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1 Is that true that “Uthman” got married with two daughters of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]?
2 Was “Muawiyah” the writer of revelation?
3 Is that true that “Umar bin Khattab” buried his daughters alive in the time of ignorance?
4 Is that true that this narrative has been said Imam Sadiq [AS]?
5 How has the way that Umar Ben Al-Khatab became Muslim been described in the Sunni sources?
6 How old was Aeshe when she married the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants)?
7 Was Aeshe jealous of other wives of the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants?
8 Did Aeshe have harsh behavior towards the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants)?
9 Is it true that two daughters of the prophet (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) married Usman?
10 Did Abu Bakr assign Umar as his successor according to the referendum and the public votes?
11 Have any of the Sunni scholars ever claimed that Ayishah used to breastfeed adult men?
12 Do the Sunnite say ‘’ In The Name Of Allah’’ in their reciting of Surah in their own prayers?
13 Has the narration that ‘’ Abu Bakr and Omar are two great old men in paradise’’ been authentically quoted from the holy prophet of GOD?
14 Have the four cailphs disagreed with one another?
15 Has the verse 55 of the chapter Nur (The Light) (Allah has promised to those of you who believe) been revealed pertaining to Abu-Bakr and Omar
16 Has any Fatwa (religious order) been issued pertaining to the legitimacy of sodomite in any Sunnite religions and sectors?
17 Why do not some of the Sunnites consider blood, semen and wine as impure contrary to the Shiites’ belief?
18 Has Ibn Abbass double-crossed Imam Hassan (peace be upon him)?
19 Has the verse ‘’ and he who brings the truth and he who accept it as the truth, these are they that guard (against evil) ‘’ been revealed in the honor of Abu Bakr?
20 Has the verse 28 of the chapter Qafer (are you killing the man who says my Lord is Allah’’ been revealed pertaining to Abu Bakr’s dignity?
21 Is the narration ‘’ If you did not find me then go to Aba Bakr’’ has been authentically quoted from the holy prophet of GOD?
22 Have the Qaliphs mentioned the phrase ‘’Allah is great’’ for three times after finishing each prayer?
23 Is it true that it took twelve years for Umar Ben Al-Khatab to learn the Baghare Surah?
24 About which of prophet`s wives was the verse of Al-Ifk revealed?
25 Is the Hadith«اصحابي كالنجوم بايهم اقتديتم اهتديتم» authentic?
26 Was Othman the murderer of the two daughters of the holy prophet of Islam (peace be upon him)?
27 Who gave the title `` Sedigh`` to Abubakr and the title `` Farugh `` to Umar?
28 Is Ghoteybe Dnuri the writer of the book `` Al-Emame Al-Siyase``?
29 Are there any Hadiths about the honor of hurting Fateme Zahar(peace be upon her)?
30 Has the Ghertas Hadith been narrated by Ibn Abbas?
31 Did some narrators of Sehah Sete drink wine?
32 Is it true that Abu Hanife considered the remark of Umar as the remark of Satan?

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