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A Wahhabi historian discloses a small portion of crimes committed by Wahhabism:
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A Wahhabi historian discloses a small portion of crimes committed by Wahhabism:

Mecca and Medina and Iraq and …, all have been dishonored by Wahhabism in history. They are proud of themselves for demolishing the domes, mosques and tombs and stealing all their properties and murdering innocent people.


Here is an instance of what the Wahhabi historian, Othman Ibn Abdollah Ibn Bashar Alnajdi Alhanbali, puts in his book named Onvan Almajd Fi Tarikh Najd. The book is published by Dar Almalik Abd Alaziz.


Reported incidents in 1216:

In 1216, Saud set off to move from Najd and its deserts, the south, Hejaz, Tihamah and etc, along with all his victorious troops and famous noble horses, to Karbala. They landed inBelad AlHossain (Karbala) in Dhu-Alqaeda. Muslims gathered around them and climbed the walls of the town and entered it forcefully. They murdered most of its people in their homes and malls, and destroyed the dome of a tomb in which they believed Hussain was berried, plundering whatever was on the dome and the surrounding. They even stole the stone laid on the grave which was decorated with emerald and sapphire and jewelries, and whatever thy found in the city, properties, guns, cloths, carpets, gold, silver, precious Qurans and other countless properties.


It was about the middle of the day that the troops exited the town with all their weapons and thousands of murdered people. Then Saud moved towards a place named White Water. There he collected all trophies. After putting aside a quint of it, he divided the rest among Muslims, allocating one share to anyone riding a horse and two shares to those without a horse. Afterwards, he set off for his land.    

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