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All Prophets Had Successors, But…!
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All Prophets Had Successors, But…!

On one hand you quote from Prophet in your narrative books:  all prophets had successors and heirs. (لكلّ نبيّ وصيّ ووارث) Madinat Damascus, vol 42, p 392; Walryaz Alnazrah, vol 3 Page 138 Zaqayer Al-Oghba, p 71; Almanaqeb Lelkharamy pp. 42 and 85. you also quote from Salman Farsi when he asked the Prophet: all prophets had their own successors, who 's Your successors (Vasi)? (إنّ لكلّ نبيّ وصيّاً ، فمن وصيّك؟) Al-Mo 'jam Al-Kabir, vol 6, p 221; Majma ' Al-Zawaed, vol 9, p 113; Fath Al-Bari, vol 8, p 114. on the other hand you say that the Prophet did not choose a successor!


Was the Prophet, among all the messengers of God, an exception? Was this exclusive to the Prophet? Or had he simply acted against other prophets ' tradition?


Or the Prophet 's saying is a generalization and also includes him? Is Salman 's question a manifestation of this generality?


Have we ever noticed the Quranic Verse (أولئك الّذين هدى اللّه فبهداهم اقتده), Al An 'am: 90, where God names great prophets and requires the holy Prophet to follow them?




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