Friday 21 January 2022

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51 A Wahhabi historian discloses a small portion of crimes committed by Wahhabism:
52 People Can Ask for Divorce from Their Neighboring Couples!!
53 A father`s marriage with his daughter!
54 The text of a Fatwa about accusing Shias of heresy by Wahhabi Sheikh
55 Wahhabism’s new controversial Fatwa about banana and cucumber
56 Wahhabi Mufti and drinking hyena’s blood
57 Yazid, among special caliphs of Prophet!!!
58 What Wahhabism and Judaism have in common
59 Wahhabism and the holy deceased (Ahl al-Ghobur)
60 Accusing the Prophet (Pbuh) of uttering delirium
61 Arguments of Dr. Teijani with Ayatollah Sadr [3] about prayer and petition to Imams (Tawasul)
62 Argument and discussion of Dr. Teijani with Ayatollah al-Ozma Khou’ey
63 Arabian Mufti: death by plague is martyrdom
64 Wahhabi Mufti: kill your colleagues who do not say their prayers!
65 Attributing abhorrent attributes to His Holy existence
66 Testify to Ali’s name (Pbuh) in Adhan (call to prayer)
67 The story of a companion (Sahabi) who used to ogle while praying
68 The length of Wahhabi’s god is 60 Zar’a!
69 A new Fatwa: having 9 wives is permitted!
70 Strange fatwa about two football teams issued by Wahhabi Mufti
71 Strange Wahhabi fatwa about watching football games
72 The rage of Hazrat-e Salman causes God’s rage, even upon the first caliph
73 Omar, kinder for nation than Prophet (PBUH)!!
74 Prominent scholars of Ahl-al-Sunnat and denial of Consensus!
75 Assigning no vicegerent, not against the Book
76 Negligence to assign a vicegerent, the reason of chaos
77 Adults’ can be breastfed from non-Mahram women
78 To annoy Lady Fatima (Pbuh) is against the Book and Sunnat
79 Watching Men on religious TV channels: Forbidden for women!
80 Sleeping near a wall: forbidden for women, because it is male!
81 Assigning a deputy for a one-day trip out of Medina
82 Another weird fatwa (law) about Hijab issued by a Saudi Arabian Mufti
83 The first Shiite scholar who wrote a book against Wahhabism
84 To perform the prayers of Zuhr (noon) and Asr (afternoon), Maghrib (evening) and Isha (night) together
85 Wahhabis! is this the way you acquired your religion?
86 New statements of Saudia Arabia’s grand Mufti about the legitimacy of Yazid’s allegiance (Bay’ah) and illegitimacy of Imam Husain’s (pbuh) uprising
87 Ibn Abbas and the tragedy of Companions’ opposition to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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