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Eating Devil`s and Jinns` meat is Halaal!
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Eating Devil`s and Jinns` meat is Halaal!

The reason I consider it Halaal to eat Jinns ' meat is that a jinn usually appears in the shape of a camel and other livestock. accordingly, it is not alright to say prayer in a place where camels are found, since it is a gathering place for jinns.  

A Wahhabi Mufti from Egypt issued a new Fatwa which caused a new tumult in the Arab world and opened Wahhabism to criticism.

It is said the Wahhabi Mufti whose name is Muhammad Al-Zoghbi, in his new Fatwa declared it Halaal to eat jinns ' meat.

This Wahhabi Mufti attempted to justify his claim by saying: my reason for claiming it Halaal is that jinns are concretized in the shape of camels and other livestock. Therefore, one is not permitted to say prayer in a place where camels are let in, because it is a gathering place for goblins.


This extremist figure continued: eating the meat of a camel that is hunted by jinns is also alright because it would not remain permanently in the body of human or animal.

It is worth mentioning that Muhammad Al-Zoghbi spoke in a TV program that was aired on satellite channels every night in last Ramadan month. He suggested many weird and surprising ideas which had led to controversies for several times. The topic of his last year speech was death and grave.

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