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Wahhabi destruction of the sacred Jannat al-Baqie Cemetery
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Wahhabi destruction of the sacred Jannat al-Baqie Cemetery

Heartfelt condolences to you all on the anniversary of a very tragic day, in commemoration of which, many of us are clad in black. Today, the 8th of Shawwal is the day on which 92 lunar years ago in 1345 AH, corresponding to 21 April 1925, Wahhabi terrorists desecrated the sanctity of the sacred cemetery of Jannat al-Baqi in the holy city of Medina.

They demolished the tombs of the elders of Islam, especially the blessed shrine where reposed in peace, four of the twelve Infallible Heirs of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), that is, Imam Hasan Mujtaba, Imam Zain al-Abedin, Imam Mohammad Baqer, and Imam Ja’far Sadeq (peace upon them).

May God damn these Godless thugs who continue to indulge in terrorism and cannibalism against Muslims through such dastardly outfits as al-Qa’eda, Daesh, Jubhat an-Nusra, Boko Haram, Lashkar-e Jhangavi, etc., as is happening in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places.

Last week, Tafkiri terrorists attacked the holy shrine in the Iraqi city of Balad, of Seyyed Mohammad (AS), the son of Imam Ali an-Naqi (AS), martyring around forty Muslim pilgrims and injuring scores of others. It is an undeniable fact that the Godfather of all these blasphemous groups is the regime in Riyadh, the capital of the pseudo state called Saudi Arabia, which continues to throw obstacles in the way of Hajj pilgrims, bars Muslims from visiting the dilapidated graves of the Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt in Baqi, and is preventing all efforts to rebuild the Sacred Cemetery in Medina.

These brigands from the desert of Najd for whom the crafty British created the spurious country called Saudi Arabia in 1932, are in occupation of Hijaz and other parts of Arabia, including the oil-rich Shi’a-populated eastern coast, the wealth of whose oppresses people they have usurped and are lavishly spending on their own pleasures, as well as for spreading sectarian terrorism in Muslim lands. In addition, the seditious Saudis are secretly helping the Zionists and all other terrorist groups, such as the MKO hypocrites (Monafeqin), whose hands are stained with the blood of tens of thousands of Iranian Muslims, including senior officials.

The unpardonable crime of the desecration of Baqi, which continues to bring tears to the eyes of all true believers, is testimony to the fact that the Saudi regime has scant regard for the Prophet’s regular visitation to this sacred graveyard and his greeting of the souls of the departed with the following phrase:

"Peace upon you, O Abode of the Faithful! God Willing, we would soon join you. O ' Allah, shower mercy on the denizens of al-Baqi".

The Prophet knew that one day this sacred cemetery where some of his wives and companions were also buried will be blasphemously destroyed by the ungodly Wahhabi cult, and that is the reason, he time and again emphasized the sanctity of this graveyard. This fact is also attested by the books of hadith and history of our Sunni brethren, who mention the special prayers to be recited on the graves of the departed in the Baqi Cemetery.

Today, when Takfiri terrorism, created and funded by the Wahhabi regime of Riyadh, has assumed alarming proportions and continues to take toll of the innocent life of Muslim men, women, and children, almost daily in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Pakistan – much to the delight of the archenemies of Islam, the Zionists and the Americans – isn’t it time for Muslims around the world, whatever their schools of jurisprudence, to rally to the cause of Islam and for sake of Islamic solidarity?

It is indeed time to wake up and mobilize all resources for rebuilding Baqi Cemetery, especially when it has now become crystal clear that after decades of lip service to Islam’s former qibla, Bayt al-Moqaddas, the Wahhabi regime has revealed its truly anti-Islamic colours by openly backing the Zionist entity’s plots in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen, and other places, in addition to its hostility against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We would like to remind our Muslim brothers worldwide that the liberation of Qods and the end of Israel will remain an empty slogan as long as Jannat al-Baqi lies in ruins and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are under occupation of the Saudi regime. Remember, like the Zionists who are eradicating the Islamic heritage in Palestine, their cousins the Wahhabis have also destroyed the house where the Prophet of Islam was born in Mecca and the tombs of the Bani Hashem in the equally sacred Jannat al-Mu’alla Cemetery of Mecca, such as those of the Prophet’s grandfather Hazrat Abdul-Muttaleb, uncle and guardian Hazrat Abu Taleb, mother Amena bint Wahb, and the loyal wife of over 25-long years Umm al-Momineen (Mother of Believers), Hazrat Khadija (peace upon them).  

Is it not strange that the Wahhabis find it offensive to have the tombs, shrines and other places of importance preserved, while the remains of the Saudi kings are being guarded at the expense of millions of dollars?

These are the undeniable facts on which the Muslim World needs to contemplate by studying the sordid record of the seditious Saudis, who for over two hundred years have continued to desecrate Islamic sanctities. It should be noted that from 1205 AH to 1217 AH, the Wahhabis made several attempts to gain a foothold in Hijaz but failed.

Finally, in 1217 AH, they plundered the city of Ta’ef where they spilled the innocent blood of Muslims. In 1218 AH, they entered Mecca and destroyed all sacred places and domes there, including the one which served as a canopy over the well of Zamzam. In 1221, the Wahhabis entered Medina to desecrate the Baqi Cemetery as well as every mosque they came across. An attempt was even made to demolish the Prophet 's tomb, but they failed.

Then Muslim conscience was not frozen as it is today. The Ottoman Sultan ordered Mohammad Ali Pasha of Egypt to liberate Hijaz and restore law and order in Medina and Mecca. Mohammad Ali Pasha drove out the Wahhabis from Hijaz, and sent his son, Ibrahim to pursue them into the desert interior, from where the Saudi chieftain was captured and sent to Istanbul in chains.

The Ottoman ruler immediately ordered the beheading of the Saudi chief for the blasphemy committed in Mecca and Medina. The entire Muslim world celebrated this victory with great fanfare and rejoicing. In Cairo, the celebrations continued for five days. The Ottoman ruler Abdul Majid and his successor, Abdul Hamid, carried out the reconstruction of all sacred places, restoring the Islamic heritage at all important sites.

The shrine housing the tombs of the Four Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt was also restored to its former glory and opened to pilgrims. The Iranians embellished the Zarih and provided Persian carpets to cover the floors. Over a century later in 1344 AH, corresponding to 1924 AD Wahhabis, with the help of the British, invaded Hijaz for a second time and carried out another merciless plunder and massacre. People in streets were killed. Houses were razed to the ground. Women and children too were not spared. Awn bin Hashem of Mecca writes: "Before me, a valley appeared to have been paved with corpses, dried blood staining everywhere all around. There was hardly a tree which didn 't have one or two dead bodies near its roots."

1925 Medina fell to the Wahhabi onslaught. All sites of Islamic heritage were destroyed. The only shrine that remained intact was that of the Prophet, which they unsuccessfully tried to destroy by bombarding it with artillery shells. In Ohad, the tombs of the early martyrs of Islam, such as the Prophet’s uncle, Hamza, was destroyed.   

The same year in 1925, the Jannat al-Mu 'alla Cemetery of Mecca was destroyed along with the house where the Prophet was born. The Wahhabis then went on to massacre Muslims in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, as well as in Jeddah and Ta’ef, where the Seyyeds of descendants of the Prophet were targeted, and killed. The Wahhabis then turned eastward and seized the Shi’a Muslim populated cities and regions of al-Ahsa, Qatif, Awwamiyah. The Saudis then turned towards the south and seized from Yemen the regions of Najran, Jizaan, and Aseer.

Today, the oil of the eastern region, which the Saudis are selling cheaply to amass billions of dollars, belongs to the people of the region, who remain poor and oppressed. In view of these undeniable facts, and especially on the occasion of the tragic 8th of Shawwal, it is our duty to commemorate the sacrilegious destruction of the Baqi Cemetery, and strive to rebuild the shrines of the Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt. Insha Allah (God Willing), the day will soon come when the Land of Revelation will be cleansed of the filth of Wahhabism, Salafism, and Takfirism. Then only, we can get together to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage to the holy Ka’ba in true Abrahamic manner.


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