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Wahhabism and the holy deceased (Ahl al-Ghobur)
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Wahhabism and the holy deceased (Ahl al-Ghobur)

Despite the belief of Shiite about the pilgrimage of deceased and visiting the graves, Saudi clergies talk near to the graves of wives and daughters of the Prophet. I have seen many times, some people rush toward a tomb to bury a corpse, while there is no trace of his/her family. I dare to say, I’ve never seen the cry of a relative of a departure in my trips there! Poor dead!

The ritual of Hajj is an old man in most of the countries, including ours; we mean that more than 75 percent of those (Hajjis) who come to Mecca for Hajj are over 50s and 60s; thus not very educated. This year we had a few 99 years old pilgrims from Iran. Reports showed that very old pilgrims’ distraction caused problems for their roommates. Some supervisors said some of them even suffered from urine incontinence. Moreover, some of them were so distracted that how many times they were told the rituals and rules was completely useless and they would forget immediately. This world is indeed the world to see and learn. We wonder how long our medical control system wants to act this emotional! What kind of Hajj ritual would it be! In many situations, sense gives the place to sensibility; such as the time of war when the recruit of teenage and young soldiers was forbidden but when the officers saw crying impatient boys, they would surrender.

In 1366, I was in Mecca. There I saw an old man who was in Ihram two weeks after his entrance to Mecca! He sat by Hotel door every day, watching around! I asked his tour manager: after two weeks why is he still Mohrem? He said: I tried hard to take him to Masjed-al-Haram in order to do his rituals and take out his Ihram but he refuses and says that why he should make pilgrimage to that stone house!

I said to him: you will be going to Arafat very soon, so you should take him to the mosque and take his Ihram out, whatever it cost! And he accepted.

This is the story of Hajj for some people. Doing Hajj in young age is very precious. Whilst that most of our youth have neither money nor …!

The Golden key!

One of meaningful and ironical expression among Hajj headquarters and staff is “the golden key” which refers to those people who come to Hajj with their spouse while unlike Hajj Omreh they can’t be simply with their family in one room! So these couples are actually like brothers and sisters for a month!

Once a pilgrim complained about this and said: are we less than a prisoner for you? Wardens allow their prisoners to visit their family in month and have some privacy!

Some shrewd managers have solved this psychological problem by preparing an empty room for such married couples and giving them the key, this key is referred to as “golden key” in their meetings.

We have seen it many times that a bad-tempered pilgrim who strictly criticizes the management of his tour, was given the golden key and becomes really calm and positive and supporting of the tour program and management! This sexual need is an issue, especially it makes interesting and fun stories in Hajj and makes funny conversations among tour groups and management!

The one hour presence of an authority in the meetings of the Iraq Congress!

Among the friends of Ba’ath commissar, there is a representative who has been a member for several periods and head of an important chamber. We were discussing about a representative of one of the southern states, and then I said: this man took a picture with one of the important officials and said I want to go to congress with this picture and he actually did! He shook his head and said: this man comes to congress one hour a day, at most; just for not being dismissed from the congress. He is using the congress to boost his economic activities and rumors say in this three years he’s become so rich that have a collection of cars, one from every brand!

When he said this, I remembered 1374, when he came to me and asked me to introduce him to a place where he can get a 50.000( Tomans)  loan for his father treatments!—however that amount worth something about 2,3 million Tomans now—after a few days, I told him that his recommendation letter is ready. He thanked me with surprise and said his problem had been solved. I asked: how? He said: I made a poem admiring one of the high officials; he gave me 200,000 Tomans in return! God may help us with such moneys being given and taken. Suppose that he gave it to you for free, why did you accept it? Forget it, it’s better!

Pausing for Iranian’s salavat (greetings for Prophet)

Here is Baqi cemetery. I said my morning prayer in Prophets’ shrine and came to Baqi. It’s a little cold. Some of the Iranian pilgrims are respectful to Baqi and take out their shoes from the entrance door, which is ten to fifteen meters far from the graves of Imams. I do the same, difficult but enjoyable. Difficult because non-Iranians don’t care about the floor and make it dirty. However pilgrimage requires such respect. All it takes is to have an extra pair of socks and wear it in each visit of Baqi, and change it for other places.

Saudi clergies stand on the short walls of the enclosure, near the graves of Prophet’s wives and daughters, talking against the belief of Shiite about salutation and visiting ahl-al-Qobur …. But Iranian smart pilgrims pass them inattentively and say loud salutations to prophet and his family to thwart their words!

A non-Iranian pilgrim that I don’t know from where he is; asks a Saudi clergy: whose graves are these? He is cleaning his teeth with a wooden brush like all other Saudis and answers recklessly: God knows! He doesn’t even tell these are the graves of Prophet’s wives and daughters, so reckless they are toward the departed! I have seen many times, some people rush toward a tomb to bury a corpse, while there is no trace of his/her family. I dare to say, I’ve never seen the cry of a relative of a departure in my pilgrimage trips! What is their hearts made from? They act as if they are burying a bag! In their funerals no wife and children attend. Poor dead! Definitely these dead have no charity of Friday’s night ...

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