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The reliance of Imam Ali [AS] on “Laylat al-Mabit” in six-person council
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The reliance of Imam Ali [AS] on “Laylat al-Mabit” in six-person council

velayat tv - December 04, 2016



 In The Name Of God

Date: December 04, 2016

Note: “Laylat al-Mabit is the night in which the prophet of Islam started his emigration from Mecca to Medina. This day is taken place on the first of Rabi ' al-awwal. Due to the decision of Quraysh to kill the prophet, 'Ali b. Abi Talib slept in his place and the prophet left Mecca.”


Hello to all dear and vulnerable viewers of “Velayat” global channel, you’re watching “Habl al-Matin” live broadcast program. We are supposed to have a studio for “Velayat” global channel in “Najaf”, a studio which overlooks the commander of the faithful Ali [AS] shrine.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

I express the most sincere greeting to all dear viewers worldwide. I congratulate anniversary of the birth of prophet [PBUH] and Imam “Sadiq” [AS]


Thank you dear master. God willing our studio in “Najaf” will be soon opened.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

This upheaval depends on dear viewers who loves commander of the faithful [AS] and have facilities.

One doesn’t need to be millionaire or billionaire {helping}, when late “Mir Hamid Husayni” wrote “Abaqat” book defending commander of the faithful [AS], he wrote this book in “India”, he said that we want to publish this book.

It’s been said that Shia women put their gold necklace, bangle and … in front of late “Mir Hamid Husayn” and this book which is in fact one of the best most well-known Shia books in defense of commander of the faithful [AS] was published!!

Allamah Amini” the owner of “Al-Ghadir” book says: “if it were not for “Abaqat al-Anwar book, I would be capable of writing “Al-Ghadir” book.”

So, we expect our dear viewers and those who love commander of the faithful Ali [AS] to help us to open our studio in “Najaf”.

After seeing some places in “Najaf”, we found out that we should spend about twenty billion Rials {450,000 dollars} opening an equipped studio in there.

Today if we have Islam, Tashayyu’ and Quran it’s because of the blessing of clean blood of Imam “Husay” [AS] and sacrifices of Hadrat “Zaynab” [AS].

If it weren’t because of Hadrat “Zaynab” [AS]’s brilliant sermons, resistances and sacrifices, evil dynasty of “Banu Umayya” - cursed branch in Quran- wouldn’t let anything to remain from Quran and Islam.

All Muslims including Shia and Sunni are indebted to Hadrat “Zaynab” [AS].

May god help us to run a program next to Hadrat “Zaynab” [AS]’s holy shrine.

I thank to all dears who broadcasted the mourning ceremonies of “Arbaeen” {Arbaeen, described as the world 's largest annual pilgrimage, is a ritual that occurs 40 days after the day the third Shiite Imam Hussein bin Ali was slain by forces loyal to the second Umayyad caliph Yazid in A.D. 680} and Imam “Reza” [AS]’s martyrdom.

I watched other channels as well; but “Velayat” global channel was the only channel that broadcasted whole the Mourning ceremony of martyrdom of Imam “Reza” [AS].


Morning ceremony in courtyards of Imam “Reza” [AS] shrine was shown as well.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

I was surprised that “Velayat” global channel was the only channel that broadcasted all these mourning ceremonies.

(هذا مِنْ فَضْلِ رَبِّي)

This is a favor from my Lord.

Sura Al-Naml- verse 40

Anything that we have is from “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] and the favor of god almighty.

«اللَّهُمَّ مَا بِنَا مِنْ نِعْمَةٍ فَمِنْک لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَنْتَ أَسْتَغْفِرُک وَ أَتُوبُ إِلَيک»

Allameh Majlesi”- Bihar al-Anwar- vol. 83, p 74


Dear master we see that Wahhabis keep making fuss on Wahhabi devil Zionist channels that commander of the faithful Ali [AS] didn’t say anything about his own Imamate and didn’t reason. You said issues in this regard that one of issues was that commander of the faithful Ali [AS] talked about his rightfulness and imamate in six-person council {in which “Uthman” was selected as caliph after “Umar} I want you to tell us a summary of what Imam “Ali” [AS] said in six-person council in defense of his rightfulness.

One of issues that Hadrat “Ali” [AS] relied on is the “Laylat al-Mabit”, the night in which Hadrat “Ali” [AS] slept in prophet [PBUH]’s place sacrificing himself for prophet Muhammad [AS].

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

As you said these devils and the generation of cursed branch in Quran keep shouting and raving on Wahhabi evil Zionist channels saying: O Maraji’! {In Shia Islam marja’ (Plural: maraji’), literally means "source to imitate/follow" or "religious reference", is a label provided to the highest level Shia authority, a Grand Ayatollah with the authority to make legal decisions within the confines of Islamic law for followers and less-credentialed clerics.} Why don’t say a narrative about Imamate of Hadrat “Ali” [AS] from Quran and Sunna or your own books?!

There is guy there {Wahhabi channel} who brings his daughters toys at any occasion. I don’t know what his memory from camel is that he brings camel toy. Maybe “Kalkarabi” pasture camel in Medina!!

I don’t know if this guy ridicules himself or his program’s viewers. As Imam “Sadiq” [AS] says:

«الحمدلله الذي جعل اعدائنا من الحمقاء»

And we say:

«الحمدلله الذي جعل اعدائنا من المجانين»

This guy is a real crazy guy. These guys aren’t competent to say the name of Maraji’, they’re not even qualified to pair up our Maraji’ shoes. We proved this issue.

These guys see that the culture of Shia and “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] is spreading and people’s interest and love towards prophet [PBUH]’s “Ahl al-Bayt” are getting more. Our dear Sunnis and Christians and followers of other religions made epic in “Karbala” and “Najaf” on “Arbaeen” days and also in “Mashhad”.

We saw that Sunnis and followers of other religions had widespread attendance in “Arbaeen” marching {walking from “Karbala” to “Najaf” attending “Arbaeen mourning ceremony} that were hopeful that Wahhabism dies from concern and holy Quran says about these guys:

(قُلْ مُوتُوا بِغَيظِکم)

Say: 'Die in your rage!

Sura Al-E-Imran, verse 119

Some guys who are paid by Saudi Arabia disrespect dear Sunnis. These guys themselves and their leaders deserve such disrespects.

So, Wahhabi experts don’t dare to debate, they just say useless word on their channels. We have already announced to this guy who is Wahhabis’ servant and the manager of their channel to debate with us.

But as for the matter of commander of the faithful [AS]’s reliance on his own Imamate, from the first moments of prophet [PBUH]’s demise that Imam “Ali” [AS] was performing prophet [PBUH]’s “Ghusl” and others had gone to “Saqifa”, narratives have been said from hadrat “Ali” [AS].

When “Salman” said to Hadrat “Ali” about “Saqifa” six-person council, Hadrat “Ali” reasoned his Imamate and Hadith of “Ghadir” in there. We searched about the document of these narratives and it was clarified that they have no fault.

And also seven days after prophet [PBUH]’s demise, commander of the faithful [AS] reasoned his imamate in the mosque.

And at the time “Uthman”, commander of the faithful [AS] reasoned his Imamate and Hadith of “Ghadir” in the mosque in front of 200 persons.

And in the six-person council made by second caliph “Umar ibn Khattab” in which “Umar” said that after me “Talhah”, “Zubayr”, “Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas”, “Abd al-Rahman ibn ‘Awf” and “Ali ibn abi Talib” select someone from amongst themselves as caliph.

Umar” had willed that if four guys select someone as caliph but two guys disagree, those two persons’ head must be cut off same goes for one person who disagrees.

We don’t know what council it was; Wahhabis who say we’re the defenders of Sahaba shall answer us.

Umar” had willed that if three guys were on one side and three other persons were on opposite side my son “Abdullah” selects the winner group.

While in response to those who said to “Umar” that why you don’t select your son “Abdullah” as caliph, he had said: “Abdullah can’t even divorce his wife!!”

Whether these narratives are fake or real, If they’re real it’s clear that someone who can’t divorce his wife, he isn’t definitely qualified to decide on a crucial matter about the caliphate and sovereinty of Islamic society!!

Despite many guys such as: “Ibn Abbas” said to commander of the faithful Ali [AS] not to attend this council, Hadrat “Ali” said: “I’ll go there”, and he had several reasons for his going:

First: hadrat “Ali” [AS] wanted to prove that Muslims’ caliphate is his right more than anyone else.

Second: caliphs would claim that when prophecy is in “Banu Hashim”, caliphate can’t be in there. While second caliph says: “Ali ibn abi Talib” can be one the members of six-person council.”

There is a narrative from “’Amir ibn Wasila” one of the companions of Prophet [PBUH] who says: “I was sitting in front of council door, commander of the faithful [AS] came to the mosque and said: “they selected “Abu-Bakr” as Muslims’ caliph while I was the most competent person for caliphate but because of the interests of Islam and Muslims but I gave up on this issue.”

Then commander of the faithful [AS] said:

Then they selected “Umar” as Muslims’ caliph and I endured it again due to Muslims’ interest. “Umar” has put me as the fifth member out of six members of six-person council. These guys never believe in the position that god almighty has given me.”

Then “Ali” [AS] said:

«أما والله لأحاجنّهم بخصال لا تستطيع عُربهم ولا عجمهم، المعاهد منهم والمشرک أن ينکر منها خصلة واحدة»

Swear by god I’ll rely on my rightfulness and superiority in this council so that neither an Arab person nor Farsi person nor someone who swore allegiance with me nor an infidel dare to deny one of these qualities.

Ibn Marduyah Isfahani”- virtues of Ali ibn abi Talib - p 130

Hadrat “Ali” vowed in here; I said these narratives completely and with authentic document and based on what Sunni accept, document of this narrative is 100% authentic and has no fault.

One things that commander of the faithful Ali [AS] mentioned in there is the event of “Laytat al-Mabit” and Prophet [PBUH]’s emigration.

Hadrat “Ali” said: when Prophet [PBUH] wanted to emigrate willed me amongst guys who were there to pay his debt. Hadrat “Ali” [AS] did so. “Ibn Kathir Damascene” writes in “Al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya” book, vol. 3, p 178:

«أما علی فان رسول الله صلی الله علیه و سلم أمره أن یتخلف حتی یؤدی عن رسول الله صلی الله علیه و سلم الودائع آلتی کانت عنده للناس»

Other companions were there but from amongst all of them, the most honest person was commander of the faithful Ali [AS].

And it’s written in this book vol. 3, p 197:

«وأقام علی بن أبی طالب بمکة ثلاث لیال وأیامها حتی أدی عن رسول الله صلی الله علیه و سلم الودائع آلتی کانت عنده ثم لحق برسول الله صلی الله علیه و سلم»

After prophet [PBUH]’s three days and nights emigration, commander of the faithful Ali [AS] remained in “Mecca” and took back the deposits of those who had given them to Prophet protecting and then he joined Prophet  [PBUH].

And “Ibn Hajar Asqalani” says this narrative in “Talkhis al-Habir” book vol. 3.

The first matter that commander of the faithful [AS] discussed in six-person council was that:

«أنشدکم بالله أیها النفر جمیعاً أمنکم من أمنه رسول الله غیری؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»«أنشدکم بالله أیها النفر جمیعاً أمنکم أحد وحّد الله عزّ وجلّ قبلی؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»«أنشدکم بالله أمنکم أحد له زوجة مثل زوجتی فاطمة بنت رسول الله سیدة نساء هذه الأُمّة غیری؟»«قالوا: لا»«أنشدکم بالله أمنکم أحد غسّل رسول الله غیری؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»«أنشدکم بالله أمنکم أحد أمر الله بمودته غیری؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»«أنشدکم بالله أمنکم أحد سکن المسجد یمرّ فیه جنباً غیری؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»«أنشدکم بالله أمنکم أحد ردّت علیه الشمس بعد غروب‌ها غیری؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»«أمنکم أحد قال له رسول الله حین قرّب الیه الطائر المشوی فأعجبه: " اللّهمّ ائتنی بأحب خلقک إلیک یأکل معی من هذا الطیر " غیری؟»«اللّهمّ لا»«أمنکم أحد کان أقتل للمشرکین عند کلّ شدیدة نزلت برسول الله منّی؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»«أمنکم أحد کان أعظم عناء منّی عن رسول الله حتّی اضطجعت علی فراشه ووقیته بنفسی وبذلت له دمی؟»«قالوا: اللّهمّ لا»

I swear you by god to say if there was anyone amongst Sahaba other than me who was prophet [PBUH]’s trustee? They said: No there wasn’t, swear by god.

I swear you by god if there is anyone who has a spouse like Hadrat “Fatimah”, daughter of Prophet Muhammad, the lady of this nation’s women? They said: No there isn’t.

I swear you by god if there is anyone who was in charge of performing Prophet [PBUH]’s “Ghusl” other than me? They said: No, swear by god.

I swear you by god to say if anyone other than me could go through mosque in mood of “Janabah” when Prophet [PBUH] closed doors towards mosque? They said: No, swear by god.

I swear you by god to say if sun has returned after setting for anyone other than me saying his prayer? They said: No, swear by god.

I swear you by god if there was anyone other than me to eat with Prophet [PBUH] when a grilled chicken was brought and Prophet [PBUH] said: “god! Send me your most popular people with you to eat chicken with me.” They said: No, swear by god.

Is there anyone amongst you other than me who has fought alongside Prophet [PBUH] perishing pagans. They said: No, swear by god.

Is there anyone here other than me who has sacrificed his life for prophet [PBUH] in the night that he went to “Thawr” cave from “Mecca”. They said: No there isn’t, swear by god.

It’s very clear matter, there are many other things in this regard that I just mention to some of them:

Then Hadrat “Ali” says:

«أنشدکم بالله أمنکم أحد یشری نفسه ابتغاء مرضات الله غیری؟»

I swear you by god if there is anyone amongst you other than me who sacrifices his life for Prophet [PBUH]? They said: No there is not, swear by god.

“Ibn Marduya Isfahani”- virtues of Ali ibn abi Talib- vol. 130, p 162

Dears! We don’t say these issues from Shia books. Pay attention, it’s written in “Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal”, vol. 1, p 348 that in the event of:

«وَإِذْ یمْکرُ بِک الَّذِینَ کفَرُوا لِیثْبِتُوک»

They fired up Prophet [PBUH] from “Mecca” and Prophet said to commander of the faithful Ali: O “Ali”! Do you sleep in my place?! He said: O messenger of god! Will I survive if I do so?! Prophet said: Yes you will, Hadrat “Ali” said: I do so.

«فَبَاتَ علی علی فِرَاشِ النبی تِلْک اللَّیلَةَ وَخَرَجَ النبی حتی لَحِقَ بِالغَارِ»

During the night pagans would throw stone at commander of the faithful [AS] thinking that Prophet [PBUH] is sleeping there. In the morning when they went to kill Prophet [PBUH], they removed the blanket and saw hadrat “Ali” [AS]. They asked him? Where is Prophet?!  Hadrat “Ali” [AS] said: did you give Prophet to me?!

Which virtue is higher than this?!

And Mr.”Ibn Kathir Damascene” discusses this matter in “Al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya” book vol. 3, p 81 searched by “Dr.Turki” and then he says:

«وهذا اسناد حسن»

What interesting is that he doesn’t mention to commander of the faithful [AS]’s sacrificing and that pagans threw stone at Hadart “Ali” [AS] until morning and just says:

«وهو من أجود ما وری فی قصة نسج العنکبوت علی فم الغار»

Then he says:

«وذلک من حمایة الله رسوله»

It’s just the sign of god’s support towards Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

This issue shows clearly that entire soul of this person {Ibn Kathir Damascene} is filled with grudge towards “Ali ibn abi Talib” [AS] and can’t utter what has been said about Hadrat “Ali” in this narrative, and he doesn’t condemn “Quraysh” tribe’s plot either.  We don’t expect him to say hadrat “Ali” [AS]’s virtue, at least he should have said the act of pagans who allied and run election selecting someone killing Prophet [PBUH].

One of “Iraq” ministers would say: “during the history of “Saudi Arabia” election has been conducted just once, from then one anyone who took the power has imposed himself on people of “Hejaz” by force. And that election was done for selecting someone going to kill Prophet [PBUH].”

And also Mr.”Ibn Hajar Asqalani” quotes this narrative in “description of Sahih Bukhari” book vol. 7, he writes: Hadrat “Ali” slept in Prophet [PBUH]’s place and pagans see that commander of the faithful is sleeping in Prophet [PBUH]’s place. Then he says issues about the validity of narrative.

Mr.”Fakhr Razi” says: when “Ali ibn abi Talib” slept in Prophet [PBUH]’s place, “Gabriel” was above his head and “Michael” was bottom of his leg. “Gabriel” would say:

«بخ بخ من مثلک یا ابن أبی طالب» «یباهی الله بک الملائکة»

Bravo! “Ali ibn abi Talib”, god almighty is proud of angels because of “Ali ibn Talib”.

“Fakh Razi”- al-Tafsir al-Kabir- v 5, p 174

Then this verse was sent down:

(وَ مِنَ النَّاسِ مَنْ یشْرِی نَفْسَهُ ابْتِغاءَ مَرْضاتِ اللَّه)

But there are among people he who would give away his life desiring the Pleasure of Allah.

Sura Al-Baqara- verse 207

And this issue is written in “Tafsir Tha’labi”, vol. 2, p 126 as well:

«بخ بخ من مثلک یا بن أبی طالب، فنادی الله عزّ وجلّ الملائکة وأنزل الله علی رسوله صلی الله علیه وسلم وهو متوجه إلی المدینة فی شأن علی {ومن النّاس من یشری نفسه ابتغاء مرضات الله}»

“Hakim Nishapuri” says this narrative comprehensively in “Mustadrak alaa al-Sahihain”, vol. 3, p 143:

«شَرَی عَلِی نَفْسَهُ، وَلَبِسَ ثَوْبَ النَّبِی صَلَّی اللهُ عَلَیهِ وَسَلَّمَ، ثُمَّ نَامَ مَکانَهُ» «وَجَعَلَ عَلِی رَضِی اللَّهُ عَنْهُ یرْمِی بِالْحِجَارَةِ کمَا کانَ رَمْی نَبِی اللَّهِ صَلَّی اللهُ عَلَیهِ وَسَلَّمَ» «وَهُوَ یتَضَوَّرُ، وَقَدْ لَفَّ رَأْسَهُ فِی الثَّوْبِ لَا یخْرِجُهُ حَتَّی أَصْبَحَ»

“Ali ibn abi Talib” put on Prophet [PBUH]’s clothing and slept in his place, pagans threw stone at his holy body as they would throw stone at Prophet [PBUH]’s holy body. “Ali ibn abi Talib” didn’t bring his head out of blanket until morning while they were throwing stone at him. In the morning commander of the faithful brought his head out of blanket, pagans insulted him and said: Prophet Muhammad didn’t use to agonize in pain while throwing stone at him but you did so and we had suspicion.

“Ibn Jazari” writes in “Asad al-Ghabah” book, vol. 4, p 113:

«فبات علی فراشه، یفدیه بنفسه، ویؤثره بالحیاة»

“Ali ibn abi Talib” sacrificed his life for Prophet PPBUH] sleeping in his bed.

Then god almighty said to “Gabriel” and “Michael”:

«اهبطا إِلی الأَرض فاحفظاه من عَدُوِّهِ» «فنزلا، فکان جبریل عند رأْس عَلِی، ومیکائیل عند رجلیه» «وجبریل ینادی: بَخٍ بَخٍ من مثلک یا ابن أَبی طالب یباهی الله عز وجل به الملائکة؟ فأَنزل الله عز وجل علی رسوله، وهو متوجه إِلی المدینة فی شأْن علی: (وَمِنَ النَّاسِ مَنْ یشْرِی نَفْسَه ابتِغَاءَ مَرْضَات الله)»

Go to the earth and protect “Ali” from the enemies, at the instruction of god “Gabriel” went above commander of the faithful’s head and “Michael” went at the bottom of his leg and protected commander of the faithful.

See what a deep hatred these “Nawasib” {enemies of “Ahl al-Bayt} have towards Hadrat Ali [AS] and how much they betray!

فبات” means lodging, it shows that hadrat “Ali” [AS] slept in Prophet [PBUH]’s place.

This narrative is written in another edition of “Asad al-Ghabah fi Ma’rifat al-Sahaba” book, vol. 4 but they {Wahhabis} have distorted it and instead of فبات”, they have written:

«فبال علی فراشه»

O people! know this evil wahhabism, these devils always rave on evil Wahhabi channel, crazy guys who don’t know what they’re doing; it was one of the examples of their acts.

Grand Ayatollah “Mar’ashi Najafi” told me: currently some of Salafis or fanatic Sunnis are distorting narratives related to commander of the faithful [AS] and “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS]’s virtues.

He told me: “you make a committee in my library and compare different editions of books.” We did so several years and I was in charge of that committee.

For instance: “Sahih Bukhari” book which had eight editions, eight persons were in charge of studying these books. One person would read the book loudly and others would look at the text of each book to find changed words.

If we have time I’ll explain tonight what dynasty of “Banu Umayyah” {Wahhabism} does nowadays in this regard. {distorting books}.

Thank goodness people watch both our discussions and these guys’ fool justifications and interpretations and will judge.

When a fool person brings camel toy on Wahhabi channel it shows that how much he understands. And brainless “Aqil” says on Wahhabi channel: “If there is miracle from Shia Imams, Indians who worship cow see miracle from their cows as well!!”

Dears! Mr.”Kalkarabi” insulted “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] a lot and it caused his clip to be published and many people know what guy he is.

Fiends! We announce from here that there is a limit to how much we can tolerate. “brainless Aqil” is insulting and disrespecting Shia Maraji’ {religious resources} and “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] a lot. I suggest him to stop doing so. We have already been very tolerant and I didn’t even let guys to broadcast the second part of “Kalkarabi” clip.

By raving and insulting Shia Maraji’ you can’t get anything. You have to say you opinions via scientific discussion and we’ll say our opinion either.

Many of dear Sunnis call and say: “Wahhabi experts broadcast your sayings and say ridiculous responses about them and we just laugh at them.”

These discussions are good and we ask god that you show parts of our discussions every day and talk about it.

We don’t know ourselves infallible and if even the disciple of our disciple review our discussions we’ll accept it if it’s true. Saying these issues wouldn’t need disrespecting and insulting.

You review our talks, what is to do with Maraji’, Shia Imams and Shia sect that you insult them?! You say that that guy’s opinion is this and our opinion is that, people! Judge about our opinions!!


Thank you very much dear master. We want to listen to viewers’ contact. I had written some other questions that I’ll ask them later on. Tonight’s program is so great because dear master said commander of the faithful [AS]’s virtues one after another one and made us happy. If we collect Hadrat “Ali” [AS]’s virtues in a book and want to make our finger wet by sea water turning over this book pages, that water won’t be enough.

How last day of month of “Safar” was enjoyable, on that day “Najaf” wasn’t crowded a lot, we went to Imam “Ali” [AS]’s holy shrine and said “Fajr” prayer in there.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

It’s necessary to thank Ayatollah “Hae’iri” that provided all equipment for us.


We really thank to him. In that night we rest in his complex.

Viewers’ contact:

Viewer: {Mr.”Muradi”-Sunni}

Hello, I want to talk to Mr.”Qazwini”

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Hello, I’m at your service.


Mr.”Qazwini”, I’m calling from “Kurdistan” {city in Iran} and have a question. when your opponents call you, you hang up on them quickly and don’t let them finishing their conversation and blush. Let us talking, then when that guy doesn’t have something to say, you talk. Whenever we want to talk you hang up on us!!

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

We’ve not ever hung up on any viewer.


That’s right we’ve not ever done so, unless that guy insults.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Tell us an example. When have we disconnected phone call.


How can I say an example?!


If you don’t insult we don’t disconnect your phone call.


Has Sunni ever insulted you?!


Sometimes it’s happened that they insult our sanctities and we hung up on them. There is no different between Shia and Sunni in this regard.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Dear “Muradi”! It’s has happened several times that some of Shias call us and began insulting and we disconnected their phone call. And some of dear Sunnis called us from “Zahedan” and wanted to insult our scholars and we hung up on them immediately. You see that we don’t give more than one or two minutes to Shias but sometimes dear Sunnis who call us talk about twenty minutes.


Mr.”Qazwini” I’ve not ever heard that a Sunni guy insults your channel. Meanwhile you say that Wahhabi channels are evil channels. I want you to establish a channel for Sunni and let Sunnis to show narratives from their books on this channel.


Mr.”Muradi”, ask your questions and master will respond you.


Mr.”Qazwini” it’s happened several times that Shias who contacted “Kalamah” and “Noor” channels and other Wahhabi channels, have insulted Hadrat “Abu-Bakr”, Hadrat “Umar” and Hadrat “Ayesha”, I’ve not seen even once that a Sunni guy insults Hadrat “Ali”.


Insulting has been done and we hung up on him. And if you insult we’ll hang up on you either.


Why would I do that? I don’t like to see at all that a Shia or a Sunni insults elders.


It’s been four minutes that you’re talking. Ask your question.


Did Imam “Ja’far Kazim” have daughter or not?!


We don’t have Imam “Ja’far Kazim”.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

God has not created an Imam named “Ja’far Kazim”.


We have Imam “Ja’far Sadiq”, do you meant that?!


Ignore this question. Are you the follower of Imam “Ali” or not?!

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

If they accept, we’ll be proud of it.


Hadrat “Ali” never insulted Sahaba?


Wait, let us answering your questions one by one. Did you mean Imam “Ja’far Sadiq”?! Because you said Imam “Ja’far Kazim”!!


Yes, I did. Did Imam “Sadiq” have daughter or not?


What’s your second question?


Was his daughter’s name “A’isha”?!

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

No it was not.


This narrative is written in your {Shia} book.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

If there is such narrative in Shia books, tell us the name of that book.


Let it go. I want to ask another question. Mr.”Qazwini”, you say that we are the followers of Hadrat “Ali”, he didn’t get “Khums”, Hadrat “Ali” has paid “Zakat”.

Why do you {Shias} get “Khums”?! Why do you say that “Mut’ah” {temporary marriage} is not forbidden?! You know how much money would be collected if Hadarat “Ali” received “Khums”?! Why didn’t Hadrat “Ali” get “Khums” but you do so?!

There is Quran verse about Zakat and Saying prayer but there isn’t verse about “Khums”.


Isn’t there anything about “Khums” in Quran?!


No it is not, swear by god.


Don’t you know how to read Quran?!


No I don’t.


Master will show you the Quran verse which is about “Khums”. You should say: “I don’t know” not that “there isn’t any verse about “Khums”.


There isn’t such verse in Quran, I asked some Sunni clergymen and they said: “there isn’t verse about “Khums” in Quran”.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

(وَ اعْلَمُوا أَنَّما غَنِمْتُمْ مِنْ شَی‌ءٍ فَأَنَّ لِلَّهِ خُمُسَهُ وَ لِلرَّسُولِ وَ لِذِی الْقُرْبی وَ الْیتامی وَ الْمَساکینِ وَ ابْنِ السَّبِیلِ إِنْ کنْتُمْ آمَنْتُمْ بِاللَّهِ)

And know that one fifth of whatever you take as spoils belong to Allah, the Messenger, kinsmen of the Messenger, the orphans, the needy, and the destitute traveler; if you believe in Allah.

Sura Al-Anfal- verse 41

This verse is about “Khums”, while you say: “there isn’t anything about “Khums” in Quran!”


No there is not verse about “Khums”. If there is such verse, why didn’t Hadrat “Ali” get “Khums”?


This verse that master read was Quran verse.


How do I know if this is Quran verse, I say this is not Quran verse.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Do you have Quran around you?


No, I don’t.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Don’t you have Quran at home?


I’m illiterate.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

If you’re illiterate, so how do you say that there isn’t such verse in Quran.


I was at home watching “Kalama” channel that I heard in this regard and your clergymen confirmed this issue as well.


Master just read a Quran verse, Sura “Al-Anfal verse 41, is this verse in Quran or not?!


Yes, it is

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Look at this verse:

(وَ اعْلَمُوا أَنَّما غَنِمْتُمْ مِنْ شَی‌ءٍ فَأَنَّ لِلَّهِ خُمُسَهُ وَ لِلرَّسُولِ وَ لِذِی الْقُرْبی)

And know that one fifth of whatever you take as spoils belong to Allah, the Messenger, kinsmen of the Messenger, the orphans, the needy, and the destitute traveler; if you believe in Allah.

Sura Al-Anfal / verse 41

This is Quran verse, is the word “Khums” {one fifth} written there or not?


Mr.”Qazwini”, why didn’t hadrat “Ali” receive “Khums”?!

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

I’ll show the narrative in which Hadrat “Ali” [AS] has received “Khums”.


If you show me, I’ll become Shia right now.

Ayatollah Qazwini:

Of course, I’ll show you right now. This narrative is written in “Sunan Kubra” book from Mr.”Baihaghi”, he’s amongst Sunni scholars.


Show me a Quran verse that Hadrat “Ali”, Hadrat “Umar, Hadrat “Uthman” and Hadrat “Abu-Bakr” have received “Khums”!!


Master read a Quran verse about “Khums”.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Mr.”Muradi”, you must be literate to translate Quran or you should have Quran translation. You say there is not verse about “Khums” in Quran but I showed “Khums” verse.

You say that Hadrat “Ali” [AS] has not received “Khums”, but this narrative is written in “Sunan Kubra” book, vol. 4, p 263:

«جَاءَ رَجُلٌ إِلَی عَلِی رَضِی اللهُ عَنْهُ فَقَالَ: إِنِّی وَجَدْتُ أَلْفًا وَخَمْسَمِائَةِ دِرْهَمٍ فِی خَرِبَةٍ فِی السَّوَادِ»

A person went to Hadrat “Ali” [AS] and said: I found five hundred thousand dinars in a ruined place, what would I do?

Hadrat “Ali” [AS] said:

«وَلَنَا الْخُمُسُ ثُمَّ الْخُمُسُ لَک»

Give me one fifth of that money and keep rest of it.

Write the number of the volume and page of this book and ask your scholars. This book is one of the well-known books of Sunni. Mr.”Muradi”: did see the narrative?


I accept this narrative, thank you.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Let me say a narrative from Shia books in this regard. It’s written in “Wasa’il Al-Shia book, vol. 9, p 506:

«جَاءَ رَجُلٌ إِلَی أَمِیرِ الْمُؤْمِنِینَ فَقَالَ یا أَمِیرَ الْمُؤْمِنِینَ أَصَبْتُ مَالًا أَغْمَضْتُ فِیهِ أَ فَلِی تَوْبَةٌ»

Someone went to commander of the faithful [AS] and said: O commander of the faithful! I’m a merchant and sometimes halal and haram money is mixed. Can I repent?!

«قَالَ ائْتِنِی بِخُمُسِهِ فَأَتَاهُ بِخُمُسِهِ فَقَالَ هُوَ لَک»

Give me one fifth of the money you got, that money will be Halal.

In this narrative commander of the faithful Ali [AS] orders that merchant to give him one fifth of his money.


Thank you.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Your welcome. Call us again but not angrily. I neither get angry nor blush but I hold your hand and kiss your forehead. I thank you too, remember me to your family and pray for us.


Thank you Mr.”Qazwini”, I was convinced. My only complaint is that you insult your opponent scholars, but you say I don’t do so!!


Mr.”Muradi”, they insult our scholars, Maraji’ and Shia sanctities and master “Qazwini” answered them.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

My dear! You called us as a Sunni, did I insult you?!


No, you didn’t

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

May god bless your lost love ones, many call us from “Kurdistan”, has it ever happened that we insult them?!


No it’s never happened.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

And some guys called from “Zahedan” that the opinion of some of them is opposite of our opinion in terms policy and belief. I said it before that someone called from “Zahedan” and wanted to insult Mr.”Abd al-Hamid”; after saying the first sentence I hung up on him.

I said: we don’t let anyone to insult Sunni scholars on “Velayat” global channel!!

And if someone has insulted Sunni scholars on this channel, I apologize as the manager of this channel; but we don’t know Wahhabis as Sunni.

Wahhabis insult both Shia and Sunni and they are different than Sunni. You should separate yourself from Wahhabi channels in which “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] and Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS] are always insulted.

They always insult Shia sect and say: “The dignity of Jews genital worshipers sect is more than Shia sect.” do you accept these insults?! These guys also insult our Maraji’ {religious resources} and accuse them.

You asked questions about “Khums” and I showed you narratives and Quran verse. If we had time I’d show you Sunni books and your scholars’ fatwa, they gave fatwa that temporary marriage is permissible!!

I’ll prove that companions of Prophet [PBUH] would get married temporary “Mut’ah”, for instance “Zubayr” who was the companion of Prophet [PBUH], married to mother of “Abdullah” who is daughter of “Abu-Bakr” and “Abdullah” and his brother were born as the result of temporary marriage.

I debated with “Al Shaykh”, Saudi Arabia Mufti, its audio file is available. I asked him: what is the different between temporary marriage and marriage on the intention of divorce?!

You ask your own scholars that what’s the “Hukm” {Hukm is a reference to the Islamic commandments, derived and understood from religious jurisprudence resources} of marring a woman on the condition of divorcing her several months later?! All Sunni fuqaha’ have said that “Marriage on the intention of divorce is permissible!!”

Shias call this marriage “Mut’ah” {temporary marriage} and Sunni scholars call it “Marriage on the intention of divorce”!!  And nowadays Wahhabis have ruined the reputation of Muslims by “Jahad al-Nikah”.


Mr.”Muradi”, thank you very much. It’s been 15 minutes we’re talking to each other, we didn’t hang up on you and said goodbye to you. Meanwhile you said you’ll become Shia if we answer your question, let’s see if you keep your word, thank you dear viewers. Goodbye.

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