In The Name Of Allah


The honorable compiler of this collection has quoted some hints of accusations and calumnies of AHLUL-BAYT’S ideology opponents and then has replied to them. Afterwards, he has mentioned 40 questions about caliphate and IMAMAT (Guardianship, leadership) and explained a part of realities with using Sunni community references. Reading of this pamphlet is recommended to public who are interested in and eager of Islamic education.


Invasion against Shiite! WHY?

Amongst the Islamic religions which exist, Shiite religion is the one which rose from factual Grand Prophet’s sunnat. Comparing this religion with others, Shiite are confirmed by governments and offers the best and richest plans in the area of Fiqh (religious jurisprudence), cultural, political and financial.

Shiite has never compromised with oppression and despotism in any condition and never gave up to governments and oppressor governors. As a result Shiite has been constantly under invasion of enemies and despotism governments have not refused any fight and vitiation of its holy aspects.

Shiite with inspiration of its justly leaders and pontiff, the master of believers (AMIRAL MUMININ), who says: (Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 47)

Has been constantly fighting against any manifestation of despotism and protection of the oppressed is its motto. But in the ideology of caliphs, not only you can not see any sign of fight against oppressors and despotic governments but also they do their best to render an account of oppressor governments’ despotism and by attributing some traditions to Grand Prophet they try to infuse their followers that the people’s responsibility is obeying community’s governors although they might be polluted with oppression and despotism because they are responsible for their own jobs and people are responsible for theirs. (SAHIH MUSLIM, VOL.6, P. 19, KITABUL IMARAH, BABUL AMR BISSABR INDA ZULMUL VULAH, SUNANUL BIYHAQI, VOL. 8, P. 158)

YES! How much difference between the words of highest religious and scientific position of religion (Omar Ibn Khattab) who said: If Islamic governors oppresses and causes assault and battery upon you and deprive you of your absolute rights and issue a command against religion and religious laws, your duty is to accept them without any dispute and all of them are include in religion! (SUNANUL BEYHAQI: 159/8: ALMUSANNAF LI IBN ABI SHIYBAH: 737/7; AD DURUL MANTHUR: 177/2: KANZUL UMMAL: 778/5)

And the slogan of freemen’s master Hussain Ibn Ali (peace upon him) who said on the day of Ashura: “Martyrdom in the way of fight against oppression and despotism is prosperity and life under the shadow of oppressor governments and comprise with them despotism are considered disgrace.” (MANAQIB IBN SHAHR ASHUB, VOL. 3, P. 224; BAHARUL ANVAR, VOL 44, P. 192)

And how much difference there is between Jurist consults of a religion who decree: “any revolt and fight against oppressor and lewd governors is contrary to religious rules” (SHARH SAHIH MUSLIM L.., VOL.12, P. 229; ILTIFAZANI; SHARHUL MAQASID, VOL. 2, P. 71, AL QAZI AL IJI, ALMAVAQIF, VOL. 8, P. 349) And jurist consults of a religion who says: “If the silence of religious scientists cause that oppressor governor dare to commit sin and creation of heresy, it is obligatory for them to break their silence and revolt against oppressors.” (TAHRIRUL VASILAH, VOL. 1 P.450)


Shocking statistics of invasion against Shiite Ideology


* Regarding to mentioned points, oppression governments were constantly fighting against Shiite religion with all their strength and facility and prevented from spread of anti oppression culture of Shiite. This method has been started from the separation of Ummah to two sects of Shiite and Sunni and extended as it continued.

* In recent years we have noticed extensive invasion from Vahabiyyat side toward holy aspects of Shiite culture. Considering the announcement of Iranian Embassy in Pakistan, it has been published and distributed various books with the quantity of thirty millions copies against Shiite only during one year. (TRATHNA MAGAZIN, NO.6, P. 32, ARTICLE: MAQEFUSH SHIITE MIN HAJAMATIL KHUSUM)

* Just during the days of HAJJ in 1381, it has been distributed ten millions and 685 thousands volumes with translations to 20 live languages often against Shiite by Saudi Government between pilgrims of God’s House. (MIQAT MAGAZIN, NO. 43, P. 198, QUOTED BY AKKAZ PAPER DATED 81/9/11)

* One of the outstanding Shiite Clergy in Qatif area of Saudi country mentioned on the night of 12th Rajab in Mecca: The book LILLAHI THUMMA LITTARIKH was distributed among Shiite in Qatif and Ihsa areas without any charges.

* The same book was published in 100,000Quantities and distributed which caused the liable scientist Mr. Mehri (Vali Faqih’s representative) to announce Kuwait government: “If it is not prevented the publication and distribution of this book, it is feared that Kuwait may convert to another Lebanon in the area” (ARRAYUL AM AL-KUWAIT PAPER, DATED 2001/06/30)

* Some investigation institutions have found or identified books against Shiite which published and distributed during 14 centuries. The statistics show that their quantity has exceeded 5000 titles which 3000 titles of them are Urdu, 1500 are Arabic and other 500titles have published in various other languages.

The contents of these books have been thoroughly studied and had been extracted from thousands of doubts in hundreds titles up to now.

Although these doubts of them originate from calumny, lie or ignorance, but it is considered scholars and researcher’s duty to answer these doubts.


The motive of extend of invasion after Islamic Revolution of Iran


It is interesting that 70 percent of mentioned books have been written and published after magnificent victory of Islamic revolution of Iran, in the other words, during 24 years it has been compiled near to 2/5 times more books against Shiite comparing 14 centuries period.

The reason is that the opponent of Ahlul-Bayt ideology never imagined that the rich culture of Shiite could bring Iranian nation to scene with unarmed hands but with a heart of full of belief and love toward Islam, overthrew the roll of armed to teeth government for ever which was supported in an excessive way by east and west and constitute Islamic government based on Shiite Fiqh (Jurisdiction) instead. So that is why, when opponents of Ahlul-Bayt ideology see their position in danger of with the extension of Shiite culture, try to unclear the holy scene of Shiite religion in the world with compiling anti Shiite books full of calumny and falsehood.  

We show the importance of this matter by mentioning some instances of faulty calumny:

1.      Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Gharib, a scientist from Egypt, writes in his book (VA JAA DAURUL MAJUS) which is full of lie and calumny: “Khomeini’s revolution is magi, non-Arab and Kasravi one, not an Islamic, Arabic and Muhammadian one” (VA JAA DAURUL MAJUS, P. 357).

He continues in such revengefulness and animosity way that writes: “we know that the danger of Tehran’s governors is more than the danger of the Jews and we do not expect any welfare from them (Tehran’s Governors) and know well that they soon conspire with the Jews and start attacking against Muslims” (The same, P. 374).

While the whole world are aware that there is no rigid enemy to Zionist usurper regime except Islamic government And the honor of this Islamic government is that, immediately upon the victory of Islamic revolution the embassy of Israel usurper government closed forever in Iran and Palestinian was established Instead.

2.      Dr. Nasir Iddin Ghafari, a professor of Saudian University has written in his book which was his P.H.D thesis: “Khomeini has entered his name into Azan and even his name is prior to grand prophet’s name. In Iran Azan for praying is in this way that after announcing the name of Khomeini as the governor of Iran and all of the Muslim community: ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, KHOMEINI RAHBAR, it means Khomeini is our leader then they say ASHHADU ANNA MUHAMMADAN RASULLULLAH. (OSULE MAZHABE SHIATUL IMAMIYAH, 1392/3)

The compiler: During discussions which I had with some students of UMMUL QURA University beside Allah’s House, I mentioned that if anyone listen and watch to Azan which is broadcasting daily from Islamic republic of Iran’s Audio and Visual, Jam-e-Jam network which is broadcasted in all countries especially Saudi Arabia, the lies and in dismissible calumny of this writer would be obvious.

It is surprising that the books which are written against Zionism in engaged Palestine are so less than the books which are written against Shiite.


Outlook of Shiite religion


One of the motives of Vahabiyyat extensive invasion against Ahlul-Bayt religion is their extreme fear of spread of holy culture, which has risen from holy Quran, among youth and educated and scientists and their reception of this holy ideology that is according to factual Muhammadanism Sunnah. Note at following instances:

1.      Dr. Esam Al-Imad, graduated from AL-IMAM MUHAMMAD IBN SAUD University in Riyadh who was Bin Baz’s (supreme mufti of Saudi) student and Imam of one of the grand Mosque of Sanaa and Vahabiyyat missionary in Yemen who wrote to prove Shiite’s blasphemy and polytheism. He believed in Shiite and left Vahabiyyat sect when he got familiar with holy culture of Shiite by getting acquainted with one of Shiite youth. He writes in a book which has compiled about this matter: “Certainly, by studying the books which have been published by Vahhabiyyat in this matter recently, we observe that they felt the sole religion of future will be 12-Imam Shiite.” (ALMUNHAJ ALJADID VASSAHIH FIL HIVAR MAA VAHHABIN, P. 178)

Then he quotes Abdullah Al-Ghoniman, Professor of Islamic University in Medina, said: “certainly Vahabiyyat have understood that the only religion which attracts Sunni and Vahhabiyyat’s followers toward itself is 12-Imam Shiite.”

2.      Mr. Shaykh Rabi Ibn Muhammad one of the great writers of Saudi Vahhabiyyat writes down: “what have caused my astonishment is that recently some Vahhabi brothers and children’s of outstanding scientific figures and students in Egypt believed in Shiite ideology.” (Introduction of the book: ASHIATUL IMMAMIYAH FI MIZANUL ISLAM, P.5)

3.      Shaykh Muhammad Mughravi, another outstanding Vahhabi writer writes: “with extension of Shiite religion among east lands people, it is feared to be extended among west land people as well.” (Introduction of the book MIN SABBAS SAHABA AND MUVIYATO FAUMMOHU HAVIYAH, P.4)

4.      Dr. Nasir Ghafari who is professor of Medina’s University writes down: “recently a lot of Sunni followers have inclined and believed in Shiite religion and if someone reads the book UNVANUL MAJD FI TARIKHUL BASRA VA NAJADO fears extremely that how some of Arabian tribes accepted Shiite religion completely.” (Introduction of USUL MAZHAB ASH-SHIATUL IMMAMIYAH AL-ATHNA ASHARI, VOL 1 P. 9)

5.       It is so interesting to hear the words of Shaykh Majdi Muhammad Ali Muhammad, one of the Vahhabi writers who says: “One of Sunni follower youth came to me in perplexity way, when I asked about his amazement, I conceived that one of Shiite had contacted him and this Sunni youth had Imagined that Shiite are blessing angels and are the righteous” (INTISARUL HAQ, P. 11, 14)


Some questions about Caliphate and Imamate


1-      You Sunni followers believe that grand prophet (S.A) did not determine any caliph and put this task (determination of caliph) upon people themselves.

If this action of grand prophet was right and expedient of nation and was a surety to people’s guidance, then it was compulsory for all to obey him because his actions must be example for those who are pious and believe in the last day: Indeed the messenger of Allah is an outstanding exemplar for those who have hope in Allah’s Grace and in the last day and who keep on saying Allah’s remembrance: SURA AL-AHZAB, VERSE 21.

As a result Abu-Bakr’s action who determined caliph was contrary to grand prophet’s Sunnah and resulted in deviation of Ummah.

Also Omar’s action that put the responsibility of caliph determination on six people council was contrary to grand prophet’s Sunnah and Abu-Bakr’s method as well. And if you say Abu-Bakr and Omar’s action was expedient of nation, then we must believe that grand prophet’s action was not correct! (AL-MUNAZIRAT FIL IMAMAT, P. 246, 259 – QISASUL ULAMA, 391 – SHAYKH SADUQ’S DEBATE WITH MALAK RUKNUD DALAH AND MAMUN’S DEBATE WITH SUNNI SCOLARS)

2-      The grand prophet would determine one of his companions as his successor when he left Medina just for a couple of days. He determined Ibn Umme Maktum as his successor when he was out in 13 wars like Badr, Ohud, Abva, Suvayq, Zaturriqa, Hajjatul Vida and … Also determined Abu Raham when he was leaving toward Mecca, Hunayn, Kheibar battles and determined Muhammad Ibn Muslimah at Qirqirah battle, Also Namilat Ibn Abdullah in Banil Mustalaq and Uvayf in Hudaybiya battle.

Regarding these, is it logical and rational that grand prophet leave Islamic Nation forever without determining successor? While he ever determined a successor for one day exit from Medina like Ohud war where it was distant just one Mile from Medina, Is it acceptable that grand prophet would determine successor for himself in Khandaq battle where it was beside Medina but did not do it for a long time after himself?

Can you find an instance in the mentioned cases that Grand prophet put that responsibility on the shoulder of people? Or did he consult in this matter with any of Muslims?

3-      From one side, you quoting in your tradition books that messenger of Allah said: “All of the prophets owned executors and successors and quoting  that Salman Farsi asked messenger of Allah: Each prophet had its own executor and successor, who is yours?” (AL-MUJAMUL KABIR: 221/6, MAJMAUZ ZAVAEID 113/9, FATHUL BARI: 114/8) and from other side you say that grand prophet did not determine anyone as his successor!

Was messenger of Allah an exception between all other divine prophets and was this specification of Grand Prophet? Or did he act contrary to custom of all other prophets? While glorious God has ordered messenger of Allah to obey from their guidance after he mentions the name of great prophets: Those were the ones whom Allah guided, so you too follow their guidance. (AL-ANAAM, Verse 90)

4-      You say: honorable messenger of Allah left this nation without determining caliph and successor and passed away. Did messenger of Allah put the responsibility of caliph determination on nation to choose anyone who they admire or consider him expedient as caliph? And did not messenger of Allah say anything about the condition of election and leadership and the qualification of participants’ candidates? Certainly this is not acceptable because honorable messenger of Allah passed away in a status in when Islamic community situated in a worst situation because from one side powerful governments of Rome and Iran was threatening Islamic government and grand prophet persistence to equip Jaysh Osamah is the best instance to prove this matter, and from other side hypocrites, polytheists and Jews were creating problems to Islamic Community everyday.

It is obvious, in this situation if the governor of a community were an ordinary person, he would not leave the community without a successor, then how can wisdom accept that messenger of Allah has left the community without assigning a caliph and successor? While messenger of Allah was the most sympathetic than others toward Muslims who did not refuse any welfare for Muslims, This noble verse from holy Quran is the best reason to prove the matter: [O, People!] there has come to you a messenger from among yourselves, your suffering grieves him, he is full of concern for your guidance and he kind and compassionate to the believers. (AT-TAUBAH, Verse 128)

Besides, believe in such matter is the most contempt against messenger of Allah who encountered Islamic community with the most difficult problem with such decision! Like Dr. Ahmad Amin an Egyptian scientist who says explicitly: “Grand prophet passed away without determining any successor or explains the way and terms of governor determination and encountered Islamic community without a leader and guardian which cause struggle among people and politicians, as a result governor determination is an urgent need in each society to prevent community involving in any chaos!” (FAJRUL ISLAM: 225)

5-      Based on quoting by Sahih Moslem: Hafsah reminded Omar to choose somebody as his successor and following that his son Abdullah says to him: if your shepherd leave camels and sheep without supervisor, will you protest him why you caused their destroy? So think of this nation and determine a caliph for them! Because observing the status of this nation is more necessary than status of camels and sheep! (SAHIH MOSLEM 5/6 (1823/3), KITABUL IMARAH, BABUL ISTIKHLAF VA TARAKAH, MOSNAD AHMAD: 47/1, ALMUSANNAF LI ABDIR RAZZAQ: 448/5)

6-      Also Ayisha send messages by aid of Abdullah Ibn Omar to Omar: Do not leave Mohammad’s nation without a shepherd and determine a caliph because I fear they get into nuisance! (AL-IMAMAH VAS SIYASAH:42/1 BI TAHQIQ ASH-SHIRI, 28/1 BI TAHQIQ AZ-AIEI)

In the same way, Muaviyah who intended to take fealty for his son Yazid, entered Medina and while conversing with Abdullah Ibn Omar among companions said: I extremely fear to leave prophet’s nation without any shepherd and pass away! (TARIKH TABARI: 226/4, AL-IMAMAH VAS SIYASAH: 206/1 BI TAHQIQ ASH-SHIRI, 159/1 BI TAHQIQ AZ ZINI)

And according to Ibn Sad quotation in Tabaqat, Abdullah Ibn Omar said to his father: if you recall somebody who is your attorney in fields, will you replace somebody for his position? Omar said: Yes! Abdullah asked: If you recall your sheep’s shepherd, will you assign somebody instead of him? He said: Yes! (TABAQAT IBN SAD, VOL.3, P. 343, TARIKH MADINAH DAMISHQ: 435/44)

Isn’t it the biggest insolence against messenger of Allah that he does not think of his nation as much as Ayisha, Hafsa and Muaviyah? And leave them alone without a leader? Was not there anyone to remind messenger of Allah to determine someone as his successor? Or ask him the style and method of caliph determination?

7-      Those who say: grand prophet passed away without will; do they know that they are attributing an action contrary to holy Quran and Sunnah to honorable Mohammad? Because holy Quran commands all Muslims to not die without leaving a will: When death approaches any of you [and the symptoms are observed] if he is wealthy and leaves behind some goods he should draw up a will to parents and his close relatives in their favor [or for any charity usage] this a duty upon the pious: AL-BAQARAH, Verse 180

Because the sentence “KUTIBA ALAYKUM (means he should…) shows the importance and necessity of belonging. And from other side messenger of Allah said: “The duty of every Moslem is having a will and every Moslem should not spend three nights of his life unless he put his will beside.”

While Abdullah Ibn Omar says: When I heard this hadith from messenger of Allah, I never slept any night without having will beside me. (SAHIH MOSLEM: 70/5, AVVALU KITABAL VASSIYAH).

Is it acceptable to say that Abdullah was bound to messenger of Allah’s words than grand prophet himself? Is it acceptable to say that Grand prophet say something that he does not act upon that? Glorious God says: Why do you say something which you do not act upon? And this difference between action and promise result in Allah’s wrath: O, you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? It causes Allah’s wrath gravely that you say [and promise] something that you do not fulfill: Verses 2&3 of AS-SAF.

And this contradiction was so clear that was protected by some narrators like Talhat Ibn Masraf who tells Abdullah Ibn Ufi said: How grand prophet command people to provide will, while he himself refuses doing it. (SAHIHUL BUKHARI: 186/3, KITABUL JAHAD: 144/5 BABUL MARAZUN NABI MIN KITABAL MUGHAZI: 107/6, BABUL VUSAT BI KITABILLAH)(MOSNAD AHMAD IBN HANBAL: 354/4, FATHUL BARI: 268/5, TUHFATUL AHVAZY: 257/6)

If verses and traditions of will does not denote its necessity, at least it denotes the license of will and it shows making one’s will is a good and acceptable action and it is not becoming of grand prophet to not do it because holy Quran says: Do you enjoin right conduct and piety on the people and forget yourselves? :AL-BAQARAH, Verse 44.

8-      Those who say: grand prophet passed away without determining any successor and put the responsibility of caliph determination upon nation’s shoulder, Did grand prophet determine any terms or qualification for somebody who want to take the position of community leadership? And also did he determine the qualification of those who participate as leadership candidate in election?

If he did, which traditions and narrations have been mentioned these qualifications? If grand prophet mentioned these qualification, why none of the operators of Saqifah would have not adduced it?

Furthermore! If selection of Abu-Bakr were based on the terms of Grand Prophet, why Abu-Bakr said: My fealty was an accidental and it took place suddenly and without any thought! And glorious God repelled its evil. (SHARH NAHJUL BALAGHA LI IBN ABIL HADID: 47/6 BI TAHQIQ MUHAMMAD ABULFAZL, ANSABUL ASHRAF LILBILAZERI: 590/1). In the other words, it was an evil action originally but God eliminated its evil. (AN-NAHAYATU FI GHARIBIL HADITH: 467/3)

 And also Omar explained the same sentences at the end of his life over pulpit to people and said: If anyone embarks upon such action, he will be sentenced to death. (SHARH NAHJUL BALAGHA LI IBN ABIL HADID: 26/2, SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL. 8, P. 26, KITABAL MUHARIBIN, BAB RAJM AL-HABLI MINAZ ZINA, MOSNAD AHMAD, VOL. 1, P. 55)

Ibn Athir says: an impolitic action is called FILTAH and because of fear of caliphate’s spread matter, they embarked upon Abu-Bakr’s fealty.  (AN-NAHAYATU FI GHARIBIL HADITH: 467/3)

I wish someone asked Ibn Athir that what fear of caliphate matter was that? Was it fear of caliphate which messenger of Allah had determined? Or fear of candidature of the same as Abu-Bakr for the position of caliphate?

Spread of caliphate which grand prophet had determined, not only had any fear but also was the Guarantor of nation’s expedient and it was obligatory for all other people to obey grand prophet’s command and do not object: when a matter has been resolved for a believing man or woman by Allah and his messenger, they are not supposed to prefer their own choice about that decision and who ever disobeys Allah and his messenger he is surely involved in an evident astray: AL-AHZAB, Verse 36  

Besides, other people’s candidature had no fear because after considering and evaluation, if people didn’t find at the same rank as Abu-Bakr, definitely they would not swear allegiance with him and if he was in the rank as Abu-Bakr, what was the difference between fealty with him or Abu-Bakr?

But if the leadership candidate had higher qualification than Abu-Bakr and was better and expedient than Abu-Bakr to reform community, was not assigning Abu-Bakr an obstacle to society’s expedient?

9-      Above all, if really Abu-Bakr’s caliphate was done based on Grand Prophet’s Sunnah and terms, why Omar said: If somebody embarks upon such action, he will be sentenced to death?

10-   You say from one side: Grand prophet did not determine anyone as his successor and did not order anyone to assign somebody as his substitution either, but people themselves choose Abu-Bakr as caliph and from other side you say: these were prophet’s successor and caliph and call them caliph of Messenger (Khalifatur Rasul), Isn’t this defaming to Grand Prophet? Which according to successive hadith, any lie against prophet is considered sin! (SAHIH BUKHARI: 36/1, 81/2, 145/4, 118/7, ALMUZUAT: 57/1, SHARH MOSLEM LILNUVI: 68/1) as a result if you claim that grand prophet did not determine any caliph be correct, Rashidin caliphs are not prophet’s caliph.

11-  When Grand prophet was ill in bed he ordered: “Bring me inkpot and pen to write you something till you never get astray” why Omar said: the pain has overcome him and Allah’s book (Holy Quran) is enough for us! (SAHIH BOKHARI: 9/7, KITABUL MARZA, BAB QAUL MARIZ QUMU ANNI, 5/137, KITABUL MUGHAZI, BAB MARAZAN NABI (S.A) VA VAFATUH, SAHIH MOSLEM, FI AKHAR KITABUL VASSIYAH, VOL. 5, P.76) or they said: messenger of Allah is raving!! : It is a grievous thing that issues from their mouths as a saying what they say is nothing but falsehood!: AL-KAHF, Verse 5. And this issue was so painful that when Ibn Abbas remembered it, his tears rolled down his face like beads of pearls. (SAHIH MOSLEM, VOL.1, P. 76, SAHIH BUKHARI: 34/1)

There are some questions about this hadith which has been mentioned in Sahih Bukhari and Moslem and other Sahih books:

1-      Are not the words of Omar contrary to Holy Quran? That says: Not he speaks out of his own desire- he relates to you only what is revealed to him: AN-NAJM, Verses 3&4 Grand prophet does not speak out of his desire and all of his words are according to revelation from glorious God!

2-      Omar said Allah’s book (holy Quran) is enough for us, isn’t this a practical objection with messenger of Allah’s tradition? Because messenger of Allah commanded: “to write you something to immune you going astray” were not an ordinary and private matter but also it had special importance and is considered the best sense of Sunnah.

3-      Is not Omar and his companions’ objection contrary to holy Quran that says: Obey the commands of Grand prophet and avoid things what he forbids you: So take what your messenger gives you and what ever he forbids you, abstain from it and fear from the disobedience of Allah’s commands, verily Allah is the sever Retributing: AL-HASHR, Verse 7

4-      Bukhari says: The people made noise and disputes beside the bed of Allah’s Messenger. Was not that contrary to Holy Quran which abstain anyone making any noise near holy Prophet? and consider such rude action the destroyer of good deeds: O, you who believe! Do not raise your voice above the voice of Allah’s Messenger when you are in his presence; and do not speak loudly to him as you ordinarily speak to one another; by being inconsiderate you may unknowingly ruin your good deeds: Al-Ahzab, Verse 2

5-      Is not the dispute of companions and their disobey of Grand Prophet’s commands contrary to Holy Quran that orders to accept the opinion of Grand Prophet in any case of opinions diversity? And those who do not accept the opinion of Allah’s Messenger are not regarded believers: No, by your creator and nurturer! They will not be considered believers, unless they accept you as their judge in all that they dispute among themselves; And [Also] if they do not find in their souls any resistance against what you decide, and submit [them selves] with total submission [to your judgment]: An-Nisa, Verse: 65

6-      The Grand Prophet intended to write something to prevent the Nation from going astray. Did not that prevention of writing matters cause the astray of People?

Do not you acknowledge grand prophet’s words or acknowledge? If you acknowledge, has that astray happened or deny it? And if you accept, what astray was involved Islamic community except deviation from explicit caliphate matter?

7-      Before Omar and his companions who were in objection with Messenger of Allah to write will, there also were people who were trying to write the will: SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL. 7, P. 9, SAHIH MOSLEM, VOL. 5, P. 75.

Even grand Prophet’s wives protested to Omar’s team which resulted Omar’s insolence and Grand Prophet’s defense: ATTABAQAT AL-KUBA, LI-IBN SAD, VOL. 2, P. 244, AL-MUJAM AL-USAT LIT-TABRANI: 288/5, MAJMAUZ ZAVAID AL-HEYTHAMI ASH-SHAFEI: 34/9, KANZUL UMMAL: 644/5, HADITH: 14133. The wives called from back of the curtains: Do not you hear Messenger of Allah’s speech? Omar said: you are the same as Joseph’s enamored who cry restlessly at the time of Prophet’s patience and get on his neck at the time of his healthy.

Messenger of Allah said: Do not protest them (the wives) and leave them alone because they are better than you.

Tell us, what happened that Omar and his companions got over to opposing team? And whose action between two teams was contrary to Holy Quran and Sunnah?

8-      What does it mean that Ibn Abbas names this matter as a big catastrophe and calamity? SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL. 8, P. 161.

Are not enough Ibn Abbas’s hear-rendering cry and his interpretation of this happening as a heart-rending passion to think about it for a bit and think about the depth of disaster?

9-      Messenger of Allah who is honored to be the best of creatures, got so annoyed and wrathful from such behavior which was contrary to holy Quran and Sunnah that commanded everyone to leave the house. SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL. 7, P. 9

How can be justifiable this behavior of companions with this holy verse: Those who raise Allah’s wrath and annoy Allah’s Messenger, for them will be the curse and wrath of Allah both in this world and in the hereafter: Al-Ahzab, Verse 57.

10-  If you according to Omar consider Messenger of Allah’s words raving at the time his death because of sickness overcome and are not considered reason, then why do you adduce to Messenger of Allah’s words at the time of his death to prove Abu-Bakr’s Caliphate that said to Ayisha: Tell Abu-Bakr to perform pray for people. SAHIH BUKHARI: 162/1 KITABUL AZAN & P. 165- KASHAFUL QINAA LIL BUHUTI, VOL. 1, P. 573, AL-MAVAQIF: 365/8.

11-  But although Abu-Bakr got uncurious when he was writing his will and kept writing it when became conscious, no one said to him that the ache has overcome him or raving! (KANZUL AMAL, VOL. 5, P. 678, TARIKH MADINATUL DAMESHQ LI IBN ASAKIR, VOL. 39, P. 186 AND VOL. 44, O. 248, SEE: TARIKHUL TABARI 353/2, SIRA OMAR LI IBN AL-JUZI: 37, TARIKH IBN-KHLDUN: 85/2)

      While the person who attributed raving to messenger of Allah adduces to         Abu-Baker’s will at the verge of his death to prove legality of his caliphate. (TARIKH AL-TABARI: 618/2)

12-  Tabrani, Soyuti and Zahabi quote: Messenger of Allah said: “None of nations struggle with each other after their prophet’s death unless the false and null groups overcome to right group.” (AL-MUJAMUL AUSAT: 370/7, AL-JAMIUS SAGHIR LES-SOYUTI: 481/2: MAJMAUZ ZAVAID: 157/1, AZ-ZAHABI, SIR ALAMUN NABLA: 311/4, TAZKIRATUL HOFAZ: 87/1) Regarding this tradition, how the struggle of Saqifah and victory of Abu-Bakr and Omar is justifiable?


Consensus of Muhajirin (Migrants) and Ansar (Assisters)


13-  You say: Abu-Bakr’s allegiance took place with the consensus of all migrants and assisters but Omar Ibn Kattab says all of the migrants members objected besides Ali (a.s) and Zobayr and all of their followers disagree too. Is your claim right or Omar Ibn Khattab’s? (SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL.8, P. 26, KITABUL MUHARABIN, BAB RAJMUL HIBLI MINAZ ZINA)

14-  You adduce Abu-Bakr’s caliphate to the consensus of Hallul Aqd (experts and trustworthy) people while your outstanding scientists deny it. Maverdi Shafei (Passed away in 450) and Abu-Ali Hanbali (Passed away in 458) have confirmed: There were no consensus in Abu-Bakr’s allegiance and talk of consensus is an exaggerated one! (MAVERDI, AL-AHKAMUS SULTANIYAH: 33, ABU-ALI MUHAMMAD IBN HASSAN AL-FARA, AL-AHKAM SULTANIYYAH: 117)

Are you right or these two outstanding Sunni figures?

15-  You claim: All of the opinion holders of companions and Migrations involve in conclusion of Abu-Bakr’s allegiance while your great commentator, Qertabi (Passed away in 671), deny it with certain and claims that Abu-Bakr’s caliphate was concluded just by Omar’s allegiance. (JAMIUL AHKAM AL-QURAN: VOL.1, P. 269-272)

16-  By the way, what kind of consensus are you talking about that your great Mutikallim (speaker) like Imamal Haramein, Al-Ghazli, (Passed away in 478) deny it and says: In formation of Imam, there is no need to consensus, as like as Abu-Bakr’s Imamate (Leadership) was done before any consensus or announcing his leadership in Islamic land and the commands were signed and the circulars were issued and concludes in the end: Imamate is formed with the confirmation of just one member of Hall-o-Aqd people. (AL-IRSHAD FIL KALAM, P. 424)

17-  Which consensus do you consider a caliphate’s credit while Azduddin Iji (Passed away in 756) who has written Al-mavaqif book and is one of the Sunni founder of Kalam science denies it and confirms it explicitly: there is no rational and intellectual reason in credit of consensus and just as one or two members of Hall-o-Aqd people to take action allegiance, Imamate is formed. Like Abu-Bakr’s Imamate with Omar’s allegiance and Othman’s Imamate with Abdur-Rahman Ibn Auf’s allegiance.

It is interesting that he adds: they did not consider necessary the consensus of Medina people in Abu-Bakr’s Imamate, let alone the consensus of all nation (Ummah) (AL-MAVAQIF FI ELMIL KALAM: 8, P.351)

Also Ibn Arabi Maliki, (passed away in 543) another outstanding Sunni figure says: There is no need to attendance of All people in Imamate election and this election can be done with presence of one or two! (SHARH SONAN TERMEZY, 13 P. 229)

Are you right or those outstanding scientific figures?

18-  If the allegiance is correct with presence of one or two members of Hall-o-Aqd people and without consulting any Muslims, then why Omar threatened to be killed both the person who take or receive allegiance after that time? (SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL. 8, P. 26) And if this action is contrary to belief and it is abstained and whose blood may be shed with immunity (Mahdurod-dam), why this command was not sentenced in Saqifah issue?

19-  You say: Imam Ali (a.s) satisfied with Abu-Bakr and Omar while Omar addressed Ali (A.S) and Abbas (Grand Prophet’s uncle) in present of many people that: You both consider Abu-Bakr and me as a liar, sinful and tricky. (SAHIH MOSLEM, VOL. 5, P. 152, KITABL JIHAD, BAB 15, HUKMUL FAYE HADITH 49)

Are you right or Omar?

20-  Second caliph assigned six people and said: Choose one among your selves, in the other words, choose one who mostly deserves the leadership of Muslims and Grand prophet’s successor and added if anyone of them objects, he is going to be decapitated. (TARIKH TABARI: 294/3, TARIKH AL-MEDINA LI IBN SHABAT AN-NAMIRI: 925/3, ALKAMIL LI IBN ATHIR: 35/3)

How he sentence the assassination of somebody who deserves to hold the position of caliphate?

21-  It has been quoted in Sahih Bukhari and Moslem and other trustworthy books of Sunni that grand prophet said: “Fatima is part of my body and anyone who suffers and makes angry her suffers and makes angry me!” (SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: 210/4, 141/7, AL-MUSTAFRAK, 153/3, MAJMAUZ ZAVAID: 203/9, AL-MUJAM AL-KABIR LIL TABRANI: 108/1, 401/22, TARIKH MADINAH DAMISHQ: 156/3, ASADUL GHABAH: 522/5, AL-ISABAH: 265/8, 266, TAHZIBUT TAHZIB: 391/21, SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: 210/4, SHAHIH MUSLIM; 141/7, AL-MUSNAF LI IBN SHIBATUL KUFI: 526/7, AS-SUNANUL KUBRA LIN NISAEI: 97/5 HADITH 8370, AL-MUJAMUL KABIR LIT TABRANI: 404/22, AL-JAMI AS-SAGHIR LIS-SUYUTI: 208/2 TARIKH MADINAH DAMISHQ: 156/3) and from other side inside Sahih Bukhari and Muslem has been quoted that Fatima was wrathful of Abu-Bakr and she did not talk with him till the end of her life. (SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: 42/4, SAHIH MUSLIM: 154/5)

And holy Quran Says: Those who raise Allah’s wrath and annoy Allah’s Messenger for them will be both in this world and in the hereafter: AL-AHZAB, Verse 57.

What is your answer for this about this intricate?

Soheili a great Sunni scholar (passed away in 581) has argued to this narration that anyone who contempt Hazrat Zahra, will be pagan! (FEYZUL GHADIR SHARH AL-JAME AS-SAGHIR LILMINAVI: 554/4)

Ibn Hajar says in order to justify it: … (FATHUL BARI: 82/7: SHARHUL MAHIB LIZ ZARGHANI AL-MALIKI: 205/3)

Manavi, the writer of Feyzul Ghadir quotes by Abu-Naeem and Deylami that Grand Prophet said: “Fatima is the light of my eyes, anyone who annoy her annoy me and anyone who annoy me annoy Allah, and is curse of Allah and the inhabitants of heavens and earth for him” (FEYZUL GHADIR, SHARHUL JAM AS-SAGHIR  LILMANVI: 24/6, HADITH 8267)

22-  Regarding the aforementioned matters, have you ever thought about Abu-Bakr’s words and attributed the worst contempt and abusive words to Imam Ali (A.S) and Hazrat Zahra right after her speech. (AS-SAQIFATU VA FADAK LILJUHARI, P. 104, SHARHUL NAJUL BALAGHA LI IBN ABI HADID: 215/16, DALAIL AL-IMAMAH LIT TABARI, P. 123) Abu-Bakr compared Imam Ali as a fox and Hazrat Zahra as his tale. Was this the reward of Prophetic mission? : Say [O, Messenger!]: No wage I ask you for my mission, [Messenger’s reward is with Allah] but all I expect is the affection to my near kin: SHAURA, Verse 23.

Do you think this person deserves owning caliphate of prophet who was honored to: And [O, Mohammad!] verily, you are a man of high level character. AL-QALAM, Verse 4.

You are requested to reconsider the conversations which were exchanged between Ibn Abil Hadid and his teacher Naghib and then you yourselves judge! (SHARH NAHJUL BALAGHA: 215/16)

23-  There has been quoted by grand prophet in you’re the most reliable books: “Any one who die without believing an Imam, has died in ignorance” (MOSNAD AHMAD, VOL. 4, P. 96, AL-MUJAM AL-KABIR LIT TABRANI, VOL. 19, P. 388, MAJMAUZ ZAVAID AL-HEYTHAMI, VOL. 5 P. 218, SHARH NAHJUL BALAGHA, IBN ABIL HADID, VOL. 9, P. 155)

And Bukhari quotes by Ibn Abbas in his Sahih that grand prophet said: ….  (SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: 105/8 KITABAL AHKAM)

And also Muslim in his Sahih by means of Abu-Harirah narrate from Grand Prophet: … (SAHIH MOSLIM; 21/6, KITABAL IMARAH BABUL AMR BI LUZUMIL JAMAAH)

Now we ask you that, what is Hazrat Zahra’s task who did not involve in Abu-Bakr’s allegiance? While Tathir (cleanness) verse had revealed in her right and there are hundreds of narrations in her virtue. Like: Fatima is the master of this nations or Fatima is the master of Paradise inhabitants. (SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL. 7, P. 142, SAHIH MUSLIM, VOL. 7, P. 143, SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL. 4, P. 209, 219)

Is not the narration “die in ignorance” a trustable one? Or Hazrat Zahra did not follow the grand prophet’s words and Sunnah? Or she did not consider Abu-Bakr deserved to successor position?

24-  You say grand prophet did not determine anyone to the leadership of People and put that responsibility on people’s shoulder while this theory is contrary to holy Quran and Sunnah because Glorious Allah says about Hazrat Abraham (a.s) that we determine you as Imam and leader of people: Verily I will appoint you a Devine leader for mankind. AL-BAGHARAH, Verse 124 and says about Hazrat Davood: O, Davood! We did indeed appoint you a Devine governor in the land, so judge between men according to Justice (and do not follow the desire of own heart) SAD, Verse 26.

Hazrat Musa request God to appoint his successor after him self: And appoint an assistant for me of my family. TAHA, Verse 29. And God said in response to Musa’s pray: O, Musa! You are bestowed whatever you prayed for. TAHA, Verse 36.

Glorious God says with regard to Bani-Israel: And we appointed from among them messengers and Divine leaders for the guidance of their people. SAJDAH, Verse 24

So, in all of the mentioned verses, appointing of Caliph and leaders is attributed to Glorious God.

Also Sunni scholars like Ibn Hisham and Ibn Kathir and Ibn Havvan and others have quoted that when messenger of Allah was inviting Arabian tribes to accept Islam, some of outstanding figures of tribes like Bani Amer Ibn Sasaah said to him: If we support  you and you prosper, will you appoint us you successor after yourself? Grand prophet answered: “Appointing the leader is out of my power but it is with the leave of God and appoint anyone he wishes.” He said: we can not sacrifice our lives for your aims and to see the position of management at the hand of others after victory. (ATH-THAQAT LI IBN HABBAN: 89/1, AL-BADAYATU VAN-NAHAYA I IBN KATHIR, VOL. 9, P. 171)

The same happened with Qashir Ibn Kaab Rabiah and he also offered messenger of Allah: If we do not receive a part of administration in Islamic government, we will not believe in Islam. (SIRA IBN HISHAM, VOL. 2, P. 289, AS-SIRATUN NABAVIYAH LI IBN KATHIR VOL.2, P. 157, MAAL MUSTAFA LID DUKTURAH BINTASH SHATI, P. 161)

Messenger of Allah, who was in the worst situation and needed necessary forces and assistances, did not attract the tribes’ assistance with the promise of successor.

Also Huzah, king of Yemen who was invited to accept Islam, dispatched a group of people to Grand prophet and reported if he achieves a portion of administration, he will be ready to believe in Islam and assist the Muslim, but messenger of Allah said: “Even if he wants the management of unutilized land, I will never offer him” (TABAGHAT IBN SAD: 262/1, NASBUR RAYAH LIZIALI: 567/6)


Revolt of Nakithin and Qasitin against Islamic governor


25-  In Sahih Bukhari and Muslim it has been quoted by messenger of Allah, If you noticed any unsatisfying action from Islamic governor, you must be patient and tolerate it because if any one who just separate for a distance of a span from Muslim community, his death is the same as ignorance. (SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: 87/8, SAHIH MUSLIM: 21/6 KITABUL IMARAH)

And it has been quoted in Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’s Musnad and Termezi Sahih: Getting separate for a span from people massive, will cause exit of Islamic religion. (MUSNAD AHMAD: 180/5, SUNAN ABI DAVOOD: 426/2, SUNANUT TERMEZI: 226/4, AL-MUSTADRAK: 117/1 …) Tabrani and Heythami quoted from Messenger of Allah: “If anyone separate for amount of a bow string from community, his pray and fasting will be accepted and his body will be firewood of Hill”(AL-MUJAMUL KABIR: 302/3, MAJMAUZ ZAVAEED: 217/5)

Regarding these narrations now we ask; what is the task of those who revolted before Hazrat Ali (a.s) as the official Islamic governor after assassination of Othman?

What are your explanations about the Ayisha, Talha, Zubayr who separated from Islamic community and caused destructive chaos which resulted in annihilation of thousands of People?

If you say they did Ijtihad but made a mistake in this big error which resulted in killing of thousands Muslims, they will receive this answer that: then you will not find error in the world, because anyone who commits an error, verily has an excuse and explanation for himself.

By the way, what is Muavia’s task who revolted against the caliph in right and created such a chaos between Moslems that its signs are obvious after 15 centuries?

It is interesting that Hakim Neyshapuri and Tabrani and Soyuti quotes by Muaviyah that Messenger of Allah said that anyone who get separate from Muslim community for a span, hw will enter into hell’s fire. (MUSTADRAK AL-HAKIM: 118/1, AL-MUJAM AL-KABIR LIT TABRANI: 53/6, AD-DURUL MANTHUR: 113/5, KANZUL UMMAL: 208/1, HADITH: 1039)

If you say: Muaviyah was also a caliph because Sham’s people had allegiance with him, we will reply: According to narration of  Sahih Muslim from Messenger of Allah if people swear allegiance to two people as caliph, people’s duty is support of first caliph and assassinating the latter one. (SAHIH MUSLIM: 23/6 KITABL IMARAH, AL-MUJAMUL AUOSAT: 144/3, TAFSIR AL-QIRTABI: 272/1)

By the way, according to successive narrations, did not grand prophet tell; “Ammar Yaser will be killed by trespasser, aggressor and tyrant group? (SAHIH BUKHARI: 207/3, SAHIH MUSLIM; 186/8, SAYR ALAM AN-NABLA: 421/1)

Did not he say: Killer of Ammar will be in the center of Hell fire? (AL-MUSTADRAK: 387/3)

This narration was so strong and undeniable that after martyrdom of Ammar some of Muaviyah’s friend like Amro Ibn As hesitated in legitimacy of Muaviyah and left the war and as result many people withdrew the fight against Hazrat Ali (a.s) following to him as well. (IHQAQUL HAQ: 448/8, AN NURUL ABSAR LISHABLANJI, P. 90, KHULASA ABAQAT AL-ANVAR: 59/3, NAFAHATUL AZHAR, VOL. 3, P. 54)

When Muaviyah saw such dangerous situation addressed Amro Ibn As: Be silent, I swear to God, you always were plunge into your excrement, did we kill Ammar? Ammar was killed by Ali and his followers that draw him out of his house and put before our Sabers and spears! (MOSNAD AHMAD: 199/4, MAJMAUZ ZAVAID: 242/7, AL-MUSTADRAK: 155/2)

When Hazrat Amir Al-muminin noticed this explanation of Muaviyah, he said: “In this case we must say that Grand prophet killed Hamzah and Martyrdoms of Ohud battle because he drew them out their houses.” (AL-MIEYAR VAL-MUVAZINAH, P. 97, VAQAT SIFFIN, P. 343, SAHIH SHARUL AQIDAH… P. 642, AN-NASAIH AL-KAFIYAH, P. 39)


The justice of the companions


That is you say all of the companions were just and all of them are inhabitant of paradise and criticism and evaluation about their actions are forbidden. And if somebody wants to criticize or evaluate their performance, he will be accused of atheist and exit from Islam religion. Because they believe, companions are narrators of Holy Quran and Sunnah and in fact any criticizing of them is questioning the book and Sunnah. (AL-KIFAYAH FI ELM AR-RIVAYAH: 67)

The situation reached a point that some jurisconsults of yours sentenced that criticism of companions cause apostasy and objection with Islam and it has no reply but saber! (USULUL SARAKHSI: 134/2)

And of the most important difficulty of yours against Shiite during the history was that they (the Shiite) protested against some companions and have considered their performance contrary to the book and Sunnah and have put this means of their debauchery and excommunication.

Now we pose some question to our free thinker brothers of Sunni people, hoping that they think about it a bit and see how much does this method of thinking conform to Holy Quran and factual Sunnah of messenger of Allah?

26-  Is this justice and chastity special to some companions of grand prophet or all other companions of prophet (S.A) sharing this specification as well?

27-  Is this claim guaranteed by holy Quran and narrations or it is just the theory of some extremist scholars?


Spread of hypocrisy among companions


28-  There are several Quranic verses that remind the danger of hypocrites and turned to reproach them and even an independent Sura have been revealed about them and has announced that the worst place of hell have allocated for them! And with the interpretation of some Sunni scientists we notice that near to one third of Holy Quran is about the hypocrites and reprimand and treachery of them. (AN-NIFAQ VAL MUNAFIQUN, PROFESSOR IBRAHIM ALI SALIM MISRI)

Were these hypocrites and independent and realized spectrum and were not involved in companion member or there were included in? Whatever your answer might be, the hypocrites were a powerful gang and group which are regarded a big danger for Islamic community and their activity was such sophisticated, planned and confidential that even was hidden from view point of Islamic governor: Some of the desert dwellers Arabs around you are hypocrites and some of the people of Madinah city are those who persist in hypocrisy, you [O, Messenger] do not know them, we know them …AT-TAUBAH- Verse 101]

29-  Did all of these hypocrites die and ruin right away and their offspring overthrew forever after the death of Messenger of Allah or were they still amongst and part of people?

So if hypocrites were mixed in such a way with Muslims that even grand prophet could not realize them, can we confirm the justice of all companions?

30-  We have in Sahih Moslim that grand prophet said: There are 12 people among my companions who are hypocrites and plot (against Muslims), now with this situation, can you confirm the justice of all companions?


The extreme fear of Second caliph from contamination to hypocrisy


The gang of hypocrites was so extensive and sophisticated and hypocrisy was so firmly rooted among companions that any of prophet’s companions feared to be uncovered their secret treacherously plans and get disgraced in general public by revelation of a verse of holy Quran, so that second caliph, Omar Ibn Khattab says; When At-taubah Sura was revealed and uncovered the plot of hypocrites, we imagined that it might be inspired a verse about each of us and divulge error behavior of ours. (ZADUL MASIR: 316/3)

In another narration he says that we must name this Sura, torture because this Sura disgraced people in such a way that it was so close to be immune anyone. (AD-DURUL MANTHUR: 208/3)

Regarding the mentioned materials, can we say that all of the Grand prophet’s companions were just and paradise is necessary for them? And is not this belief contrary to holy Quran and theory of the caliph [Omar]?   

31-  Ibn Kathir one of the outstanding Sunni scholars says: Omar Ibn Khattab would perform pray for any of companions when he died, if Hozayfa (he was famous to realize the hypocrites ones) did not witness to be free of anyone’s hypocrisy, he would not perform pray to his body. (TAFSIR IBN KATHIR: 399/2)

You say, criticism of companion’s performance equal atheism and pagan, but hoe do you render an account of Omar’s behaviors?

32-  By the way, have you ever asked yourselves why Omar Ibn Khattab was swearing Hoayfah if he was involved in among those who conspired? (TAFSIR IBN KATHIR: 399/2, AL-BADAYAH VAN-NAHAYAH: 25/5, JAMIUL BAYAN LIT-TABARI: 16/11)

33-  Why did not other pure companions of messenger of Allah like Salman, Abuzar and Miqdad and … ask this question? Did Omar have hesitation about himself?

34-  Do not you claim that Omar was involve in those who grand prophet announced absolute tiding of paradise? Does not this question of Omar show his skeptic in grand prophet’s words? Or consider the Hadith ASHRAH MUBASHSHIRAH a forged and unfounded one?   


The assassination plan of Messenger of Allah by hypocrites


35-  Who were the people intended to assassinate grand prophet when he was returning back battle? Was this inauspicious pan of Jews and polytheists or was it the plan of companion who wanted to such dangerous action? If glorious God did not protect his messenger from the evil of this plot, how big catastrophe Islamic community would encounter?

36-  What happened to all these hypocrites who suffered sacred heart of Messenger of Allah? Where did they go that there is no sign of them after Grand prophet in the history? Was the clean and sacred essence of grand prophet reason of hypocrisy? This they convert to the best and cleanest people of the land after the death of messenger of Allah that any criticism of them is considered inexcusable sin?

Did Rashidin caliphs revised them with their propaganda and prosecution and converted their hypocrisy souls to belief with elixir of believe creating? Or after grand prophet both explicit hypocrisy with confidential hypocrisy confederated and distributed the key position between them and rendered an account of their behaviors before others protest with: we use hypocrite’s force but their sin are upon themselves! (AL-MUSNAF LI-IBN ABI SHIBAH: 269/7, HADITH: 120, KANZUL AMAL, VOL.4, and P. 614)

By the way, why just Omar Ibn Khattab among all companions swear Hozayfa Yamami if he included among the hypocrites that planed and attended in the assassination of grand prophet? (TAFSIR IBN KATHIR: 399/2, JAMIUL BAYAN LIT-TABARI: 16/11)

Attendance of caliphs in abortive assassination of Grand prophet


One of the most important questions is that according to Ibn Hazam Andolusi -one of the outstanding Sunni scientist- mentions the name of Abu-Bakr, Omar and Othman’s names among those who planned the assassination of grand prophet in his jurisconsults book “Al-Muhalla”. Although Ibn Hazam (SIR ALAMUN NABLA: 184/18, VA QARIB MIN HAZA FI EBR: 239/3, DUVALUL ISALM: 207/1, TABAQATUL HUFFAZ: 436, AL-ALAM: 254/4) consider his narration a weak one because of occurring of Valid Ibn Jomaye in the record, but by referring to Rijali’s (distinguished men) book of Sunni, it is obvious that majority of Rijal distinguisher have confirmed them. (TARIKHUTH THUQAT: 465 RAGHAM: 1773, TABAQAT: 354/6, KITABUTH THAQAT: 492/5, AL-JARH VAL TADIL: 8/9 RAQAM 34, VA TAHZIBUL KAMAL: 35/31M TARIKHUL ISLAM: 661/9) And this narrator is of the distinguished man of Bukhari and Sahih and Abi Davood Sonan and Sahih Termizi and Sonan Nisaei. (TAHZIBUT TAHZIB: 122/11)


Is it legal instrumental use of hypocrites?


37-  By referring to the book and Sunnah, it gets clean that danger of Hypocrites for Islam and Muslims was more than danger of pagan and polytheist and it has been noted in several verses to their conspiracy against Islam and Muslims so that an independent sura has been revealed about them and according to Mr. Ibrahim Ali Salim, one of the Egiptian writer, approximately 10 parts (from 30 parts) that is one third of holy Quran is about hypocrites. (AN-NIFAQ, IBRAHIM LI SALIM)

And holy Quran considers them as an obstacle in Islam’s path: You see that the hypocrites turn away from you with total aversion: AN-NISA, Verse 61. And abstain them of any feeling pity for them and does not consider them conducted: what has happened to you that you are two parties about hypocrites? Where as Allah has overthrown them for their evil deeds. Do you intend to guide those whom Allah (because of their disobedience) has deprived from his guidance? Those whom Allah has left in their astray, you [O, Messenger] shall never find for them a way (of Guidance): AN-NISSA, Verse: 88)

And put them in the same rank as pagans in hell and there will be the curse of Allah for them: Allah has promised the hypocrites men and women and the disbelievers to enter them in the hell fire, there in, they shall abide forever. This will be sufficient for them, for them will be the curse of Allah and an enduring torment: At-Taubah, Verse. 68) And put their place at the lowest stage of the hell: O, Messenger, Verily the hypocrites will be in the lowest stage of the hell and you shall never find a helper for them: An-Nisa, Verse 145.

Regarding these, why did second caliph use from their essence and offered them position? And he (Omar) says: we use of hypocrites’ forces but their sins are upon themselves. AL-MUSNAF LI-IBN ABI SHIBAH: 269/7, HADITH 120, KANZUL UMMAL, VOL. 4, P. 614

This action is protested by one of the companions (Huzayfah) but he replies: I use of their forces and I am careful of their performances. KANZUL UMMAL: 5, P. 771.

While it has been quoted from Omar Ibn Khattab himself who said if anyone use of libertine’s essence and appoint him to a position, he himself will of the same rank as libertine. KANZUL UMMAL: 5, P. 761, HADITH 14306

How much distance does it exist between Omar’s speech and his action? It causes Allah’s wrath gravely that you say (and promise) something that you do not fulfill: As-Saf, Verse 3

38-  Someone might say: the hypocrites were milder at the era of Omar or they were less dangerous than Messenger of Allah’s era. SUNAN ALKUBRA: 36/9

But according to Sahih Bukhari’s narration from Huzayfah, the evil of hypocrites was more than hypocrites of Grand Prophet’s era, while their hypocrisy had converted to pagan after Messenger of Allah. SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: 100/8, KITABUL FITAN


Omar’s recommendation to serve desert dweller Arabs


39-  Holy Quran says about desert-dweller Arabs: The desert-dweller Arabs are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy. At-Taubah, Verse97 Ibn Kathir says about the interpretation of this verse: the disbelief and hypocrisy of desert-dweller Arabs is bigger and excessive than others. TAFTHIR IBN KATHIR, VOL. 2, P. 397, TAFSIR AL-QIRTABI, VOL. 8, P. 231.

But regarding all these specification of Arabs, second caliph at the time of his death recommends to do good for them because they are the roots of Arabs and the origin of Islam. SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL. 4, P. 206.

Are not these words contrary to explicit verse of Holy Quran?

40-  If any one of you ask: Maybe this recommendation of Omar was because of their good serving of Desert-dweller Arabs in Medina for stabilization of Abu-Bakr’s caliphate, what would you reply? When Omar Ibn Khattab encountered with sever struggles of Saqifah people and extreme objection of emigrants and assisters, SAHIH BUKHARI, VOL. 8, P. 26, KITABAL MUHARIBIN he got pleased by noticing Arab desert dweller who had entered to scene with pre-arrangements and said: When I glanced at Aslam tribe (one of the big tribe around Medina), I was certain that victory was ours. TARIKH AT-TABARI, VOL. 2, P. 458, KAMIL IBN ATHIR, VOL. 2, P. 224.

And he used from their essence in direction of strengthening Abu-Bakr’s caliphate and overthrowing of the opponents. SHARH IBN ABIL HADID: 219/1