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Another weird fatwa (law) about Hijab issued by a Saudi Arabian Mufti
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Another weird fatwa (law) about Hijab issued by a Saudi Arabian Mufti

An Arabian website published new statements of Mufti: “the belief that Hijab has been revealed only for the wives of Rasoul-Allah is completely true”!!

Elaph News website which is known for its anti-Shiest positioning and hostility, in line with its anti-religion policy has published a Fatwa made by Ahmad ibn Ghasem ibn Ahamd ibn Vafediya al-Ghamedi; the young Saudi Mufti in Arabia who is revitalizing the thoughts of Ibn Taymiya –the 12th century Mufti—by making weird Fatwas. His statements gave rise to many disputes in religious associations of Saudi Arabia recently.

He states in his crucial fatwa that the verse of Hijab (veil) is revealed only for the dignity of Mothers of Mu’menin (wives of Prophet) and it doesn’t generalize other Muslim women.

Al-Ghamedi defends himself and explains:

 “Every new Fatwa which I release encounters many objections at first. But when my opponents think deeply about my theories, they understand that the Fatwa is completely based on Shari’a and Sunnat of Rasoul-Allah! And this issue makes me to be more determined than ever!”

He believes the ideas of some icon scholars upon his Fatwas are worthless and invites them to reflect deeper in Quran.

Al-Ghamedi holds an honorary doctorate degree from an American university and another doctorate from Abdul-Aziz university of Jeddah. He is also the technical supervisor of religious programs of a religious channel in Burkina Faso and has various important positions in the central department of Nahy ana l-Munkar & Amr bi l-Ma’rouf (forbidding what is evil) in Saudi Arabia.

It should be pointed that recently, the number of weird Fatwas of Saudi Muftis are increasing rapidly. This issue raise the question that maybe there are purposeful intentions behind the release of such abnormal nonstandard Fatwas.


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