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Everyone who dies of Swine Flu is a Martyr!
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Everyone who dies of Swine Flu is a Martyr!

The legal consultant of Saudi Justice Department said:  any body that dies of Swine Flue is considered a Martyr.


Sheikh AbdulHussein Abykan, the legal consultant of Saudi Justice Ministry, announced that those who die of Swine Flue in Saudi Arabia are Martyrs.


He referred to a hadith by Prophet in his statements which relates dying of fatal diseases such as plague is a case of martyrdom. He clarified: the expansion of this fatal disease in the world would cause the death of many people, just as cholera and plague did.


It is worth mentioning that the proclaimed number of victims of this disease by Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia is only 6.


It is good to know that Sheikh AbdulMohsen Abykan is one of the moderate Saudi scholars who recently opposed Saudi council of Invitatin to Ma 'ruf and Denial of Monkar for its order of destroying some of historical heritages of the country.



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