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Wahhabi Mufti: Arbaeen and Fateha are heresies!
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Wahhabi Mufti: Arbaeen and Fateha are heresies!

"Sheikh AbdolAziz Ibn Fouzan Al-Fouzan", a member of Saudi Fatwas Committee, referred to Arbaeen ritual which is held for the dead in Islamic countries and said: "holdingarbaeen ritual is not permitted because it is a heresy".


He went on to continue: there is no evidence confirming that holding arbaeen ritual is acceptable in Islam and those who insist to do so are men of heresy. Yet, based on Ahadith, men of heresy are dwellers of hell.


It is worth mentioning that while ago, some of Wahhabi scholars in an attempt to answer the questions asked about this fatwa by some people said: gathering in a place, whether it is the dead 's home, a mosque or etc, to hold a grieving ritual and staying for the meal is an act of heresy.


Here in this part of the fatwa they say: saying Fateha is also a heresy, even something more than heresy! Because the Prophet never expressed his condolence for a dead by sayingFateha or reading Quran.


Source: Abna




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