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Women are permitted to have more than one husband!
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Women are permitted to have more than one husband!

Ahmad Abdurrahim Sayeh, philosophy and belief professor at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, expressed his controversial remarks some days ago as the following:

"Polyandry" is not permitted in Islam unless the woman is divorced or a widow. Sayeh went on to discuss the issue: talking about Polyandry means to look down on women. It could happen in myths and history and has been gradually introduced into Islam by Muslims. One of the attributions ascribe to god almighty is Justice. Therefore, if Polygamy is a true claim, God 's justice also includes women in and let it be permissible for women to have more than one husband.

This professor of Al-azhar University continued: all the Quranic verses about having multiple spouses demonstrate that it is not a permitted action in Islam only in cases that the woman is a widow or divorcee. God says, for instance:

وإن خفتم ألا تقسطوا في اليتامى فانكحوا ما طاب لكم من النساء..» (سوره نساء).


Ahmad Aburrahim Sayeh added: at the beginning of this verse, conditional (إن) is visible. Here Setting conditions means that it is not a permissible action.

Sheikh Ali Abulbaghi, the general secretary at department of Islamic Studies, resisted against these statements and said: all jurists and religious scholars allowed "having multiple spouses" and consider it a legal action.


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