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Assigning a deputy for a one-day trip out of Medina
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Assigning a deputy for a one-day trip out of Medina

When Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was going out of medina for a few days, he would always assign one of his companions as his deputy:

« لأنّ النبيّ - صلّى اللَّه عليه وسلم - استخلف في كلّ غزاة غزاها رجلاً من أصحابه »

He delegated Ibn Ome Maktoum in 13 Ghazwat (battles) like: Badr, Ohod, Abva’, Savigh, Zat al-Righaa’ and etc. as his deputy in Medina.


His highness’ other deputies in Medina were “Abu-Rehm” in his journey to Mecca and Hunayn and khaybar battles, “Muhammad ibn Moslemeh” in Ghir-ghira battle, “Namila bin Abdullah” in Bani l-Mustalagh and “owaif”  in Hadibiya battle; amongst others.

While our great Prophet (Pbuh) assigned a deputy in his exit of medina for Ohod battle which was only for one day and one mile far from the town, is it reasonable that he departs the Islamic nation without introducing his vicegerent?

Is it reasonable that Great Prophet assigns a deputy for himself when he went to Khandaq Battle just near Medina, but for the long years to come after himself, doesn’t do the same?

Do you have any instance that Great Prophet leaving the task of delegation to people? Or even has he consulted ever with anybody about his delegates?

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