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Ruling family of Saudi Arabia on deathbed: Lebanese Sunni cleric
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Ruling family of Saudi Arabia on deathbed: Lebanese Sunni cleric

Shaykh Maher Abdul-Razzaq, the president of the Lebanon’s Reform and Unity Movement, referred to the deadly ongoing Saudi war against Yemen and claims that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance movement, Ansarullah, sought to target Islam’s holiest city of Makkah, in order to provoke the feelings and emotions of Muslims in order to give legal status to their war against its impoverished southern neighbour.

According to Rasa, the Lebanese Sunni cleric said that from the first hours after the Yemeni army and their allies launched a missile at Jeddah’s King Abdul-Aziz International Airport last Thursday, Saudi Arabia claimed that Ansarullah attacked Makkah but Ansarullah rejected this claim in a statement.

“I believe that the ruling family of Saudi Arabia is suffering from death pangs and is breathing its last breaths after suffering heavy and repeated failures in its wars against the people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen, he said.

Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq said that Saudi Arabia is propagating various damaging rumours and claims to provoke and arouse the religious sentiments of the people and their allies but has not been able to achieve their aims yet.

He said that our brothers in Yemen are more passionate in regard to protecting religious sanctities and following Islam than the corrupt Saudi government and we have no concerns over Makkah and Madinah in regard to Ansarullah but we are very concerned over the actions of the Al Saud and their offensive behaviour, especially their abuse of religious sanctities in order to further their political goals.

His Eminence noted that the Yemeni people will certainly be victorious in this war just as they have resisted against the Saudi aggression so far and added that despite all the destruction and the suffering of the people of Yemen, their unity has increased day by day and they stand at the forefront of the fight against the imperialist powers and oppressors who seek to divide the Islamic world.

“For this reason, they have become a source of honour for the Muslim world,” he stressed.

Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq said that what is certain is that the traitorous Saudi government has attacked the oppressed people of other countries and both their friends and foes have admitted that the Saudis have bombed mosques, commercial buildings, houses, schools and hospitals and thus, the oppressed people of Yemen have the right to self-defence.

“Ansarullah’s entry into Saudi territory will not change the prevailing view among the people of the region and will not lead to an emotional response from them,” he said.

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