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Any Muslim who Dies from AIDS Is a Martyr!
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Any Muslim who Dies from AIDS Is a Martyr!

Sheikh Ahmad Abu Yousef emphasized that 90% of patients (Muslims) suffering from AIDS would repent before dying and meeting God.


Sheikh Ahmad Abu Yousef, the head of Religious Guidance Center in Religion Ministry of Egypt, in a reply to a man, who asked about Islamic verdict for those who die from Aids, declared the martyrdom of victims of AIDS.


Based on " ", he issued his fatwa according to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, who had said: "anyone who dies from an internal disease is a martyr."


Sheikh Ahmad Abu Yousef emphasized in this case that 90 percent of Muslims who suffer from AIDS, would repent prior to death and meeting Allah.


On the other hand, Dr. Ahmad Rajaee, the Health assistant professor of Al-Azhar University of Egypt, said that the number of patients suffering from AIDS in Arabian countries is the least in the world. But regarding the expansion progress of the disease, Arabian countries get to the second level. 


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