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Salman Al-Oudeh, the prominent figure of Wahhabism: I enjoyed visiting Prophet`s shrine!
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Salman Al-Oudeh, the prominent figure of Wahhabism: I enjoyed visiting Prophet`s shrine!


It was occasionally heard in recent years that a Wahhabi figure issues a new Fatwa and declares Halal what was previously announced absolutely Haraam by Wahhabism and against their thought line, declares it to be a natural, legal, and religious action.


In one of the newest events of this type, Sheikh Salman Al-oudeh, the renowned figure of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia, has declared his opposition against the Wahhabi Fatwas about visiting holy Imams ' shrine and etc. he writes in an article which was published in the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan: the last time I went to the Prophet 's Heritage mosque, I stood near the Prophet Muhammad 's, Abu-Bakr 's and Omer Ibn Khattab 's graves and said my prayer. I felt very well as if I had been newly born.

This famous Wahhabi figure added: what nice feeling I had! I felt special! I felt as if Gabriel had passed me! I was calm and felt a waft of peace and joy in me!


Meanwhile, he declared in some other statements that Orfi marriage, which is some how similar to temporary marriage, is Halal and permitted. With an eye on the fact that conditions of permanent marriage are also accessible for Orfi marriage, I announce that Orfi marriage is Halal and permitted even if it is not officially registered in a governmental or legal center, because the only important issue is that the religious requirements are considered.


It is worth mentioning that Wahhabism and Wahhabis have been always opposed against visiting tombs and saying prayer near holy shrines, and were also against any type of marriage but permanent marriage.

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