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Wahhabis hate the word Wisdom!
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Wahhabis hate the word Wisdom!

The graduated student of Saudi university and the young student of the Global Center of Islamic Sciences said: Wahhabis hate the word wisdom and that 's because of their close-mindedness.

In a report by the Houza news center, Dr. Issam Al-Imad, in a scientific meeting about Ahlul-Bait and Wahhabism in Hojjatia higher Education school of Qom, said: the base for our line of thought is Quran and Ahlul-Bait. We should fight against deviant views by means of this great
line of thought.

He insisted on the investigation of deviant religions ' views in scientific assemblies and added: scientific relations and conflicting ideas help to guide people and find the right way.

This religious scholar emphasized that Ahlul-Bait 's way of living was based on wisdom; therefore it is progressing among people. He said: it is essential to introduce life way of Ahlul-bait to people of the world and classify this information according to addressee 's age in different geographical areas.

Issam Imad

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