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Saffron is one of the drugs!! Its usage is Haraam!!
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Saffron is one of the drugs!! Its usage is Haraam!!

Fatwa number: 7081

Mufti: A.D Ahmed Al-Haji Al-Kurdi

With a complete knowledge of Jurisprudence Encyclopedia and a member of Afta committee in Kuwait

Date of issue: 09-21-2006

The title: a verdict of eating Saffron

Question: Saffron is said to be one of the drugs and prohibited to be eaten, is the news true?

Answer: praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Peace be upon Muhammad, the seal of prophets and his family and all his companions and followers and every one who kindly follows them till the resurrection day. Then: for most jurists saffron is one of the drugs and not permitted to be eaten or mixed in food. Some consider it alright to have a little non-opiate amount of it in food. And God almighty knows best.


Source: the website of religious Fatwas, following Afta committee of Kuwait.

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