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Mickey Mouse and Jerry: Devil`s Soldiers!
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Mickey Mouse and Jerry: Devil`s Soldiers!

The prominent Saudi Mufti, who usually gives speech in a national television program, expressed his hatred of mice, particularly cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Jerry and called for the killing of all mice.


The weekly newspaper Die Welt declared that one of Saudi muftis in his speech claimed mice are "devil 's soldiers" and asked for the slaughtering of all mice. According to Sheikh Muhammad Munajid, Muslims must kill mice.


Meanwhile, one of the Arabi websites discussed the news about the prohibition of watching Mickey Mouse and Jerry on TV. Referring to this religious figure 's speech about mice, the German weekly newspaper Die Welt claimed that Islam always hates mice and knows them very disgusting.

Sheikh Muhammad Munajid referred to the hostile actions in children 's programs such as Mickey mouse and Tom & Jerry and declared them harmful and unsuitable for children. He also warned the media about the harmful effects of western animations.


The newspaper Chania Daily wrote about this speech and said this religious figure that was previously living in Washington DC as a Saudi Diplomat, insisted in his speech that the Arab Channels  stop airing Mickey Mouse cartoons.


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