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Kissing one`s wife nullifies ablution (Wudu)!
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Kissing one`s wife nullifies ablution (Wudu)!

Following news from Jordan, Shia Online reports that Imam of a mosque in Jordan was heavily beaten by prayers for the weird Fatwa he issued. It is reported that this conflict that happened two days ago, was between prayers and Imam of Al-Fath Mosque in area of Arjan and on the outskirts of Amman, the capital of Jordan. According to this weird Fatwa, a man nullifies his ablution by kissing his wife.

Following the attack, some of prayers saved Imam and helped him to flee from the mosque. Meanwhile, attackers said they referred to Awqaf and Islamic Affairs center yesterday and expressed their dissatisfaction about this Imam of masque and asked for his dismissal.

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