr informed me that Abu-Hazifa son of Atba who was a companion of Rasoul-allah and present in Badr battle…there he says…so Um al-Mumenin did this with people whom she liked to meet, so she ordered her sister Um-Kolsoum (Abu-Bakr’s daughter) and her brother’s daughters to milk those men whom they wished to meet… but other wives of Prophet objected her and didn’t let anybody to enter upon them in this way.”

In following we will quote the defense of Ibn Hajar Asghalani from this disgraceful action فتح الباري 9 : 149  

“I saw it in the writings of Tajedin Sabki that he had observed in one of scriptures of Muhammad ibn Khalik Andelosi, dwelled upon this subject; seemed Aysha had made such a fatwa but nobody entered upon her in this situation (Reza’). Tajedin says: apparently the narrations reject it for him (Khalil Andelosi), however I don’t hold any strong position myself, not against neither for it and I don’t have any strong belief or doubt in this. And he said: he missed what is known for Abi Davood about this story, so Aysha ordered her sisters and her sisters’ daughters to give their milk five times to whomever they like, even if they are adults, then they can enter… and the document is valid …so what can be doubted after this?”

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