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Omer threats Sahaba to death!
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Omer threats Sahaba to death!

If the allegiance with one or two men of solution and contract is alright without consulting other Muslims, why Omer threats Sahaba to death and says: "from now on, if any two men attempt to do so, both sides of allegiance will get killed"?

من بايع رجلاً عن غير مشورة من المسلمين فلا يبايع هو ولا الذي بايعه ، تغرّة أن يقتلا

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 8, P. 26. Al-Maharabin, ch. Rajam Al-Habla Men Al-Zena.


If this is an action against law and religion and results in getting killed, how come he didn 't apply it in events of Saqifa?.

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