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Having a bodyguard is Haraam for women!
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Having a bodyguard is Haraam for women!

Women are by no means allowed to be followed by a bodyguard because it can be the beginning of an illegitimate relationship between them and according to Islamic law is Haraam. Muslim women are not supposed to get in touch with a stranger under any circumstances.

Sheikh "Jacob Al-Bahussain", a member of Saudi Arabia Scholars Committee and a prominent figure of Wahhabism in Saudi, issued his newest Fatwa and declared it Haraam for women to be followed by bodyguards.

"Women are not supposed to have a bodyguard because it provides a situation for both of them to get alone with each other and that is an irreligious action" Said he.

Jacob Al-Bahussain who spoke to Al-Hayat, the trans-region newspaper published in London, continued: women are not allowed to have a bodyguard by any means, because they get in touch as a result and that is an illegitimate action. A Muslim woman is not supposed to be followed by bodyguards in any circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that having a personal bodyguard has turned into a popular action among the wealthy families in Arabia in recent years.



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