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Ayatollah Makarem issued a note on Strategies and Solutions of Muslim World to Confront Al Saud Crimes
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Ayatollah Makarem issued a note on Strategies and Solutions of Muslim World to Confront Al Saud Crimes

Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, in a recently issued note, counted the key strategies for the world of Islam to confront violence and crimes committed by Saudi Arabia denouncing the recent execution of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al Nimr.

Top cleric in this note expressed regret over execution of Sheikh Nimr and that the crime was committed under the title of Takfir.

He referred to the background of Al Saud in committing heinous crimes which have even been denounced by Wahhabi historians and counted the execution of Sheikh Nimr as one of the biggest of them in line with the crimes committed by Daesh terrorist group.

Part of this message reads,” Undoubtedly the US and Zionist regime are in pursuit of fueling dispersion of Islamic denominations and Saudi government is in full cooperation with them.”

He added,” On the one hand arrogant powers call Saudi government to spread dispersion and on the other hand Saudi rulers force Muftis to expand disagreements and intrigues; hence, Saudi Arabia can be defined as the hero of intrigues and dispersion of Muslims.”

Iranian cleric continued that contrary to the hostile intrigues by Saudi Arabia, followers of different Islamic denominations in different parts of the world, are leading the best relations with other denominations and if Muslims maintain vigilance they can foil all intrigues threatening unity of Muslims.

Ayatollah Makarem added,” It should not be ignored that calling Shia community with disrespectful titles and excommunicating them is the best service for the enemies of Islam particularly the US and Zionist regime of Israel because the result is the utmost objective of the enemies and that is outbreak of sectarian wars among Muslims in order to loot their resources.”

Top Shia jurisprudent expressed regret over issue of statement by Saudi official board of Muftis excommunicating Shia Muslims.

The cleric in his note expressed regret over horrifying news on the massacre and violence in Syria, Iraq and Yemen issued in the media on a daily basis and said,” This has unfortunately led to intermingling of Islam with violence providing the excuse for anti-Islamic movements to introduce Islam as “the mob of murderers”.

This is while Islam respects properties and lives of the people not allowing anybody to violate others.

Top cleric in this note called all Muslims across the globe to unite for putting an end to excommunication and corruption and introduce true Islam away from any deviation, extremism of exaggeration.

Still in another part of his message, the cleric called all Muslims to reveal the true ideology of Al Saud and wrote,” Here I demand all to join and announce that the prejudiced Wahhabis who excommunicate and permit the killing of other Muslims are not the true representatives of Islam.” adding that there is no space for such ideologies in the current world and it is approaching its final days.

Shia cleric concluded that Al Saud has certainly failed in its regional policies and it should note that it will lead to nowhere even by committing crime against the oppressed people of Yemen or execution of Sheikh Nimr and the Arab kingdom should expect greater losses in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

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