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The story of the birth of Commander of faithful [AS] in “Ka`ba”, in Sunny books.
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The story of the birth of Commander of faithful [AS] in “Ka`ba”, in Sunny books.

The story of the birth of Commander of  faithful [AS] in “Ka 'ba”, in Sunny books.         


Part of the virtues of Commander of faithful

One of the highest innocence of Commander of faithful is people’s lack of knowledge towards him and their ignorance about his high dignity, “Ahmad ibn hanbal” the chief of “hanbali” sect says:

 “ما لأحد من الصحابه من الفضائل بالأسانید الصحاح مثل ما لعلی رضی الله عنه

Virtues that have been said about Ali [AS] with valid documents, have not been told about any of companions.

Ahmad ibn Hanbal virtues ", Ibn Jozi, Page 163" assimilation of Ibn Abdu al ber assimilation", vol. 3, p. 51, Mustadraka al hakem,vol. 3, p.170

“Saheb ibn emad” who is a famous poet, says:

«وقالوا : عليٌّ علا ، قلتُ : لا, فــإن العـُلا بعَـــليٍّ عَــــــــلا.

They say, Ali [AS] has high position, I said: No, if it’s called high position, it for his blessing.

The virtues of Al Abi Talib, ibn Shahr ashub, vol. 2, p. 230; al-Ghadir, Sheikh Al-Amin, vol. 4, p. 41.

“Saesae ibn suhan” said:

والله یا امیرالمومنین لقد زينت الخلافة و ما زانتك, و رفعتها وما رفعتك, و لهي إليك أحوج منك إليها

“Ibn hajar heithami” and ‘Manavi” have quoted that when Commander of faithful [AS] became caliph. Some came and said a praise about Ali [AS]. “Sabet ibn qeis” said a very pleasant sentence about Ali’s virtues [AS]. “khazimah ibn sabet”  said very amazing sentences about his virtues that reading it is very enjoyable. “Saesae ibn sohan” stood and said a poem:

والله یا امیرالمومنین لقد زينت الخلافة و ما زانتك, و رفعتها وما رفعتك,  و لهي إليك أحوج منك إليها

Ali [AS] you’ve given ornament to the caliphate, not that caliphate to be ornament for you, it’s you who elevated caliphate by accepting it, not that caliph to escalate you. Caliphate needs you, not that you need it.

Refer to the book “the history of yaghoobi” v 2, p 179

“Abdu Allah Omar” was asked, what did you used to say about the virtues of companions, we would say: “Abu bakr” Omar” and then “Othman”!!

«فقال له رجل فعلی, قال ابن عمر ویحک, علی من أهل البیت لا یقاس بهم, علی مع رسول الله فی درجته, ان الله یقول و الذین آمنوا و اتبعتهم ذریتهم ففاطمة مع رسول الله فی درجته و علی معهما

Someone said to “Abdu Allah Omar” so what about Ali [AS], he said: Woe to you, Ali [AS] is amongst “Ahl al bayt” and is incomparable with them, his position is very higher than “Omar” and “Abu bakr”, Ali’s [AS] position is the same as Prophet in heaven.

Refer to the book “Shavahed al tanzil” from “Hakem haskani” v 2, p270. “Zahabi” uses of the word ”Imam” writing about him.

“Ibn hajar heythami” has a great sentence about Ali [AS], he says:

«و اخرج ابن عساکر قال ما نزل فی احد من کتاب الله ما نزل فی علی» «و اخرج ابن عساکر عنه قال نزلت فی علی ثلاث مأئة آیة»


The number of holy Quran verses revealed about Ali [AS] have not been revealed about any body. About 300 verses have been revealed about Ali [AS].

Then he says: “Teyrani” have said 18 virtues for commander of faithful [AS] that no one had them.

Three traits of Commander of faithful [AS] that Omar whished them:

Then he quotes that second caliph said:

«لقد أعطی علی ثلاث خصال لأن تکون لی خلصة منها احب الی من حمرالنعم»

God gave three traits to Ali [AS] that if I had one of them it’d be better for me than a red-hair camels.

 فسُئل ماهی

He was asked: what are those traits that you wish to have them?

Dear Sunni! It’s not my talk or Sheikh Tusi’s talk, “Ibn hajar” says it and says that its document is valid. ”Omar” answered:

تزویجه ابنته

Prophet gave his daughter to Ali [AS] [they married each other]

و سکناه فی المسجد لا یحل لی فیه ما یحل له

He closed all entrance doors of companions towards masque except the door of Ali’s [AS] house and said no one has wright to come to masque when they’re polluted, except me and Ali [AS].

والرایة یوم خیبر

The flag that prophet [PBUH] gave to Ali [AS] “Kheibar” war.

Al savaeq Al muhraqah, vol. 2, p. 373, Published by: Institute Al resalah - Lebanon - 1417 H 1997, first edition, researcher: Abdul Rahman ibn Abdullah Al-Turki -

“Sahih muslem” has quoted the matter of flag [third thing that “Omar” wished to have] he says: on the day of “Kheybar” war that “Abu bakr” went but failed, the same thing happened to “Omar”, Prophet [PBUH] got upset and said I’ll give this flag to some one that.

یحب الله و رسوله, و یحبه الله و رسوله, قال فتطاولنا لها

His soul if filled with god’s grace ,both god and prophet [PBUH] like him, tomorrow, we’ll see that who will get this happiness.

Sahih Muslem, vol. 4, p. 1871, Published by: dar al ehya Al turas Arabi - Beirut, researcher: Muhammad Fuad Abdul baghi.

Prophet [PBUH] gave the flag to Ali [AS], it means Ali has the highest trait, he likes god and Prophet [PBUH] they like him too.

“Zemakhshari” say: I don’t see higher virtue than it for Ali [AS]. This is the Ali [AS] that we’re proud of.

These days are coincidence with the death anniversary of “Imam Khomeini” who really did great services which are unique in the history of Islam [after what Shiite imam did]. He gave reputation to Islam and introduced Islam to the world as it was seemly.

Audacity to “Imam Khomeini”.

I don’t want to disturb the mind of viewers and make them upset. But “Naethel” of the time, who doesn’t keeps insulting and cursing, today I watch part of his program, he began insulting “Imam Khomeini” and quoting his will and….

You don’t even deserve to clean “imam khomeini’s shoes, you’re very more despicable than it, you know it well. My friends undermined you reputation and decried you and proved your illiteracy. Who do you think you’re talking about such prominent figure. You don’t even dare to debate with us. You say that our sect is right and Shiite sect is null. If you’re right come here and debate. Let’s have 10 minute scientific conversation with our scholars till it’s proven that you’re illiterate! You’re foolish, you know no thing, you just curse and insult and don’t have any reputation.

I don’t think no one has insulted companions” as much as “Muhammad ibn abdul wahhab” if you’re really right, well, answer what we said. “Ibn taymiyah” says decisively that all companions are the enemy of Commander of faithful [AS]. Well discuss about such matters to see if someone really has said such words about companions during these 14 centuries. Answer it, you say his our Imam higher than even Prophet [PBUH].

“Ibn taymiyah” says decisively:

«فان کثیرا من الصحابة و التابعین کانوا یبغضونه, و یسبونه, و یقاتلونه,

Many of companions had the enmity toward Ali [AS] in their heart. Would course Ali [AS], and fight him.

Menhaj al-Sunnah Al nabavyah; vol. 7, p. 137, Published by: Institute Qertabah – first edition, researcher: d. Reshad Mohammed Salem.

Is that really true that some of companions were Ali’s enemies? And had enmity toward him? And would course him? You say that Prophet [PBUH] said:

یا علی لاَ يُحِبُّكَ الا مُؤْمِنٌ وَلاَ يُبْغِضُكَ الا مُنَافِقٌ

Musnad Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, vol. 1, p. 95 Published: Institute Qertabah Egypt. So you proved the blasphemy of all companions. It’s written in holy Quran:

(إِنَّ الْمُنافِقينَ فِي الدَّرْكِ الْأَسْفَلِ مِنَ النَّارِ وَ لَنْ تَجِدَ لَهُمْ نَصيراً)

Lo! the hypocrites (will be) in the lowest deep of the Fire, and thou wilt find no helper for them.

Do you want more than it? Answer it.

He says I’m happy that people in Tehran hear me. Yes we’re happy but they don’t know what a black case he has. Iranians realized such things this the grace of god and the result ofprophet’s curse, the result of Fatima’s [AS] curse. Then they talk about someone with such black case, who doesn’t say except irrelevant, wrong and nonsense talks. I ask dear viewers to watch third session of this program too, to see how Fatima’s [AS] children decry them.


“Imam Sadegh” [AS]says: those who are against “Ahl al bayt” , write against them, insult them, they must be decried! This is the result of his talk and we should live up to “Imam Sadegh’s talks.

Today he was reading part of will of Imam khomeini, you can’t even read Persian correctly! “Imam Khomeini” is an international figure, he’s a source of emulation and faqih, He’s tried a lot for Islam. who you’re to read his will.

Two indelible books from “Imam Khomeini”

I advise dear viewers, those who are not against Islamic revolution to read two amazing works of this great man. 1: “the light of guidance and leadership” that I swear I’ve never seen such book about the position of “Imam and Emamat”. Of course he says I don’t want those who haven’t studied philosophy and mysticism to read my book. 2: “the secret of prayer” I always read several line of this book if it’s possible. When you read it your prayers will be different, I really feel that he’s talking to you. Month of “Ramadan” is close, he has a book called “the description of dawn prayer” I advise you to read it several times to feel the joy of praying and worshiping in this month.


Thank you very much, narratives that you read at the first of the program and what you said about Imam Khomeini were useful.

Tonight we want to talk about commander of faithful. If viewers remember, our former discussion was about “Emamt and caliphate” and “Thaqalayn hadith”. Tonight we talk about the birth of “Kaaba”. At such night an amazing and unique event occurred, the birth of someone inside the “Kabba” who is named commander of faithful [AS]. Tonight we want to see if this event has written is Sunni books with valid document or not?!

The birth of commander of faithful inside the house of “Kaaba”, in Sunni books!

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini:

“Hakem neyshabury” is a great figure amongst Sunni. “Zahabi” says about him:

«امام المحدثین»

He’s the leader of hadith narrators.

Tazkerat al hufaz, vol. 3, p. 1039, Publishing House: the house scientific books – Beirut.

“Soyuti” says about him:

«کان امام عصره فی الحدیث العارف به حق معرفته»

He was the leader in hadith at his time. He knew hadith as it deserved.

“Hakem neyshabury” says:

فَقَدْ تَوَاتَرَتِ الْأَخْبَارِ أَنَّ فَاطِمَةَ بِنْتَ أَسَدٍ وَلَدَتْ أَمِيرَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ عَلِيَّ بْنَ أَبِي طَالِبٍ كَرَّمَ اللَّهُ وَجْهَهُ فِي جَوْفِ الْكَعْبَةِ

There are successive narratives that “Fatim” the daughter of “Asad”, gave birth to Commander of faithful [AS] inside the “Kaaba”

Mustadrak Vol. 3, p. 550 and vol. 3, p. 485 new edition, searched by: Mustafa Abdul.   

And other Sunni elders such as: “Ganji shafei” that Sunni have strange sentences about him. One of them said that “Ganji shfei” is Shiite but “Allameh safdari” who is famous amongst Sunni scholars, says:

«کان اماما محدثا»

“Ganji” was leader and narrator of hadith.

“Ganji shafei” is amongst seventh century scholars, he says:

«ولدت امیر المومنین علی بن ابی طالب بمکة فی بیت الله الحرام لیلة الجمعه و لم یولد قبله و لا بعده مولود فی بیت الله الحرام اکراما له بذلک اجلالا لمحله بتعظ

Commander of faithful [AS] was born inside the “Kaaba” at Friday night. No one was born inside the Kaaba, neither before nor after him. With his birth in “Kaaba” god cherished and praised the high position of Ali [AS].

This is what he says about commander of faithful [AS]. That day someone had called...   


Yes, he called, and said “Shafei” was Shiite too, I said, well, praise thank goodness.

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini:

One day they might say that “Bukhari” and “Muslem” were Shiite!!. Ok, give them to us, what they have said and is accepted by us we’ll use of them and about rest of them, we’ll say they are invalid, because we don’t believe that a book is faultless!

 “Zahabi” says about “Sebt al juzi”:

 «کان اماما فقیها واعظا علامة فی التاریخ و السیر»

He was leader, fagih, eloquent, scientist in the science of history and tradition.

The history of Islam, v 48, p 184; published by: house of Arabic book- Lebanon / Beirut - researcher: d. Omar Abdul Salam Tadmeri.

“Sebt ibn juzi” says in the book “ The biography of especial companions” that commander of faithful was born inside the “kaaba”. And “Ibn sabbagh maleki”- even if you say that he was Shiite we accept him! provided you omit the word “Maleki” in the books- he quotes from ”Gnaji shafei” the same thing that we said:

«و لم يولد في البيت الحرام قبله أحد سواه، و هي فضيلة خصه الله تعالى بها إجلالا له,و إعلاء لمرتبته و إظهارا لتكرمته

Ali [AS] is the only person who was born in “kaaba” and his birth in “Kaaba” is trait that god has allocated it to Ali [AS] to praise him. And god wanted to elevate his position and gave him such special privilege.

Important chapters in knowing Shiite Imam [AS], Ibn Sabbagh, vol. 1, p. 171.

And “Masudi”, some say that he’s Sunni some other say he’s Shiite. M.R “Taj Al din sabki” who is amongst Sunni elders and scientific pillars, says in his book “ the levels of great Shafei” v 3, p 456, that “Ali ibn Hussein masudi” is “Shafei”.

He has such expression in his book “Murooj al zahab” v 1,p 313, that Ali [AS] was born in Kaaba”. And “Dehlavi” has said in the book “ezalat al khafa” that Ali [AS] was born inside the house of “Kaaba”, I don’t think that one dares to say that “Dehlavi” is Shiite because him and his son are among the leaders of Sunni Wahhabis.

M.R “azim abadi” says about “dehlavi” in the book “ the aid of creature in the interpretation of “Ibn davod traditions” v 12, p 253:

 «الشیخ الاجل المحدث ولی الله دهلوی»

The grate master, hadith narrator, vali Allah dehlavi.

“Ghasemi” says about “Dehlavi”:

«الامام العارف الکبیر الشیخ»

“Dehlavi” was leader and Imam, a great master.

And finally, M.R “halabi” died in 1044 H, says in the book “ sirat al halabiyah” v 1, P 226, that commander of faithful was born in “kaaba” while prophet [PBUH] had 30 years old. 


I want ask if there is another “Wahhabi” scholar who has talked about this matter that Ali [AS] was born in “Kaaba” or not except “Dehlavi” that you talked about him?

The affirmation of “Wahhabi” scholars on the birth of commander of faithful in “Kaaba”.

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini:

Among Wahhabi scholars, “Seyed Muhammad aloosi” writes in his book:

 انت العلی الذی فوق العلی رفعا, بطن مکة وسط البیت اذ وضعا

Ali [AS]you’re that great man who is greater than any great, when you were born in “Kaaba” you became higher than any height and became greater than any great.


Then he says:

کون الامیر کرم الله وجهه ولد فی البیت امر المشهور,  و ذکرت فی کتب الفریقین السنة و الشیعه

This fact that Ali [AS] was born in “Kaaba” is clear state, it’s written in both Shiite and Sunni books. Then he says Ali [AS] is the only person who was born in “Kaaba” and says:

 و انت انت الذي حطّت له قدمٌ, في موضع يده الرحمن قد وضعا.

Ali, you’re the one who stepped in “Kaaba”, you stepped on a place that god had put his hand.

“Kheir al din zarkuli salafi” says about “Aloosi”:

«مفسر محدث کان سلفی الاعتقاد»

“Aloosi is exegete, hadith narrator and is salafi.

Al ealam zarkul, v 7, p 176.

This salafi person [Aloosi] has a well-said sentence, I ask viewers to pay attention:

«وقيل: أحب عليه الصلاة والسلام ( يعني عليا ) أن يكافئ الكعبة حيث ولد في بطنها»

Ali [AS] was born in ”Kaaba”, he felt he owes “Kaaba” and wanted to pay his debt.

How he paid his debt, when he stepped on Prophet’s shoulder and destroyed all  idols. This sentence is very meaningful.

حيث ولد في بطنها بوضع الصنم عن

He wanted to make up this favor of “Kaaba” by destroying idols.

Then it’s written:

فإنها كما ورد في بعض الآثار كانت تشتكي إلى الله تعالى کعبه عبادة الأصنام حولها و تقول: أي رب, حتى متى تعبد هذه الأصنام حولي؟  والله تعالى يعدها بتطهيرها من ذلك

“Kaaba” would complain to god, worshiping idols around the “Kaaba”. “Kaaba” kept saying, my god, how long these idols are worshiped next to me? god promised “Kaaba” that one day they’re removed.


Commander of faithful [AS] made up the favor of “Kaaba” by destroying idols on the “Kaaba”. I’ve said a lot if even someone works for Commander of faith full to show off, commander of faith ful [AS] will make it up for him. Even when one of “Mogul” tyrant commanders reached to “Najaf” [at war]bent when he was on the horse unwillingly, and bowed down after seeing commander of faithful’s holy shrine. It’s said it made commander of faithful to prepare the arrangements of his guidance and he became Shiite Muslim.


Thank you. Is there any contemporary scholar who accepts the birth of commander of faithful [AS] in “Kaaba?

The confession of Sunni contemporary scholars on the birth of commander of faithful, in “Kaaba”

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini:

 Among contemporary scholars as far as I remember, “Abbas Mahmoud eghad” famous Egyptian writer who is a prominent figure, says:

«ولد علي في الکعبه و کرم الله وجهه عن السجود لأصنامها فکأنما کان ميلاده ثمة ايذانا بعهد جديد للکعبة و للعبادة فيها»و کاد علي أن يولد مسلما و بل لقد ولد مسلما علي التحقيق اذا نحن نظرنا ميلاد العقيدة و الروحلأنه فتح عينيه أمام الإسلامو لم يعرف قط عبادة الأصنام وفهو قد تربي في البيت الذي خرجت منه الدعوة الإسلامية

Ali [AS] was born inside the “Kaaba”, god cherished him from the prostration of idols, as if the birth of Ali [AS] in “Kaaba” was a new treaty for “Kaaba” and worshiping in there. Ali [AS] was definitely born as a Muslim. It’s certain. Because the birth of Commander of faithful [AS] was the birth of believing in Islam and Islamic rule. He opened his eyes to Islam and his eyes were never familiar with the idol and idolatry. Ali [AS] was treated in a place that the spirit and the soul of Islam and inviting to Islam were spread across the world from there.


Thank you. Despite of tonight is the night of the birth of commander of faithful [AS] but what you said about Ali [AS] made us shedding tear. One of the questions that is very import and has written in Shiite books is the story of naming Commander of faithful I want to know if it’s written in Sunni books or not.

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini:

It’s written in Shiite books that “ibn shahr ashoob”- who is a Shiite historian and has been approved by Sunni , and “Ibn hajar asqalani” has quoted many things from him- says: when “Kaaba” was cut open, “Fatima” the daughter of “Asad” went in and remained there for two, three days. People were around “Kaaba” till she came out and gave Ali [AS]to his father “Abu taleb” and he raised his hand and said:

يَا رَبِّ يَا ذَا الْغَسَقِ الدُّجِي * ‏وَ الْقَمَرِ الْمُبْتَلِجِ الْمُضِي‏” بَيِّنْ لَنَا مِنْ حُكْمِكَ الْمَقْضِي‏ * مَا ذَا تَرَى فِي اسْمِ ذَا الصَّبِي‏ ‏.

Oh, god of heavens and earths, Oh, god of gloomy night and light days and shiny sun, god tell us from your final decree what to call him.

It’s been quoted that a green tablet appeared.


خُصِّصْتُمَا بِالْوَلَدِ الزَّكِي‏ * وَ الطَّاهِرِ الْمُنْتَجَبِ الرَّضِي‏ * فَاسْمُهُ مِنْ شَامِخٍ عَلِي *‏ عَلِيٌّ اشْتُقَّ مِنَ الْعَلِي‏.

We made this child pious, chaste. He was named by god. His name is Ali derived from supreme Ali.

The virtues of Ali ibn abi taleb [ibn shahr ashoob], v 2, p 174

Even late “Ibn shahr ashoob says that this tablet that suddenly appeared hung on beside “Kaaba” till the time of  ”Hesham ibn abdul malek”. And “Hafez ganji” that we talked about him, says

فسمع صوت هاتف و يا اهل بيت المصطفي النبي خصصتم بالولد الزکي  أن اسمه من شامخ علي علي اشتق من العلي

A sound was heard, Oh, prophet’s Ahl al bayt, you were given virtue son.


Yes master this virtue is very valuable for commander of faithful [AS]. They say why god hasn’t given this trait to Prophet [PBUH] if it’s a potent trait?

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini.

I’ll say in short. God has put some traits for some of people, Prophet is not supposed to have anything that others have saying because he doesn’t have this trait so it’s kind of fault. Well “Jesus” was born without parents and it’s a great virtue we can’t say why it didn’t happen to Prophet [PBUH] despite his higher position than “Jesus” [AS]. Or for instance the stick of “Moses” [AS] would turn into dragon why it didn’t happen for Prophet [PBUH]. or Jesus would revive dead people, this is god’s will to give anything to anybody that he wants. And we believe that Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is higher than all Prophets and anything that other Prophets had it was because of the blessing of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. Prophet said to Ali [AS] you have some virtues that I don’t have, you have a father in- law like me but I don’t have it! You have spouse like Fatima [AS] god hasn’t given me a spouse like Fatima [AS]. this isn’t a fault for prophet [PBUH].


Thank you this is our last question. They keep saying on Wahhabi channels that the birth of commander of faithful in “Kaaba” that was full of idols is not virtue for him, what do you say master?

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini:

1: if some misuse of holy place and a prominent figure, their misusing can’t undermine the holiness of that place or the reputation of that honorable figure! They misused of holy “Kaaba” is that mean the fault of “Kaaba”

2: Prophet [PBUH] would perform “Tawaf” around this “Kaaba” that was full of Idols, before his Hijra. Prophet performed “tawaf” around this “Kaaba” that had 360 idols within! So prophet [PBUH] performed “Tawaf” around the house of idols? Muslims would say prayer before this “Kaaba”

3: Prophet [PBUH] and Muslims would say prayer toward this “Kaaba” before conquering “Mecca”

4: despite all his power and strong  governance and his saber-rattling for ”Quraysh” in “Badr” war, he decided to perform “Tawaf” around the “Kabba” with 360 idols but idolaters didn’t let him and it led to “Hudaybiyah” peace treaty.

So it shows that they talk without thinking and knowledge and what they say is baseless.


Thank you very much master. At this blessing night you reminded us the greatness of Commander of faith full. “Ayeshe” the mother of believers says:

“ ذکر علی عباده

And we’re really grateful to god for doing us favor to remind and cite the virtues of Ali [AS]

The contact of viewers:

Viewer: [M.R khosravani- Shiite]

Hello. I congratulate this blessing night to you and M.R doctor Qazvini. There was a while that I wanted to call, thank goodness I could contact at this night. When “Noah” [AS] was building his ark, “Gabriel” appeared and told him to hang some names on this ship and the document of this narrative is valid.

n amazing historical discovery.

 In June 1951, during a digging conducted by Russian experts, archaeologists found several tablets that one of them was intact in dimensions of 42 to 30 cm. they invited some linguists and graphologists to identify this tablet. After three years research they realized that it’s for “Noah” ark, and there are some words on that tablet in “Samani” language:

 یا الله یاور من به حق محمد صلی الله علیه و علی علیه السلام و فاطمه و شیر و شبیر!

this tablet is being kept in “Moscow” paleontology department and it’s one of Shiite documents. “Wahhabis” specially M.R “Hashemi” should know that it’s a document of the greatness of “Ahl al bayt” and commander of faithful, it proves that Ali’s [AS] caliphate was right.


Thank you.

Ayatollah doctor Hosseini Qazvini:

That piece of “Noah” ark is the alive document for the rightfulness of Islam religion and Shiite sect, it was found in Russia and as our dear brother said there expressions on that tablet and seven prominent professors and figures after eight month research compering letters with other scripts they discovered what our dear viewer just said.


Thank you master and I thank to M.R “Khosravani” for telling such point.

Viewer: [M.R shahnavazi- Sunni]

Hello. I have a question about traits of Ali [AS] that “Ayatollah Qazvini” talked about them, Sunni accepts all of them except this that he’s the birth of “Kaaba” but about other traits if a Sunni person doesn’t believe them he’s Muslim faith is incomplete, this is amongst our beliefs, and about other companions such as prophet’s [PBUH] successors we say that all of them have the same position as commander of faithful and we expect you and honorable expert…


sound is breaking up I can’t hear you. Well, we couldn’t understand part of you talks. Find a Telephone calling us again.

Viewer: [M.R Shakibayi- Shiite]

Hello. I congratulate the birth of commander of faith full [AS].

It was long time that I wanted to contact this channel but it was busy. I want to say someone has eye and a house which is more important for him? Well, it’s clear his eye. “Kaaba” is the house of god and commander of faithful [AS] the eye of god, is the hand and sword of god. In my opinion “Kaaba” should be proud that Ali [AS] was born there so it’s not a virtue for Ali [AS] to be born in “Kaaba” it’s an honor for “Kaaba” that Ali [AS] was born there. I want to say one, two narratives, we should really be proud of being Shiite. “Imam Sadegh” says: someone came to commander of faith ful [AS] swear to god I like you! Ali [AS] said: it’s not so and he said: swear to god I like and Ali [AS] repeated that sentence again. That man said: I swear to god that there’s no god but him that I like you. Ali [AS] said: swear to god that there is no god but him, it’s not so.

That man said: I swear that I like you but you swear that it’s not so. Swear to god you’re aware of my heart! Narrator says, Ali [AS] got angry, raised his both hand toward sky and said: how is that possible despite of god almighty created spirits two thousand years before bodies then he made us aware of our friends and enemies, swear to god I didn’t see you among our friends, we were you?


Thank you for you calling M.R “Shakibayi”.

Viewer: [M.R keikha – Shiite]

Greeting to you and Ayatollah Qazvini, and congratulate this great day to all Shiites across the world.

I want to say that I always watch your programs as well as all Sunni T.V programs. There are things in my mind that I want to talk about them. They keep saying in their programs that the “Khoms” [among Shiite Muslims) one-fifth of the prizes of war, of the revenues of mines and mine-like resources, of the annual balance of money remaining with every household after all expenditures…]  we pay is haram [prohibited], I don’t have, to pay and those who don’t believe it won’t pay, so what’s problem with paying “Kmoms” by some of people?, it’s not their concern to say that paying it is haram. I know someone who brings narcotic from Afghanistan he swore that I donate ten billion Rials [250000 dollars] to our neighborhood mosque. Is this money halal or haram? I ask master to explain about it. At the time of Prophet [PBUH] commander of faithful [AS] had amazing power with the permission of god and would do anything against idolaters in any way that prophet [PBUH] would ask. So why he didn’t defend his spouse? Didn’t Ali [AS] have such permission to fight An Islamic government for  himself or his family?. Please explain about it. Thank you

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

That guy that you said about his donation. Look, claiming is different than truth. When there isn’t reason for the claim we can’t accept it. Apparently it’s not forbidden amongst Sunni and recently “Mulavi abdul hamid” said that the death sentence for smuggling narcotic is illegitimate and against the religion. About paying “Khoms”, they say where is written that we should pay “Khoms” to religious resources? We say it’s written in holy Quran to pay “Khoms” to religious resources.

On the other hand paying ”khoms” is amongst the necessities of Shiite Figh. Quran verse implies paying “khoms” and there are numerous narratives that it must be paid. About narrative that say we don’t need to pay “khoms”, god willing we’ll explain about them. Lack of paying “Khoms” is for slaves and guys like those who get captive by tyrant rulers and it didn’t have legitimate responsibility.

Shiites would get these slaves and they would give birth to kid. To give birth to a healthy kid not a kid that is born via adultery, Shiite imams [AS] they don’t need to pay our due [lenient on Shiite], otherwise we have a valid narrative from Imam Mahdi [AS] that he said: god, angles and all jinn damn the Muslim who doesn’t pay even one cent of our due.

Yes, all scholars issue religious decree  and we have narratives from commander of faithful [AS] and other Shiite imams [AS] about paying “Khoms”. Some say people would pay ”Khoms” in third century, such talks are baseless, these ignorant persons are illiterate, if they dare, come and debate with us about “Khoms”. Well, contact us we’ll give you time to talk.

If they are seeking truth let’s debate and talk on the phone or in person. We’ve already told them to debate with each other till people realize which side is right, but they didn’t dare.

But about his last point that why Ali [AS] didn’t defend his spouse, for the same reason that he didn’t pull his sword after Prophet’s death and didn’t attend in conquers- neither the conquers at the time of “Abu bakr” nor “Omar” nor “Othman”- he didn’t defend his spouse, however we believe that he defended Fatima [AS]. We’ve already answered this question.


Thank you very much. Next person is “Hamid” from our Sunni brothers. Hello.

Viewer: [Hamid- Sunni]

Hello, I have several questions. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] gave good tiding to ten of his companions about going to heaven. “Abu bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali [AS], Zubair, Talhe, Saed ibn zeid, Abu obaid jarah, abdul rahman ibn auf and sa’ad ibn abi vaqas!

“sa’ad ibn abi vaqas” is the one who made Iran upside down. All monarchs and hypocrites became Muslim at his time.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

Ask your question, don’t explain my dear brother.


1: did Prophet [PBUH] give them good tiding about going to heaven!?

2: has it ever happened that one of Shiite imams [AS] governs for Muslims in two holy mosques [in Mecca] and “Medina” and majority of medias are Sunni. and majority of Muslims are Sunni too. 

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

May I ask you a question.


I’m not “Mulavi” [Sunni scholar].

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

I’m happy, that as Sunni Muslim you talked politely and we’re proud of you dears.


We even ask guidance for our enemies who seek our life.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

Prophet’s companions were about 120 thousand persons that god gave good tiding to ten of them about going to heaven.


You know what, these ten companions that I said their name, prophet [PBUH] accepted their sacrificing.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

I’m not going to talk about the validity of this narration. When Prophet [PBUH] passed away he had 120 thousand companions and had given good tiding to ten of them. So what about others, aren’t they Elysian?


On the day of  “last haj”, prophet Muhammad [PBUH]…

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

Answer my question.


11 thousands of 120 thousand companions were buried in “Medina” and rest of them sacrificed their life for Islam.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

Well, those who sacrificed their life, are they Elysian or not?


God knows better, he has said I’m pleased of them.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

So god has announced that they are Elysian?



Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

So, what does that mean that god has given good tiding to ten of them? If it means that he hasn’t given good tiding to others? You say these 120 thousand companions are Elysian and god has announced his satisfaction from them in Quran. So what about these 10 companions you say just 10 of companions were given good tiding about going to heaven, if “Ayeshe” is among them?


No, it’s no. why don’t you the name of Fatima [AS]?

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

We’ll talk about that too. Step by step.


No, you just said “Ayeshe”, you’re against us saying that he’s the mother of believers, is our mother, well imagine he’s your mother. According to Quran verse prophet [PBUH] didn’t divorce her.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

Ok,”Ayeshe”, “Hafseh” and “Fatima” [AS]. Has god given them good tiding about going to heaven? Why has god not given them good tiding.


Ask god because god ordered Prophet [PBUH] to give them good tiding about going to heaven.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

Thank you “Hamid”.


Thank you. Hello M.R “mir” we’re at your serve.

Viewer: [M.R “MIR”- Shiite]

Hello. More power to you.

Ayatollah doctor Qazvini:

Before he starts talking, I say something about what previous person said. He said that Sunni is in majority and … firstly, if majority is criteria, well the number of Christians is more than us about 33% of world’s population are Christian. 5.2% of people are Muslim and in about eighteen verses, majority has been attacked such as “many of them don’t know” or “many of them are libertine” and…

Look my dear brother, majority and minority aren’t the criteria for rightfulness. The criteria is this that any tribe lives up to god’s and Prophet’s orders, this is right, even if one person on the earth lives up to their orders, that guy is right and even if all people are unbeliever, it can’t be effective on his rightfulness.


I congratulate the birth of commander of faithful [AS] to all Shiites? I want to know if being the companion of the cave is a virtue or not? Is that true that “Omar” was the groom of Ali [AS] because I searched and some scholars say, he was Ali’s groom some other say no he wasn’t. I’m living in “Zahedan” province and have communication with Sunni, I see that they just perform “Wudu” for morning prayer and say their next prayers with the same “Wudu” performed for morning prayer, I want to see if it’s legitimate or not?




Thank you M.R “mir”. It seems that M.R “Shahnavazi” has called us again via telephone. Hello again. Viewer: “M.R shahnavazi “

Since your program is about commander of faithful [AS], I want to say anything that dear master said about Ali [AS] is amongst Sunni beliefs and it’s not like that we underestimate him



We know Sunni as the enthusiast of commander of faithful [AS] they are different than” Wahhabis.




We say if a Sunni, god forbid, underestimates Ali [AS] his religion is incomplete. As Sunnis cherish other companions, respect Ali [AS] as well. This is amongst our belief. As you state the traits of Ali [AS], Sunnis expect you to say the traits of other companions, at least avoid finding fault with them. “Omar, Abu Bakr, Othman, were amongst elder companions. Why do Shiites hold grudge against “Omar”? please explain about it.


Ayatollah doctor Qazvini

I’ll answer you, let’s listen to the next viewer


Viewer [Ali- Shiite]


Hello. I congratulate the birth of Commander faithful [AS] I have a question, they say “Omar”…




Unfortunately, communication was cut off.  Thank you “Ali” we couldn’t be at you service.


Ayatollah doctor Qazvini


About what M.R “Mir” said that if the companion of the cave is a virtue? Yes, it’s. if it’s proven that Prophet [PBUH] himself ordered that for instance: “Abu Bakr” you come with me and if it’s proven that he has announced his satisfaction and prophet says in a narrative that his presence in the cave is virtue, yes it’ll be a virtue! But what is written in Sunni books is that Prophet [PBUH] didn’t tell him let’s go with each other and we didn’t see any consent announcement of his presence in there, in Sunni narrative books. We have a question from them, god says in Quran, surah AL-TAWBA: 



إِذْ هُما فِي الْغار


“ implies that they were two.   يَقُولُ لِصاحِبِه Implies two persons, and "هما"

فَأَنْزَلَ اللَّهُ سَكينَتَهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ أَي      


in here “peace” comes to prophet [PBUH] while it is written in surah


أَنْزَلَ اللَّهُ سَكينَتَهُ عَلى‏ رَسُولِهِ وَ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِني


I want Them to answer that why “peace of reassurance” has been sent down upon Prophet? If you

say it returns to “Abu bakr”, It’ll be against these two verses, even your elders say that  pronoun refers to prophet [PBUH].

وَ أَيَّدَهُ بِجُنُودٍ


It refers to prophet too. I want them to respond. Of we’re not finding fault, if some wants do so in this field, I’ll disagree.

But, if “Omar” was the groom of Commander of faithful [AS] or not? I’ve already said if It has happened in quit friendly atmosphere for instance: someone goes and propose to a girl and they accept it willingly, yes it’s kind of virtue! Look, Prophet [PBUH] married “umm Habibah” the daughter of “Abu Sufyan” in the sixth year of Hejira, was It possible for him to say in the middle of the war that prophet [PBUH] is my son-in-law. If being prophet’s father-in-law is the reason for good relationship.


Assuming that such thing is true that they keep talking about it, not only it’s not a virtue but if we probe into it, we’ll see that what is written in Sunni books is against them and second caliph.

This is “Imam Sadegh’s talk to have good relationship with Sunni.

It’s not like that Sunnis perform “Wudu” in the morning till afternoon and say all their prayers with that “Wudu”, they say sleeping doesn’t remove “Wudu” but    about “Wudu-nullifiers” they have the same opinion as Shiite.

But about what M.R “Shahnavazi” said: my dear brother, this is what we always say that insulting Sunni religious sanctities is an unforgivable sin and if anybody in “Velayat” channel has insulted Sunni religious sanctities willingly or unwillingly, I apologize to Sunni.


But saying historical facts is different than, insulting. What we said about companions is written in Sunni famous books with valid documents, don’t consider it as insulting. About what you said that why we hold grudge against “Omar”, well ask those who hold grudge we’re not responsible for what they say. We just try to say the truth about Shiite Imams in this program. If we say don’t insult Sunni, this is our “Imams” order and our religious resources order. We should speak politely. It’s not true to insult Sunnis and expect them to except what I say from Shiite Imams for them. When I hurt their emotions, well the y won’t listen to what Shiite imams say.




Thank you dear master. Please pray for us


Ayatollah doctor Qazvini

God I swear to you by the reputation of commander of faithful [AS] to hasten the reappearance of “Imam Mahdi” [AS] and put us as his particular companions. Dear Ali [AS] Please ask god to solve the problems of needy people and heal patients and fulfill needy people’s requests



Thank you very much dear master. God willing, god fulfills your prayers for us and will hasten the reappearance of “Imam” Mahdi [AS]. Thank you for watching us.


Good luck!


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