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A Wahhabi Sheikh Tells His Story about Praying on a Woman`s Breast!
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A Wahhabi Sheikh Tells His Story about Praying on a Woman`s Breast!



Based on a report by Shia Online: sheikh Sa 'd Al-Baryk, a prominent figure of Saudi Wahhabism, tells his story about looking at and praying on a woman 's breast in a live television program.

This famous figure of Wahhabi spoke in the "Safar" TV program, aired on Al-Dalil satellite TV channel: I always pray for people. Many patients come to me and want me to pray on them. Once I was on a plane flying from Medina to Riaz. A passenger man, who suffered from stomachache, came to me. I wanted him to unfasten his shirt buttons then I prayed on him.

Sa 'd Al-Barik continued: one of the flight attendants who was watching the scene immediately came along and unfastened her shirt buttons, showed me her breast and asked me to pray on her breast. I quickly turned my face in order not to see anything. But she got hurt and complained: Sheikh! What 's the difference between me and that man?? I am also a patient! When I heard her I said I would do the same on her breast provided that another woman was with her. I said so to avoid scandals! She accepted and I prayed on her. 

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