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People Can Ask for Divorce from Their Neighboring Couples!!
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People Can Ask for Divorce from Their Neighboring Couples!!

The former head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee declared in a fatwa: if people in a neighborhood witness a couple quarrelling and realize that they are not able to continue their marital life, can call for their divorce.


As long as the man is granted the divorce right and the woman the dismissing right, the society also reserves the same rights. Islam grants equal rights to man and woman, giving the man the divorce right and the woman the dismissing right.


Meanwhile, if the neighbors call for the couple 's divorce and one or both of them do not agree to get separated…


Sheikh Jamal Qutb, who spoke at a meeting in the Egyptian Journalists Union, added:  just as Islam gives the man the right to divorce and the woman to dismiss, the society is also granted the same rights. Islam considers equal rights for man and woman, granting the man the right to divorce, and the woman the right to dismiss.


He continued: the society witnesses the marriage between man and woman. Now if there happens a quarrel between them so severely that reconcile is not possible, the society is permitted to end this relationship! In this sense, neighbors or the couple 's relatives are allowed to call for a judgment of divorce.


In an attempt to answer the question what if one or two of them do not consent to divorce, he said: if the judge realizes that prolonging the marital life could be problematic for them, he should pronounce a judgment of divorce and either party should give up.


He continued to justify his comment in this case: the man 's not-requesting for a divorce or the woman 's not-requesting for a dismissal could be a sign of either their escape from responsibilities or their fear for losing their rights. Therefore neighbors should call for a divorce and the judge should exercise their right to divorce.

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