Thursday 27 April 2017
Al-Azhar: Surfing Face-Book Is a Haram Action!
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Al-Azhar: Surfing Face-Book Is a Haram Action!

Scholars and scientists of AlAzhar, doing various researches and studies concluded that the main reason for the increased betrayal and consequently divorce statistics is visiting FaceBook. They declared those who visit this website are sinful.

AlAzhar 's Fatwa committee claimed that FaceBook website is the major cause of families ' breakdown. It also declared that visiting this website is religiously forbidden (Haram).  


Following the news about an increase in infidelity and divorce statistics and also the spread of immorality among the youth, AlAzhar 's Fatwa committee announced accessing to FaceBook is religiously Haram.


Dr. Mohammed Rafat Othman, the head of Shariat University and a member of Islamic studies council of AlAzhar, claimed the reason for this Fatwa was the raise in families ' breakdown statistics.

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