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“Bani Umayya”, the worst rulers
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“Bani Umayya”, the worst rulers

“Ibn Abi Shaybah”, the master of “Muhammad Ismael Bukhari” writes in his “Al-Musannaf” book:

حدثنا الفضل حدثنا حشرج بن نباتة قال حدثني سعيد بن جمهان قلت لسفينة إن بني أمية يزعمون أن الخلافة فيهم قال كذب بنو الزرقاء بل هم ملوك من شر الملوك وأول الملوك معاوية.

“Saed ibn Jahman” says: I told “Safinah”: “Bani Umayya” think that caliphate belongs to them. He said: “Bani Zarqa’” {children of Hind} lied. They’re amongst the worst rulers and their first ruler is “Muawiyah”.

“Al-Musannaf” – vol. 13, p 63

Can you still claim that “Muawiyah” was commander of the faithful and one of best guys?


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