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The best friend from the perspective of Imam “Sajjad” [AS]
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The best friend from the perspective of Imam “Sajjad” [AS]

Has it ever happened to you to face many problems and troubles in your life that you want to open up with someone? Have you ever had a close friend who gives you self-confidence and is a good listener to sayings; or have you ever been friend with someone who lets you down and discourages you? Have you ever thought that how we can pick good friend?

The importance of friend in the life is so much that as elders say, each person could be known by his friend, even higher than that, a real, good friend can be our supporter in all stages of our life and in this path, he can lead us to good a destiny. On the contrary, inappropriate friend who’s not been picked by competent criteria can hinder our advance or even make us to step backward.

So this matter that who we make friend with and who we should stay away from is very important. Many things have been said about the importance of finding friend in our life. Shite Imams [AS] have emphasized on this issue particularly. In this regard, a brilliant saying has been quoted from Imam “Sajjad” [AS] which clarifies some the criteria of finding friend.

Imam “Sajjad” said to his son Imam “Baqir” [AS]:

يا بني انظر خمسة فلا تصاحبهم و لا تحادثهم و لا ترافقهم في طريق فقلت يا ابه من هم قال اياك و مصاحبة الكذاب فانه بمنزلة السراب يقرب لك البعيد و يباعد لك القريب و اياك و مصاحبة الفاسق فانه بايعك باكلة او اقل من ذلك و اياك و مصاحبة البخيل فانه يخذلك في ماله احوج ما تكون اليه و اياك و مصاحبة الاحمق فانه يريد ان ينفعك فيضرك و اياك و مصاحبة القاطع لرحمه فاني وجدته ملعونا في كتاب الله عز و جل في ثلاثة مواضع

Remember five persons and don’t make friend with them. I said: who are they? He said:

Avoid of making friend with liar, because liar is like a mirage that makes away near and near away from you.

And avoid of making friend with libertine, because he stabs you in the back for a morsel or less than that.

And avoid of making friend with stingy, because he deprives you from his wealth while you need it a lot.

And avoid of making friend with fool, because idiot wants to benefit you but he will harm you.

And someone who has cut off his relationship with his relatives, don’t make friend with this person because it’s written in Quran {three times} that god’s grace doesn’t contain such person.

Al-Kafi- v2, p 376


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