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Why was Hazrat Zahra buried at night?
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Why was Hazrat Zahra buried at night?


They say ' ' Hazrat Fatima was buried at night ' '. She willed Hazrta Fatima Asma, the daughter of Amis and the wife Abubakr because she never wanted that strangers saw the corpse.

The criticism and analysis

Burying at night, prayer without attendance and awareness of caliph and a hidden caliph, has points into itself. It is right that Fatima requested and willed in such way. What made Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her) finish her historical will with such requests? Isn 't it right it demonstrates her anger and sadness toward her enemies? In fact, it leaves several questions against sharp looks of historians and future people ' ' why is the grave of Hazrat Fatima hidden? And why  was the daughter of the prophet buried at night? Why did Imam Ali (peace be upon her) pray for her without awareness of Abubakr and Umar?

Wasn 't the person that was the successor of the prophet (as they have claimed) qualified to pray for her?


It is right that Fatima willed to be buried at night and did not inform the persons that tyrannized her and this is the best document for Shias in order to prove that Sedighe passed away and she was not satisfied of persons that tyrannized her.

A lot of narrations in the Shiite and Sunni books demonstrate this matter; we refer several narrations briefly.

Burying at night according to the Sunni narrations

Muhammad Ben Ismaeil Bokhari has written

وَعَاشَتْ بَعْدَ النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم سِتَّةَ أَشْهُرٍ فلما تُوُفِّيَتْ دَفَنَهَا زَوْجُهَا عَلِيٌّ لَيْلًا ولم يُؤْذِنْ بها أَبَا بَكْرٍ وَصَلَّى عليها.

Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her) was alive six months after the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants). When she passed away, her husband, Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) buried her at night and he did not inform Abubakr.


Al-Bokhari Al-Jofi, Muhammad Ben Esmail Abo Abdullah  (died in 256 Hejira), Sahih al-bokhari, v 4, p 1549, Hadith 3998, Ketab Al-Maghazi, Chapter Ghezvat Kheybar , researched by:Mostafa Deib Al-Bagha, published by: Dar Ibn Kasir, Al-Yamamat Beirut Al-Tabaat: Al-Sales, 1407, 1987


Ibn Ghoteibe Dinuri has written in the book ' ' Tavil Mokhtalef Al-Hadith ' ' 

   وقد طالبت فاطمة رضي الله عنها أبا بكر رضي الله عنه بميراث أبيها رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فلما لم يعطها إياه حلفت لا تكلمه أبدا وأوصت أن تدفن ليلا لئلا يحضرها فدفنت ليلا. 

Fatima requested the inheritance of her father from Abubakr, but he did not accept it. She swore that she would not talk to him and willed to be buried at night so that Abubakr could not take part in her funeral ceremony. 


Al-Dinvari, Abu Muhammad Abdullah Ben Moslem Ibn Ghotaybat (died in 276 Hejira) Tavil Mokhtalef Al-Hadith, v 1, p 300, researched by: Muhammad Zahri Al-Najar, published by: Dar Al-Jil Beirut, 1393 Hejira, 1972 Miladi


Abd Al-Razagh Sanaee has written

عن بن جريج وعمرو بن دينار أن حسن بن محمد أخبره أن فاطمة بنت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم دفنت بالليل قال فرَّ بِهَا علي من أبي بكر أن يصلي عليها كان بينهما شيء.


Fatima, the daughter of the prophet, was buried at night so that Abubake could not pray for her because some events happened between them.


He has also added  

عبد الرزاق عن بن عيينة عن عمرو بن دينار عن حسن بن محمد مثله الا أنه قال اوصته بذلك


It has been narrated from Hsan Ben Muhammad the same as this narration. However, it has been narrated that Fatima had willed such thing.


 Al-Sanani, Abu Bakr Abd Al-Razagh Ben Homam (died in 211Hejira), Al-mosnef, v 3, p 521, Hadith No 6554, Va Hadith No 6555, researched by: Habib Al-Rahman Al-Azami, published by: Al-Maktab Al-Eslami Beirut Al-Tabaat: Al-Saniat 1403 Hejira



Ibn Betal has written in the book ' ' the explanation of Sahih Bokhari ' ' 

أجاز أكثر العلماء الدفن بالليل... ودفن علىُّ بن أبى طالب زوجته فاطمة ليلاً، فَرَّ بِهَا من أبى بكر أن يصلى عليها، كان بينهما شىء.


 have allowed the bury of the corpse at night. Ali Ben Abu Taleb Most of the scientists 

buried his wife, Fatima, at night so that Abubakr could not pray for her because some struggles happened between them.


Ibn Betal Al-Kobra Al-Ghortabi, Abu Al-Hasan Ali Ben Kholf Ben Abd Al-malek (died in 449Hejira), Sharh Sahih Al-Bokhari, v 3, p 325, researched by:Abu Tamim Yaser Ben Ebrahim published by: Maktabat Al-Roshd ,Saudi Arabia, Al-Tabaat, Al-Saniat, 1423 Hejira 2003


Narrating from Jahez (died in 255 A.H.), Ibn Abi Al-Hadid has written


 وظهرت الشكية، واشتدت الموجدة، وقد بلغ ذلك من فاطمة ( عليها السلام ) أنها أوصت أن لا يصلي عليها أبوبكر.

The complain and sadness of Fatima (from usurpers) were as much as she willed that Abubakr did not pray for her. 


Ibn Abi Al-Hadid Al-Madaani Al-Motazeli, abu Hamed Azo Al-Din ben Hobat Alah Ban Muhammad Ben Muhammad (died in 655 Hejira), Sharh Nahjo Al-Balaghe, v 16, p 157, researched by: Muhammad Abd Al-Karim Al-Namari, published by: Dar Al-Kotob Al-Elmiye, Beirut/ Lebanon, Al-Tabaat:Al-Avali, 1418 Hejira, 1998 miladi


He has also written in another part


وأما إخفاء القبر، وكتمان الموت، وعدم الصلاة، وكل ما ذكره المرتضى فيه، فهو الذي يظهر ويقوي عندي، لأن الروايات به أكثر وأصح من غيرها، وكذلك القول في موجدتها وغضبها.


Hiding the death of Fatima ( peace be upon her) and her bury place and not praying of Abubakr and Umar and whatever Sayad Morteza has said are acceptable because narrations for proving these cases are more valid and more and the sadness and anger of Fatima for Sheikhin are more valid than other narrations in my opinion.


Sharh Nahjo Al-balaghe, v 16, p 170


Burying At night according to the Shiite narrations

Although the cause of the will Sedighe Tahere was clear and unanimous agreement among Shias, we refer to a narration and a remark.

Deceased Sheikh Sadugh has written about the reason of the bury of Fatima at night


 عَنِ الْحَسَنِ بْنِ عَلِيِّ بْنِ أَبِي حَمْزَةَ عَنْ أَبِيهِ قَالَ سَأَلْتُ أَبَا عَبْدِ اللَّهِ عليه السلام لِأَيِّ عِلَّةٍ دُفِنَتْ فَاطِمَةُ (عليها السلام) بِاللَّيْلِ وَ لَمْ تُدْفَنْ بِالنَّهَارِ قَالَ لِأَنَّهَا أَوْصَتْ أَنْ لا يُصَلِّيَ عَلَيْهَا رِجَالٌ [الرَّجُلانِ‏]. 

Ali Ben Abu Hamze asked from Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him) ' ' why did they bury Fatima at night not during day? ' 'He bade ' ' Fatima (peace be upon her) had willed to be buried at night so that Abubakr and Umar could not pray for her corpse. 


Al-Sadugh Abu Jafar Muhammad Ben Ali Ben Al-Hossein (died in 381 Hejira), Elal Al-Sharaye, v 1, p 185, researched by:Taghdim: Al-Seyed Muhammad Sadegh bahr Al-Olum, published by: manshorat Al-Maktabat Al-Heydariye Va Matbataha Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf , 1385, 1966 Miladi 


Deceased Saheb Madarek (may God be well pleased with her) has said


 إنّ سبب خفاء قبرها ( عليها السلام ) ما رواه المخالف والمؤالف من أنها ( عليها السلام ) أوصت إلى أمير المؤمنين ( عليه السلام ) أن يدفنها ليلا لئلا يصلي عليها من آذاها ومنعها ميراثها من أبيها ( صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم ).

The reason of hiding the place of burying Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her), as people that are against her and agree with her, was that Hazrat Fatima ( peace be upon her) ordered to be buried so that people that had hurt her and deprived her from the inheritance of her father do not pray for her.

Al-Musavi Al-Amoli, Al-Seyed Muhammad Ben Ali (died in 1009Hejira), Madarek Al-Ahkam Fi Sharh Shara Al-Eslam, v 8, p 279, published by: Va researched by: Moasesat Ale Al-Bayt Alayhem Al-Salam Al-Ehya Al-Torath, Al-First Editions, 1410 Hejira



According to the available documents and the confession of the Sunni dignitaries, the reason of burying Hazrat Fatima at night was the will of Fatima because she never wanted that the persons that had tyrannized him pray for her corpse. With this action, she made her anger permanent for the usurpers of caliphate.







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